My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 706

“Mommy, I think I understand now.” Karen Joy Kyle rested comfortably on her pillow and imagined that she was in her mother’s arms. “Of course a smart person like you can understand.” While she was talking, Karen Daly exclaimed, “Your father is here. He seems to still be angry with you these days. I’ll need to hang up first, and i’ll call you later.” Karen hung up the call immediately after she spoke. As she heard the busy tone sound, Karen Joy pouted. She had been out for so long, yet her father didn’t care about her. If her mother went away for a day, no matter where she went, her father would definitely find her. It seemed that her father prioritized her mother more than her. Bad Daddy! He often said that she was their baby Karen, but he must be referring to her mother, wasn’t he? She certainty did not feel precious in his eyes. Karen Joy felt a little sad, In the future, she would not want her father anymore. She wanted Brother Lionel because he cared about her deeply. At the thought of Brother Lionel, she remembered their kisses earlier, and Karen Joy’s face turned redder. That was her first romantic kiss, Their lips touched and they could feel each other’s tongue… They were so close that they could hear each other’s heartbeat, as if they were one. What should she do now? Thinking of Brother Lionel, Karen Joy’s heart was pounding as if it was going to jump out of her chest. Yes, she missed Brother Lionel a lot and her heart beat faster, so she couldn’t sleep. She was not the only one who couldn’t sleep. After sending her back to the Lesley house, Brother Lionel went back to the North Palace. He was in a much worse situation than she was in Nathaniel was the President of the country, so his daily schedule was rigid and fixed. No matter how late he slept at night, he had to get up at six o’clock in the morning to prepare for a day’s work. He had been busy working until very late. When he could finally rest at night, he heard that Karen Joy was attending a banquet at Perth’s place. He went out to his mansion because he was worried about her There were some accidents in Perth’s mansion, and he reconciled with Karen Joy unexpectedly. Then, he sent her home. When he returned to his home, it was almost dawn. He didn’t have much time to rest. More importantly, he was very energetic. He stood by the window of the room, looking in the direction of the Lesley house, as if he could get closer to his Little Karen He couldn’t help but to gently touch his lips. It seemed that there was still the warmth and fragrance of Karen Joy… Today, his behavior was simply unreasonable. He had always had a strong ability to suppress his urges and control himself. Even when his mother was killed, he didn’t shed a tear, yet he was out of control that night. His original plan was to only reconcile with Karen Joy when he’s gotten more capable and had a stable career. He needed to be sure that Karen Joy was safe. Of course, he never thought about kissing her too. But when she said that Dominic Cooper was her Brother Lionel… At that moment, there was a fire in his heart. She was his Little Karen and he was her Brother Lionel. How could she mistaken him for someone else? Therefore, he kissed her because he wanted to punish her, and he wanted to tell her that he was her Brother Lionel. He couldn’t let anyone else get their hands on her. But he didn’t expect that he would be out of control in the end. He even wanted to take her home and have her stay with him forever Then if he wanted to kiss her, he could kiss her at any time… When he thought of Karen Joy, the corner of Nathaniel’s mouth would curve up slightly. He caught himself smiling a lot at the thought of her. When he thought of her, he was no longer the Mr. President who was high above the masses and was greatly admired by the people. He was just an ordinary man. She reminded him that he was human. He had a girl he really liked and wanted to protect. It was a girl that he really wanted to marry from the bottom of his heart, instead of agreeing to an arranged marriage. As a President of the country, he should be in control. However, before he took office, there was too much trouble and chaos. He couldn’t even decide on his own marriage. He could only do everything according to the rules and advices. Buzz! Buzz! At the same time, his phone rang suddenly. At five o’clock in the morning, who would send him a message? Nathaniel could only think of one person, and that was his baby Karen. Sure enough, Karen Joy sent a text message. He could imagine how sweet and cute she would look as she typed that message. “Brother Lionel, I tried to sleep for a long time, but I still couldn’t fall asleep. All I could think about was you. Why is this so?” This girl obviously wanted to trick him. She was smart enough to ask him in a silly tone. If he was not smart enough, he would definitely be tricked by her. However, even if he was smart enough and knew that she was playing these tricks, he was still willing to be tricked by her. To have a person in his life who he could love whole heartedly and play tricks with was such a blessing. So he quickly typed a line of words and replied her, “Maybe it’s too noisy at the party earlier and you met me. So you must be too excited that you couldn’t sleep. You’ll fall asleep soon after listening to some soothing music. Soon, another message came in, “Brother Lionel, when I was young, you often sing children’s songs and lullabies for me. If you sing it to me again, maybe l’l fall asleep. He knew that this girl would take advantage of the situation, but he just liked her that way, so he replied “Okay.” As soon as the message was sent out, his phone rang immediately. Nathaniel wanted to answer it, but his fingers trembled with excitement and he almost hung up. He took a deep breath and laughed at himself for being so nervous around her. Being the President of the country, he was not nervous at all. However, when he answered the phone call from her, he became so nervous. He must really cared too much about her. “Brother Lionel, it’s me. I can’t fall asleep. After the call was connected, Karen Joy spoke quickly. It seemed that she was worried that he would hang up the phone. Nathaniel a little pitiful for her and responded softly, “Don’t worry, Karen. I promised to talk to you, so I won’t hang up.” “Brother Lionel, you are the best!” Among all the men in the world, besides her father, Brother Lionel was the best. “What song do you want to listen to?” He coaxed her patiently. He spoke to her like she was a little child. “I’d like anything that you sing.” No matter how unpleasant the song was, as long as it was sung by Brother Lionel, she would like it. “How about a tune from Frozen, what do you think?” Brother Lionel responded sweetly as he smiled.

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