My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 698

Zuriel Perth would normally organize a few banquets a year, according to the seasons. His banquets would always be the talk of the town. Master Perth was a bachelor who had tons of ideas in his mind. There would always be different themes for each banquet, and none of them were repetitive. As time went by, the Perth family’s banquet became a major event. As soon as the news about his banquets were spread out, a lot of people would come uninvited. Master Perth was not particular about his guests. Anyone who came was very welcomed. He would ensure top quality service for his guests. In fact, Samantha Lesley and Karen Joy Kyle were not on the guest list. The two of them, like many other people, just wanted to join in the party. “Aren’t you the little sister of the Lesley family? I thought your brother wouldn’t let you attend a banquet like this? Now that you’ve snuck out, aren’t you afraid that your brother will break your legs when you get home?” The two of them just got out of the car. Just as they walked to the door of the Perth house, they heard a male speaking behind them Upon hearing the voice, Samantha could recognize the voice quickly. She turned around and greeted him politely, “Brother Dominic, nice to meet you!” “I haven’t seen you for a long time. It seems that you’ve grown chubbier!” Dominic Cooper smiled and greeted her too. Samantha wiped her cold sweat. No matter how much she liked eating and how she didn’t care much about watching her figure, she was still a girl. She just met a person who she was unfamiliar with, and his first sentence upon greeting her was to comment that she had gained weight. That was a huge blow to a girl like her. “Samantha, aren’t you going to introduce this friend of yours to me?” The man looked over at Karen Joy curiously. His gaze was attentive and he looked like he was thinking about something. “Brother Dominic, this is my friend, Karen Joy. Karen Joy, this is Brother Dominic.” Samantha introduced them politely. However, the two of them didn’t really hear her out. Dominic looked at Karen Joy seriously, and Karen Joy also looked at him oddly. Dominic thought that this girl looked so much more attractive than the photos that Zuriel showed him. At such a young age, she looked incredibly mature and graceful, yet she still had that liveliness of a playful child. When he looked at her, he couldn’t move his eyes away. He had forgotten to maintain his cool and divert his gaze to avoid making her feel uncomfortable. Karen Joy was also looking at him, but she was focused on his left hand. She saw something on the back of his hand. There was an obvious tattoo which looked the same as the totem on the chain that Karen Joy wore all the time. If this totem was very ordinary, she would not be surprised if she saw the tattoo of this totem on someone else’s body. However, this totem was very special, and it was a symbol of noble identity. Only those who were related to the royal family of Country A could have it. “Karen Joy?” Dominic called her name out and casually raised the corner of his lips slightly. “Karen Joy is a really nice name, but I think Karen sounds better, no?” “Karen? Did you just call me Karen?” Karen Joy was focusing on the totem on the back of the man’s hand. She was brought back to reality when she suddenly heard him address her as Karen, just like how her Brother Lionel and her family used to. Karen Joy felt very uncomfortable. She raised her head and looked at him blankly. “Who are you? Do you know me?” “My name is Dominic Dominic Cooper.” The man smiled and reached out his hand like a gentleman. “Can I call you Karen?” “Why would you want to call me Karen?” If he was her Brother Lionel, she would be fine, but what if he was not? Karen Joy was getting confused, and her mind was in a mess. She thought that Nathaniel was her Brother Lionel, but she couldn’t find any evidence to prove that. Besides, Nathaniel repeatedly denied that he was her Brother Lionel. Meanwhile, Dominic had a tattoo that looked exactly like the totem that Brother Lionel gave her. Was he the Brother Lionel she had been looking for? “Because many years ago..” At this point, Dominic deliberately stopped. When he spoke again, he turned a corner and said, “I just think Karen sounds better. There’s no other reason.” Was that true? There was no other reason? This man had the special totem print tattooed on his hand. He also addressed her as Karen, and he also mentioned something about the past… There were so many links that suggested that he was her Brother Lionel. Was he really him? Karen Joy looked at him cautiously. For a moment, she forgot that it was impolite to stare at someone. At this moment, she only wanted to observe this man’s face carefully and see if he was the man in her dreams. “Is there anything on my face?” Dominic reached out to touch his face and asked politely. “No, no… Karen Joy retracted her gaze. The man’s smile was very genuine and he looked attractive when he smiled, but he did not match the face of the Brother Lionel in her memory. She couldn’t confirm whether this person was her Brother Lionel or not. Because she didn’t have enough evidence, and because she had been rejected before, Karen Joy didn’t assume that he was her Brother Lionel so quickly like she did the last time. This time, she had to take matters slow. She had to collect more evidence to prove his identity. She would only reconcile with him if she could really prove that he was her Brother Lionel “Karen, let’s go in first.” As he said that, Dominic naturally reached out to grab Karen Joy’s hand, but she instinctively avoided his hand. She stepped back a little and said awkwardly, “Mr. Cooper, I’m a little thirsty. Samantha and I will go in and have a drink first.” Karen Joy took Samantha’s hand and left. She didn’t really want a drink, but she wanted to get more information about Dominic from Samantha. As they walked away, Karen Joy couldn’t wait to ask, “Samantha, who was that Dominic guy?” Samantha answered honestly, “Brother Dominic is the President’s cousin. They share the same family name, so you could have guessed it already.” “Dominic Cooper? Mr. President’s cousin?” Karen Joy repeated Samantha’s words. After thinking for a while, she asked, “Did he do anything special before this? Something that is unusual? Samantha scratched her head and said, “Karen Joy, I only know him briefly. I barely spoke to him. I really don’t know what he had done before this.” Karen Joy forgot that Samantha would not care much about others. Apart from food, she didn’t care about anything else.

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