My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 699

“Then let’s hang with him tonight.” Karen Joy Kyle could not get any information from Samantha Lesley, so she figured she could just find things out through Dominic Cooper’ s mouth. “Karen Joy, do you think that he is your Brother Lionel too?” Samantha was usually absent-minded, but what she just said was accurate. “Don’t ask so much, just do as I say.” Karen Joy held a grudge in her heart probably because she was rejected by Nathaniel. She trusted that her Brother Lionel loved her deeply, so she wouldn’t have mistaken him for Brother Lionel If Dominic was the real Brother Lionel, he would definitely be sad if he knew about how he recognized the wrong person earlier. She didn’t want that to happen, so she wouldn’t mention anything about Nathaniel’s incident earlier. She didn’t want Samantha to mention it too. For so many years, Karen Joy always wanted to show up by her Brother Lionel’s side in her best state and throw herself into his arms. She wanted to tell him that she missed him very much. “Samantha, there are a lot of people here. You two should follow me tonight and not run around!” Dominic took the initiative to catch up with them. He spoke like he was a big brother to them, there was a protective and stern edge to his tone. “Thank you, Brother Dominic!” Samantha was worried that she could not find a way to get close to Brother Dominic per Karen Joy’s request, so she was relieved that he approached them instead. However, she felt that something was off. The older brothers who would usually ignore, became so friendly towards her these past few days. First it was Nathaniel, then it was Dominic. What on earth had happened to them? Why did they treat her so well? The feeling of being held in the palm of someone’s hand made her feel like she was about to crumble. “Brother Dominic, wait a minute.” Samantha took Karen Joy to an empty corner. Then she took out her cell phone and looked at herself through the camera. “Karen Joy, do you think I’ve changed a lot these two days? Have I become more beautiful or smart?” At this moment, Karen Joy was focused on Dominic. She didn’t even bother to look at Samantha as she answered, “There is a pimple on the right side of your face, which proves that you have really grown up.” Samantha was very confused. “Yes, I don’t look very good and I have pimples. But why does Brother Dominic and the others treat me so well all of a sudden? Even their tone of voice was gentler than usual.” Karen Joy became alert and excitedly grabbed Samantha’s clothes. “Samantha, are you saying that you weren’t usually close to Dominic before this? And suddenly, he treats you so well today?” Samantha nodded hard. “In the past, if I greeted him, he would just nod at me. He was not as gentle and friendly as he was today, and he even asked us to follow him.” At this point, Samantha’s confused brain finally realized something. She widened her eyes and looked at Karen Joy. “Is it because of you? In the past, they would only greet me, because I didn’t have you around me.” Hearing Samantha’s words, Karen Joy glanced at Dominic secretly. He was also looking at her, and their gaze was on each other. Dominic did not avoid her gaze. Instead, he nodded to her gracefully and smiled very politely. Karen Joy nodded and gave him a smile back, but compared with his smile, her smile looked more flustered. “Karen Joy, I understand now.” Samantha opened her mouth wide with a look of realization. “He wasn’t trying to treat me well. I think he wants to be nice to you.” “Samantha, don’t talk nonsense.” Karen Joy agreed in her heart but she didn’t want to jinx anything. If this person was her Brother Lionel, then this explained his unusual behavior today. Dominic had a tattoo similar to the print of her totem and called her Karen. When he mentioned “a few years ago”, he suddenly stopped. He was also particularly concerned about her.. All the clues indicated that Dominic was her Brother Lionel Karen Joy was confused, baffled, puzzled… but she knew she had to keep her cool. She needed to take things slow because she could not make any mistakes this time. “Dominic, you’re here!” The host of today’s banquet, Zuriel Perth, showed up. Of course, he would welcome the important guests he invited on the list. “Yes, I’ve just arrived.” Dominic punched Zuriel’s shoulder “How can I not attend your banquets?” “Hey, isn’t that Samantha from the Lesley family?” Zuriel seemed to have just noticed Samantha and spoke out loud, “Samantha, your brother doesn’t allow you to come to a banquet like this. Why did you come here?” Zuriel had gone through a lot working alongside Nathaniel. It was not surprising that these little girls like Samantha would come to the banquet. Every child had a rebellious nature, and they would do things that you did not want them to do. His surprised look was just for show. He would see if the fish would get caught in his bait later Samantha became the center of attention again. She raised her hand and scratched her head innocently. “Uncle Zuriel, 1..” “Stop, stop, stop… What did you just call me?” Zuriel stopped her. “Why do you refer to Dominic and the others as ‘brothers, yet you call me Uncle? I’m only around ten years older than them. Why would you make me feel so old?” Wasn’t it a norm that you do not address any unmarried man as an Uncle? It made him sound so elderly! In this life, he would never meet a person who he would want to get married to. That was why he wanted these younger brothers to accompany him. “My brother also addresses you as Uncle..” Samantha was brutally honest. You would think that she would just change the way she addressed Zuriel and get going with her day. Zuriel shook his head helplessly at her. However, he didn’t mind too much, as he still had more important things to do. After Zuriel joined in, Karen Joy did not say a single word, but she was thinking about him a lot. In her memory, she had never seen Master Perth before, but why did she think that he looked so familiar? Karen Joy stared at him and scanned through him from head to toe. He didn’t even care. He wanted Karen Joy to recognize him. After a long time, he finally asked, “Miss Kyle, why are you staring at me?” Karen Joy asked directly. “Master Perth, have we met somewhere before?” Master Perth smiled and sighed. “Perhaps we’ve seen each other before. We might have seen each other many years ago, but because it was a long time ago, I can’t remember very well too. Zuriel spoke like he was denying her question, but to Karen Joy, he was not. Instead, she thought that he had an implicit meaning behind his answer.

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