My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 705

Ah Ah- Karen Joy Kyle was so delighted and caught off guard that she felt like she was floating on cloud nine. Before tonight, she was still worried about finding her Brother Lionel. But at this moment, she was nestled in Brother Lionel’s arms. He kissed her and even said that he liked her. It was amazing how the world worked out for her. She was in the bottom of the Earth one day and suddenly, she was up in the skies, floating happily. She really wanted to respond and tell Brother Lionel that she also liked him, but she was reluctant to break the silence at this moment. She really wished that they would remain in this serene moment forever and ever. “Hiss “Hiss-” A sudden pain came from Karen Joy’s lips, which made her cry out gently. Just as she was about to question him, she heard him say, “Didn’t your mother teach you to focus when you are kissing?” Brother Lionel had the guts to say that her mother did not teach her the art of kissing. Since when did her mother have to teach her about kissing? “Well, since your mother didn’t teach you, I will teach you in the future.” Brother Lionel teased playfully. Karen Joy was at a loss for words. Brother Lionel continued, “That’s a deal.” Karen Joy could not see him, but it was not difficult to hear his joy in his voice. On that night, everything seemed to be calm, but in fact, a lot of things were going on. The relationship between Brother Lionel and Karen Joy might no longer be as innocent and simple as it used to be, as their love grew to be more intense and deeper. After returning home and lying on her warm bed, Karen Joy was thinking of her time with Brother Lionel and the two kisses. The two kisses were the first, romantic kisses between her and Brother Lionel Why did Brother Lionel kiss her like this? Did he have more feelings for her besides a sibling’s love? She always regarded Brother Lionel as her brother. However, when she was with Brother Lionel earlier, she did not stop him from touching her. She did not reject him from kissing her. In addition, she was also looking forward to his advances. How odd was that… Didn’t she regard him as her brother all this time? Why did the relationship between the two of them suddenly change? Karen Joy couldn’t fall asleep even after tossing and turning around. She looked at the ceiling in a daze, thinking that it would be great if she had someone to talk to. Samantha Lesley? Forget it, she wouldn’t understand. Karen Joy wouldn’t expect Samantha to help her solve her relationship problems. Except for Samantha, who else could she go to? Her mother? Right, her mother could help her solve her relationship problems. Karen Joy checked the time. It was three o’clock in the wee hours of the morning, and there was a twelve-hour time difference with New York. If it was late at night here, but it would be three o’clock in the afternoon in New York. Her mother should be working at the studio, so she secretly called her mother. The phone rang, and the person on the other side of the phone immediately picked up. A gentle female voice came from the phone, “Baby, is that you?” When she heard that familiar, gentle voice, Karen Joy suddenly wanted to cry. “Mommy, I miss you.” Karen Daly was also relieved to hear her daughter’s voice. “Alright, so you miss me. Do you want to come home, or do you want me to go to Country A to accompany you?” Karen Joy murmured, “Mommy, I’m already an adult…” Karen smiled and said, “No matter how old you are, even if you get married one day and give birth to a child and become a mother, you are still a child to your parents.” Karen Joy pouted and said, “Mommy.. Karen paused a little before she asked, “Have you found your Brother Lionel yet?” Her mother was the only member of her family who supported Karen Joy’s wish to find Brother Lionel, so she did not hide anything from her mother. Karen Joy put her head in the pillow and said gloomily, “Mommy, I found Brother Lionel… but there was a little problem. In the past, she had never thought that Brother Lionel would not want to reconcile with her. Moreover, she had never thought that Brother Lionel would kiss her like this… So she was a little confused for a moment. “My lovely child, you can share with me.” Karen had always been patient with her daughter. Whenever she talked to her, she was always gentle. When Brother Lionel kissed her, Karen Joy did not feel embarrassed. She even felt that it was natural for Brother Lionel to treat her like that. But now when she had to tell her mother about it, Karen Joy suddenly felt a little embarrassed, and her face that was buried in the pillow turned red. “Mommy, don’t ask.” “Alright, if you don’t want me to, then I won’t. You’re a grown up now, and I can’t control you anymore.” Karen responded sweetly. It sounded like she was jealous of someone. Karen Joy hurriedly said, “Mommy, don’t say that. You just said that no matter how old I am, I am still your daughter.” Karen smiled again and said, “Alright then, are you willing to tell me? Let’s see if I can help you.” “Mommy, what does it feel like to love someone?” Karen Joy did not understand much about love. She did not understand what her feelings for Brother Lionel were. Karen thought for a moment and said to her daughter, “Loving someone, it’s just like how you feel now.” “Mommy, don’t make fun of me.” Karen Joy rolled around on the bed and blushed even more. “Hmm? Did I make fun of you?” Karen smiled happily and continued, “So you’re in love?” “Mommy… “Then tell me, why must you find Brother Lionel?” Karen asked. “That’s because I want to be with Brother Lionel and live with him for the rest of my life, just like you and Daddy.” The daughter replied. In terms of love, Karen Joy envied her parents the most. The relationship between them lasted for a very long time. For as long as she could remember, her father and mother loved each other as much as ever. “I wanted to spend the rest of my life with your Daddy, that’s why I married him, and I did spend many more years with him.” Karen added. Karen Joy pursed her pink lips and asked, “Mommy, so what I’m feeling for Brother Lionel… is love?” Karen responded softly, “I can’t help you decide on that. You have to think through that thoroughly and listen carefully with your heart. I believe that you will be able to find the answer very soon.” “Mommy, can I really find the answer?” She was very confused. She didn’t know why Brother Lionel didn’t want to reconcile with her, and she didn’t understand what kind of feelings Brother Lionel had for her. Karen said with certainty to her daughter, “Of course you can. We all know that our baby Karen’s a very smart child, so you can definitely find the answer.” Suddenly, when she heard the words ‘baby Karen’, Karen Joy thought of what Brother Lionel said when he kissed her. He addressed her as his favorite baby – Karen! In fact, baby Karen also liked Brother Lionel a lot! In an instant, Karen Joy seemed to understand what her mother was saying to her.

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