My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 700

“We might have seen each other many years ago, but because it was a long time ago, I can’t remember very well too.” Zuriel Perth specially prepared these cryptic words for Karen Joy Kyle. She couldn’t remember him, but he knew her very well. Over the years, Mr. President had put in a lot of effort for her. Besides the national affairs, Mr. President’s remaining focus was on this little girl. He was the leader of this country, yet his heart was fixed on this girl. It was not a wise choice. If it continued to go on like this, both the President and her would not have good outcomes in the end, so he thought it would be better if he could lend a ‘helping hand’ “… but because it was a long time ago, I can’t remember very well too.” Karen Joy repeated this sentence in silence. Wasn’t this the way she remembered her Brother Lionel too? Because it was too long ago, her memory was blurry, so she couldn’t remember what Brother Lionel looked like. Damn it! How could she forget Brother Lionel’s appearance? She should be able remember it clearly, so that she could recognize Brother Lionel well. Damn it! Damn it! She bit her lips and bit herself hard because she wanted to hurt herself. She wanted to punish herself. Brother Lionel might be in front of her, but she didn’t have the courage to ask him directly because she was afraid that she would be mistaken. If she had firmly remembered Brother Lionel’s appearance in her mind, then this situation would not have happened. It was all her own fault! What should she do now? Karen Joy repeated the question in her mind, but she could not answer it even though she tried very hard. Zuriel saw the reaction that he wanted on Karen Joy’s face. He smiled with satisfaction and said, “Samantha, we are going to have a masquerade ball tonight. You two should choose your own props. When you are done, only then you can dance with a man of your choice later at night.” “Masquerade?” When Karen Joy heard of this activity, she couldn’t calm down. Could she use this opportunity to ask Dominic later during the ball? Since they would be wearing masks, he would not know who she was. Even if he was not her Brother Lionel, it would not matter. She could continue her search. The more Karen Joy thought about it, the more relieved she was. She didn’t want to take too long to find Brother Lionel, so tonight was the best time. “Samantha, help me get a mask, I need to go to the washroom.” Karen Joy needed an excuse to leave Samantha, and she quietly followed behind Dominic Cooper. She saw Dominic and Zuriel enter a room together. She followed them quietly and hid in the dark, trying to listen to what they were talking about “I really didn’t expect that the child would come. Are you going to admit that you know her?” The person who said this was Zuriel. After he said that, the room was silent for a long time. Dominic replied cautiously, “I’ve been paying attention to her every move all these years, and I’ve been looking forward to her looking for me. Sigh, she is here now, but she doesn’t know me at all.” “Then what are you going to do?” Zuriel asked. “Let nature take its course.” Dominic sighed. “If she can recognize me then that would be great. If she can’t, I won’t blame her.” “Why don’t you just tell her directly that you are the person that she is looking for?” Zuriel asked again. “I would be happy if she can recognize me, but I wouldn’t blame her if she doesn’t. I will be satisfied as long as I can see that she is happy.” That was what Dominic said. This person must be Brother Lionel. Her Brother Lionel was always like this; he would only protect her in silence and never ask for anything in return. Therefore, she was extremely sure that Dominic was her Brother Lionel. She couldn’t let Brother Lionel feel sad because she couldn’t recognize him, no matter how much she thought that he didn’t look the same. She wanted to do it tonight during the masquerade ball. She needed to tell him that she had never forgotten him, and that she had always remembered him. It was too coincidental that the ball seemed to be prepared for her to seek out her Brother Lionel. At the North Palace It was already late when Nathaniel Cooper went back to his residence after finishing his work. Among the thousands of stars in the sky, there was a particularly bright and attractive star. Karen Joy’s existence to him felt like the brightest star in the vast starry sky. It was so dazzling and so different from the others. Looking at the brightest star, Nathaniel felt like he could see Little Karen’s face. She was still a precocious little toddler, and she would speak gently to him, “Brother Lionel, I like you the most. I want to be with you, forever and ever.” It was just something an innocent four-year-old child would say, but he took her words seriously. Over the years, he had been waiting for her to grow up slowly. He even thought about the possibility that her feelings for him would change when she grew up. How could he take something a child said seriously? The reason she said that she wanted to be with him was definitely because of her dependence on him. She was so young at that time, and she knew very little. Just as he was deep into his thoughts, his personal phone rang. It was a call from Jason Lesley. He thought that it must be about Karen Joy. He answered the phone and asked, “Is she asleep yet?” Perhaps she asked about Karen Joy a lot, so his tone softened a lot when he talked to Jason. “Mr. President, Samantha took Miss Kyle to attend Zuriel’s banquet.” Jason’s self-condemned and flustered voice came from the phone. “But don’t worry, I’m going to bring them back now.” “It’s fine. The children want to play, they can go ahead. It’s the Perth residence, not some dangerous place anyway.” Nathaniel told Jason calmly. After hanging up the phone, he immediately made a very surprising move. He didn’t want Jason to find her because he wanted to look for her in person. Usually, when the President went out, at least dozens of people would be around him, but Nathaniel only brought two people with him this time. One was his driver, Jamie, and the other was Horatio, his most powerful bodyguard. They were his most trusted subordinates, so he would usually bring these two people with him when he had personal affairs. After arriving at the Perth residence, Nathaniel knew that Zuriel had organized the masquerade ball purposefully. After putting on the mask, it was much more convenient for him to get things done. No one could see his face, so he didn’t need to hide himself. He could be his real self for a while. There was loud music, dimmed lights, and a lot of alcohol in the party. Everyone was dancing and moving around the vicinity joyfully and it seemed that everyone was having a great time. Looking at this scene, Nathaniel frowned. Zuriel liked to organize parties like this, but Nathaniel would not want to mind too much. He could not control his personal life. He just couldn’t expect that Zuriel, the minister of Foreign Affairs, would cause such a ruckus at his own party.

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