My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 702

 In the Cooper family, the only person Zuriel Perth could trust was Dominic Cooper. When he wanted to find a man to impersonate Brother Lionel, the first person that popped out in his mind was Dominic. Hearing Zuriel’s question, Dominic paused and slowly replied, “Before I saw this girl, I only wanted to help her. After seeing this girl…” He took a deep breath and said, “Master Perth, she’s like some sort of magnetic force. She is so innocent, pure, and beautiful that I can’t help but want to get close to her. thought that if I could, it would be good for me to be her Brother Lionel for the rest of my life.” Dominic answered truthfully, but Zuriel didn’t know what to say. After thinking for some time, he responded, “Master Dominic, I know you are a wise man. You know better than I do about what you should and shouldn’t do.” “I know.” Dominic took a deep breath and shrugged. “Tell me, what should we do next?” “We will act according to the situation. As long as he reunites with her, our plan can still be carried out.” Zuriel knew that even if Nathaniel was reluctant to give up on her, he would never reunite with her. He was entangled in a lot of affairs. He was absolutely reluctant to let her suffer with him. However, the moment Zuriel finished his words, the situation on the screen changed dramatically. For some reason, the little girl suddenly pounced on Nathaniel. She held his waist tightly and buried her little head in his chest. She rubbed her head against his chest again and again, like a poor kitten. “Master Perth, this..” Dominic immediately acted on impulse in front of the screen. Looking at his anxious expression, it seemed that he was ready to rush into the screen and drag them out. Zuriel said, “Wait, she might think that he is you.” Dominic took a step back. His forehead and hands were covered with obvious veins and he looked very anxious. Yes, it was true. Karen Joy Kyle thought that the person that was secretly guarding behind her was the Brother Lionel who had been accompanying her the whole night. She heard his conversation with Zuriel, and she asked him some questions indirectly. Her answers were all the same as Brother Lionel’s. He even mentioned the incident 13 years ago, on the 20th of May, at the Aegean Sea… Karen Joy couldn’t remember what Brother Lionel looked like, but she always remembered clearly that she had seen Brother Lionel at her parents’ wedding All the information showed that Dominic was her Brother Lionel. Although she still had some doubts in her heart, she could bear to turn him away. If Brother Lionel knew what she was thinking, he would be very sad, so she nerved herself to hug him. When she hugged him, she breathed his scent in, and this scent was so familiar that it reignited all her memories of the past. She was certain that he was her Brother Lionel. He was the Brother Lionel whom she had missed for more than ten years! At this moment, Karen Joy was so glad that she did not hesitate any longer. She was so glad that she had the courage to hug him. Otherwise, she might miss this opportunity. She had been separated from him for more than ten years. Now that she finally grew up and came to him, she had to cherish every minute and second. She hugged him so close and said excitedly, “Brother Lionel, it’s me! I’m your Little Karen!” Nathaniel did not expect Karen Joy to suddenly do such a thing. As she hugged him, he immediately stiffened and he was shocked. “Brother Lionel, it’s all my fault, I didn’t recognize you right away. It’s my fault, please forgive me, okay?” Her voice was soft, and there was a hint of that familiar pitiful tone she had when she was a child. In addition, her excited yet sad voice made him feel like he was her knight in shining armour Nathaniel straightened his body and let her hold him. He didn’t dare to move.. He was worried that if he moved, he would do more than just to hold her. “Brother Lionel, I was still doubting whether it was really you, but now I can confirm it.” She noticed that his body was stiff, so she tried to speak more, hoping that he knew that she recognized him way earlier ago. Karen Joy sniffed his scent again and again, and all the doubts in her heart were cleared. Brother Lionel’s scent was so familiar that it could make her feel at ease. She was sure that this person was her Brother Lionel. “Brother Lionel, if you don’t want to speak, then don’t speak. Let me speak.” She hugged him even tighter, pressing her entire body against his body “Brother Lionel, I’ve always remembered you. I’ve never forgotten you.” As she spoke, he listened attentively. Her voice and tone sounded like a sweet song, playing repeatedly in his mind. If he could pretend to be cold and stern at this moment, then he would not be the Brother Lionel whom she had been missing all this time. Hence, Nathaniel moved and reached out to hold her gently. He spoke softly, “Alright, I know!” He always knew that she had never forgotten him. She had been working hard to look for him, as he was always watching her. After receiving the response from Brother Lionel, Karen Joy finally felt relieved. She continued to rest in Brother Lionel’s arms and said, “Brother Lionel, when I saw the tattoo on your left hand, I already suspected that you were Brother Lionel. However, I didn’t recognize you at the first moment because I had mistakenly recognized President Cooper as you.” “What?” After listening for a long time, Nathaniel finally understood that Karen Joy thought that he was another man. She also ruled out the possibility that he was her Brother Lionel “Brother Lionel, you’re not blaming me for mistaking you for someone else, are you?” She suddenly raised her head and looked at him with her big bright eyes, waiting for his reply. This lady was so quick-witted that she could make a fool out of anyone at any time. If he was not alert, he would have suspected that she was acting, and that she was deceiving him. However, she was looking for the Brother Lionel she had missed so much. She meant every word she said. That was why Nathaniel was sure that this girl had mistaken him as another person, and she was not lying to him. A tattoo on the left hand? Nathaniel thought for a moment and thought of his younger cousin, Dominic, who was about the same age as him. Dominic got his tattoo because of an injury when he was very young. The elders of the family decided for him to have the family’s Totem tattooed on his hand.

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