My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 701

Nathaniel Cooper frowned slightly, and his almond shaped eyes under his mask narrowed. He looked stern. His eyes swept from left to right, but he couldn’t see the person he was looking for. This place was so chaotic and complicated. Where did Karen Joy Kyle go? Nathaniel felt a little anxious and uneasy because he couldn’t find her. “Sir?” Nathaniel stood still, and the bodyguards behind him did not dare to move an inch too. “Split up and find her.” Nathaniel ordered. As soon as he spoke, he saw a familiar figure at the dance floor from the corner of his eyes. Even though the lights were dim, and there were many people, Nathaniel recognized her at first sight even when she wore a mask. He had met many people in his life and he had been through so much. Although with time, most of his memories would fade away, but some of the memories were imprinted deeply in his heart and his mind. No matter how much he had gone through, and no matter how long it had been, that memory did not fade away at all. In fact, he remembered even more now. That little chubby girl was an imprint engraved deep in Nathaniel’s heart. No matter how much time has passed, no matter how many people he had come into contact with, he would never be able to forget her. Now, the little chubby girl had grown up and appeared right in front of him through many hardships on her end too. He couldn’t wait to bring her close and hold her tight, so that he wouldn’t have to worry about separating from her again. The treasure he wanted to dote on for the rest of his life was not far away from him. At this time, he could take advantage of the darkness, the crowd, and the party chaos, to secretly appear by her side. But just as he was hesitating, a masked man approached Karen Joy silently. She appeared clueless, as the man quietly reached out his hand, and his target was Karen Joy’s slender waist… In the blink of an eye, Nathaniel did not care much about anything else. His identity, his responsibilities, his goals… were all put on hold at this moment. At this moment, he only had one thought in mind. He knew that he couldn’t let anyone touch his Karen Joy. He was her only guardian angel! “Ah-” The man who wanted to take advantage of Karen Joy did not manage to touch her, but he was caught by someone else’s strong grip and he screamed in pain. Nathaniel only exerted a little force and he could hear the sound of the man’s bones breaking. He didn’t speak, but he looked at the man coldly. “I wont anymore, I won’t…” The man kept begging him for mercy, and his eyes were full of fear and panic. Nathaniel twisted his arm slightly, and the man’s arm was dislocated. He could barely feel his arm now. The man was so scared that he didn’t even dare to speak or flinch. This was the Perth’s residence, so he didn’t dare to cause trouble. He was curious as to who was behind the mask who had such tremendous courage. Nathaniel threw the man away and said coldly, “Out!” The man fled in panic after getting his freedom. After running a few steps, he plucked up his courage and looked back to see who he was. The man only said one word to him, yet he thought that he might lose his own life if he even move a little. When he looked back, he caught Nathaniel’s fierce gaze. He was so frightened that he turned around and ran away. He didn’t dare to look back anymore. After he drove away the man who wanted to take advantage of Karen Joy, Nathaniel secretly guarded her, not letting anyone to get close to her again. Since it happened on the dance floor, the music was deafening and everything was chaotic. What just happened was just a small episode that night, and no one noticed it. No, it was not that no one noticed it. The host of the party that night knew about it as he saw what just happened through the monitoring room. “Dominic, don’t get close to her anymore. Come back right away.” Not long ago, Dominic Cooper left Karen Joy and went to the bathroom. When he came out of the bathroom, he heard Zuriel Perth’s orders through the walkie-talkie. “Why?” He didn’t understand. The child had already believed in his identity. They were so close to reaching their goal, so why did he have to retreat at this time? Zuriel said angrily, “You need to come back first.” Dominic said, “Master Perth, our plan will succeed soon.” This time, Dominic was unwilling to listen to Zuriel’s instructions. He wanted to return to Karen Joy’s side. He knew that she was still waiting for him in the corner. “He’s here,” Zuriel had to tell the truth. A simple answer, but Dominic immediately stopped walking forward. Because Dominic knew very well who the person Zuriel was referring to This person was his cousin, Nathaniel, who had just taken up the position as the new President. He was the real “Brother Lionel” that Karen Joy was talking about. The real Brother Lionel arrived. As the fake Brother Lionel.. Of course, he could only retreat obediently and give them some space. “Why did he suddenly come here?” Back in the monitoring room, Dominic picked up a beer bottle at the side and took a sip. “He knew that the child is here. It would be strange if he didn’t come.” Zuriel looked at the monitor screen, and he was staring at the man who was wearing a mask but he still looked intimidating. He only thought about how to lure the two young ladies to his banquet, but he forgot to prevent the news from being leaked to Mr. President. It was an accident this time, and he couldn’t afford to have another one like this the next time. Nathaniel stood behind Karen Joy and looked at her quietly… Even though he was separated from the screen and by the mask, Zuriel could still see the affection in his eyes. It’s over! It’s over! It’s over! Zuriel shouted a few times in his heart. The President’s feelings for this child had long changed. He no longer harboured a sweet, innocent, caring feeling towards her. “Are we just going to let it go? Our plan is going to be ruined like this?” Dominic was watching Nathaniel on the screen too, and his tone sounded dissatisfied. “Of course we can’t just let it go like this,” said Zuriel. He had to find a way to make the child leave as soon as possible. The sooner, the better. He must never let her set foot in Country A again. Otherwise, his fate and the country’s fate would be very uncertain. “What are we going to do next?” Dominic clenched his fists. “He had just taken office, and he’s already acting so messily” “Master Dominic, I just want to ask you one question. You’re being so angry now, is it because you also like that girl, or is it because you don’t want to see him walking down the wrong path?” Zuriel asked a very sensitive question.

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