My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 704

“Karen, we still can’t…” After a long while, Nathaniel Cooper finally said some words, but he struggled to finish his sentence. “Brother Lionel, it’s okay. You don’t have to say anything. I understand.” Karen Joy Kyle smiled to cover up the sadness in her eyes. “You just need to hug me for a while.” She needed him to hold her in his arms, to assure that this was Brother Lionel, and that she was not in a dream. That would be enough! “Karen, I’m sorry!” Nathaniel pulled her into his arms desperately. “Brother Lionel, you don’t have to say sorry! Because you are my Brother Lionel” she said in a soft voice. She was willing to respect all his decisions, to support him, and wait for the day when he will be willing to reconcile with her publicly. “Brother Lionel..” Karen Joy took out a new mobile phone from her pocket and asked, “Brother Lionel, can you give me your phone number?” Nathaniel stared at her. She was clearly very sad, but she tried to make herself look fine. She was obviously the apple of everyone’s eye. She could just cause a scene, yet she acted so sensibly. Nathaniel’s heart ached for every compromise she was willing to take! Nathaniel didn’t respond to her, and he didn’t reach out to take the phone either. Karen Joy was a little flustered. “Brother Lionel, don’t worry. Usually, I won’t disturb you much. I will only send you a text message when I miss you very much. If you have time, you can choose to reply to me.” She spoke very softly. She was afraid that her request might be too much for him. “Silly child!” He took over her mobile phone and keyed in his number. He saved the number under ‘Brother Lionel’. Karen Joy looked at the digits on her phone and recited the number over and over again. She needed to remember it firmly so she could remember his number even if she lost this piece of information. “Brother Lionel..” She carefully put away the phone and looked at him. “If I miss you too much, can I call you?” Earlier, she said that she would not disturb him. Now, after she got the phone number, she asked if she could call him. If he agreed to her request, she would definitely push it further and ask him to call her whenever he was free. Even though he knew the dire consequences from this, Nathaniel could not bear to turn her down. He nodded and he said, “Alright.” “I knew it. Brother Lionel always treats me the best.” Since she was little, he had always been like this. No matter what kind of requests she demanded, Brother Lionel would not reject her. Nathaniel chuckled and looked at her bright and beautiful face with her pair of shining eyes. He smiled as he touched the mark on her forehead. “I will call you in the future, but you need to stay safe with the Lesley family.” “Alright, I will remember that.” Karen Joy nodded hard. Then, she leaned close to Lionel. “Brother Lionel, can you take off your mask and let me have a look at you?” “No!” He refused immediately destroying the rapport between them “Oh, I’m sorry!” She lowered her head and felt very bad. “It’s okay.” He rubbed her head. “It’s getting late. Go back as soon as possible. There are many bad people out here, and it’s dangerous for women to stay outside.” “Can you send me back?’ She immediately said, “Since you said that it’s getting late and it’s dangerous. It’s not safe for a girl like me to go home myself, so can you send me back?” Yes, she was trying to find a way to push things further. After all, he was her Brother Lionel. She only wanted to pester him and stay with him all the time. Nathaniel was conflicted because he didn’t want to reveal his identity in front of her this early. He didn’t want her to be involved in any forms of danger. Karen Joy seemed to have guessed his concern, so she added, “Brother Lionel, if I cover my eyes, and I won’t look at you… will that do?” “Okay!” He responded immediately. He had never been able to turn her down before. He still remembered that many years ago, when she first went to kindergarten, she asked him to accompany her to go to school, so he became the oldest student in class. He had been laughed at by her friends countless times. He could have just turned her down, but he didn’t want to. He wanted to make her happy every day. In the monitoring room, Zuriel Perth stared at the display screen and watched Nathaniel put a blindfold on Karen Joy. Then, they left the place together… After a long time, he let out a long sigh. “In the end, our Third Young Master still can’t get through this. Is the child a blessing or a curse?” Dominic raised his eyebrows and asked, “Did they reconcile?” “You should go to the Lesley home tomorrow to find her. Test her a little and you will know the answer.” Zuriel turned off the monitor and added, “But I’m guessing that he wouldn’t reconcile with her yet.” In order to satisfy his selfish desires, Nathaniel wouldn’t do something risky like that and push such a young child to the eye of the storm Zuriel had been by Nathaniel’s side for so many years. He knew better than anyone how much Nathaniel cared about that lovely daughter of the Kyle family. On the way back to the Lesley house, Karen Joy was very cheerful because her Brother Lionel sent her home. She leaned to his side and said, “Brother Lionel, can you ask the driver to drive around the city? I want to see the landscape.” It was in the middle of the night, and she was blindfolded. What landscape was there to see? She was obviously talking nonsense, yet she was not embarrassed at all. Brother Lionel was also willing to dote on her. He caressed her head and said with a smile, “Okay.” Karen Joy leaned into his arms and said, “You’re the best.” Although she was blindfolded and she couldn’t see anything, she didn’t feel any fear. She kept talking all the way. She asked, “Brother Lionel, what kind of food do you like to eat? Tell me, I will learn to cook for you.” Then she asked, “Brother Lionel, what kind of movie do you like to watch? Tell me, we’ll watch a movie together next time.” She also asked, “Brother Lionel, which place do you want to travel to the most? When we can reunite, we should go for a trip together.” She thought that she knew too little about Brother Lionel, so she was eager to get to know him more during the drive home. As she was talking enthusiastically, Brother Lionel went in for a kiss out of the blue and it stopped her from chattering further. Since her eyes were covered and she could not see, the sensation in her mouth became heightened. Karen Joy felt that Brother Lionel was nibbling on her lower lip gently, and then he moved close to her ear and whispered softly, “I like you very much.”

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