My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 703

This totem was very special. It was passed down from many generations in their family. It was said that every line drawn on the totem represented a generation of their family. The specific meaning had been passed down for so many years, and the deep meaning got lost throughout generations. Everyone only remembered that this was a symbol of their identity. Every member of their family had this totem close to them. He had a necklace that symbolized his identity. He polished it with ivory, and he carved the family totem personally. Dominic Cooper had it tattooed… Everyone in the family had this totem in different forms. Nathaniel Cooper gave his necklace that symbolized his identity to Little Karen. He hoped that he could grow up with her through this way. On the other hand, he hoped that one day, she would be able to find him with this unique totem. Things did develop as he planned, and there was not a single error, but.. something went wrong on his side. “Brother Lionel, are you going to blame me?” Karen Joy looked up at him and asked carefully He was very tall, probably about the same height as her father. And she had the average height of a young woman. When she talked to him, she had to raise her head. It was so difficult She raised her head high to speak to him… Karen Joy could sense something unusual. The “Brother Lionel” who accompanied her not long ago was not so tall. When she talked to him, she only needed to raise her head slightly and it wasn’t that tiring. The difference in height between the two “Brother Lionels was so big that she knew they were different people. In other words, the person who accompanied her this evening was Dominic. When Dominic went to the bathroom, she was accompanied by another person. Then who was this man if he was not Dominic? Why did he make her think that he was her Brother Lionel? What the hell was going on? “Why would I blame my Little Karen?” He said in a very low voice so that she couldn’t hear his real voice clearly. It seemed like he did it on purpose. Knowing that there might be a loophole in this matter, Karen Joy calmed down a lot. She looked at him and asked, “Are you really my Brother Lionel?” She was still staring at him, but her gaze changed. She was no longer expecting her Brother Lionel to reveal himself, but she was doubtful. This time, it was not the words that answered her, but his actions that answered her. He slowly reached out and covered her eyes with his hands. He leaned over and kissed her gently on the little scar between her eyebrows. He used his action to prove that he was her Brother Lionel. She thought that this person was very likely to be a fake Brother Lionel, but when he kissed her, she did not resist. She even felt that this kiss was not unfamiliar. When she was very young, Brother Lionel liked to kiss her like this. Karen Joy widened her eyes and looked at him. She wanted to recognize who he was and why he was trying to be mysterious with her. However, the light was so dim that she couldn’t see him clearly. Suddenly, she heard him call her name out gently, “Karen!” He only said a word, which was her name, and only the closest people around her called her so. She could hear from his voice that there were a lot of emotions in his voice and a lot of reluctance. “Are you really Brother Lionel?” She asked again, insisting on getting a positive answer. “Trust your guts, your senses won’t lie.” He raised his hand and touched her cheek, pinching her like he did when she was a child. She had lost a lot of weight. When he was pinching her face, it did not feel as chubby as it did when she was a child. Karen Joy reached out to hold his hand and frowned slightly. There was no tattoo on the back of this man’s left hand. He was not Dominic So who was he? Why did he talk to her in a modified voice, yet hinted that he was her Brother Lionel? Just as Karen Joy was deep in thoughts, another thing happened. He kissed her. This time, he did not kiss her forehead, but her lips instead. Moreover, he kissed her so hard that it felt like he wanted to claim her as his own. “Oof… you..” Karen Joy stared at him and pushed him instinctively. But when the familiar scent floated into her breath, she stopped struggling. In her subconscious, she was willing to let her Brother Lionel kiss her. He could kiss her however he wanted. When his kiss became more and more passionate, she instinctively closed her eyes and grabbed the corner of his clothes tightly to pull herself closer to him. Just when she felt that she was going to suffocate, and she felt weaker in her knees, he reached out to hold her waist to keep her balance and kissed her again. This kiss lasted for a very long time. She also hoped that he would not stop and just hold her like this so that they could be together forever and never be separated again. “Brother Lionel..” He let her go after a long time. She was finally free. After breathing in the fresh air, the first thing she said was his name. “Karen!” Seeing her swollen red lips that he kissed, he hated how rough he was and almost hurt her earlier, but he did not regret kissing her. “Brother Lionel…” She threw herself into his arms again and hugged him tightly. “Brother Lionel, I finally found you. I will never leave you again in the future.” She put her head on his chest again and nestled in his embrace. Her Brother Lionel finally reconciled with her, and they would never separate again. “Karen..” He called her name out again. He wanted to speak more but stopped on second thought. There were thousands of words that he wanted to say to her, but he did not know how to start. “Brother Lionel, you can say what you want to say, I am listening.” She winked at him, and her eyes were shining. “Karen, can you go to a place with me?” At this moment, he did not think about his identity, nor was he worried if she would recognize him. He only wanted to take her to a place that he could see her clearly “Brother Lionel, no matter where you go, I will follow you.” Even if it was miles away, as long as Brother Lionel was with her, she would not say no. “Karen..” She did not hesitate and did not care much, but he hesitated. At present, his situation was complicated. He could not put her in the center of a dangerous whirlpools in order to satisfy himself. The reason why he could climb to his current position smoothly was because he had no weaknesses for others to target. Once Karen Joy appeared by his side, and when more people knew about her identity, she might be in danger. “Brother Lionel, what’s wrong?” She seemed to have noticed that he was struggling. He obviously wanted to get close to her, but he was gradually getting further away from her.

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