My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 707

This song was a song that Karen Joy Kyle loved to listen to when she was a child. He remembered that she loved this lullaby very much even though many years had passed. Hence, when she asked him to sing a song, this song popped up. “Okay,” Karen Joy replied softly Although she was already a grown up, the choice of a children’s song didn’t matter, she wanted to just listen to Brother Lionel’s voice. “Alright, then you should lie down and close your eyes,” Nathaniel instructed her gently, and she followed his orders. It felt like she was still the obedient child who was willing to listen to Brother Lionel She learnt these children’s songs during the days when Brother Lionel accompanied her. Although she had not sang them for many years, but it was still familiar when he hummed it again. He hummed softly, and Karen Joy, who was at the other end of the phone, was smiling widely. Soon, she fell asleep happily. After humming one song, he heard steady breathing sound from the other end of the line. Brother Lionel called her gently, “Karen?” “Brother Lionel, I like you. I like you so much.” She responded extremely softly It turned out that this girl was asleep and she was mumbling that she liked him in her dreams. “Okay.” He nodded as he gripped his phone a little tighter. “I know. Goodnight Karen!” Even though he had said goodnight, he was still reluctant to hang up. He listened to her breathing until it was time to wash up and go to work. Brother Lionel sang her a lullaby, and Karen Joy fell asleep happily. Her wide smile did not leave her face at all. She slept well in the evening. When she woke up, it was already in the afternoon. She felt like a lazy sloth. “Karen Joy, why did you leave me behind last night?” Samantha Lesley looked at Karen Joy sadly. “You don’t even know how long I went looking for you. I was so scared that I cried when I couldn’t find you. If it weren’t for Uncle Perth who told me that you came back first, I wouldn’t have known what to do.” “Samantha, I’m sorry!” Karen Joy gave Samantha a hug and smiled apologetically. “I had a stomach ache last night, came back first.” so I “You had a stomach ache? How’re you feeling now? Do you want me to get a doctor?” Samantha became so nervous that her face turned red. Karen Joy apologized, “Samantha, I’m fine. Don’t worry, or I will feel guilty about it.” Since she still didn’t know who Brother Lionel was, the reconciliation with Brother Lionel was still a strange matter. Karen Joy didn’t want to tell Samantha for the time being, so she lied casually. She didn’t know that she took her words seriously “It’s good that you’re alright.” Samantha scratched her head and looked at Karen Joy. “Oh, by the way, Brother Dominic is here.” “Who?” Karen Joy’s mind was focused on Brother Lionel. She couldn’t recall Brother Dominic at first. “Brother Dominic? He was with us the whole night last night?” Samantha was doubting that Karen Joy’s memory was worse than hers. “Oh, it’s him. Karen Joy responded softly as she ate her strawberry puree. While eating the strawberries, Karen Joy thought that Samantha’s brother, Jason Lesley, was so considerate of her. He even knew that she liked strawberries. Of course, Karen Joy would never have thought that these strawberries was specially requested by their Mr. President for her. Even if she was in a foreign land, he needed to make her feel like home. “Karen Joy, Brother Dominic asked us to go out today. Do you want to go?” Samantha approached Karen Joy slowly and asked. “Don’t think I want to.” Karen Joy refused immediately. “Karen Joy, Brother Dominic seems sincere. If we don’t go, he will be very disappointed.” Samantha really wanted to go out. If Karen Joy didn’t go, her brother would probably not allow her to go. “Samantha, what kind of logic is this? If others invite us out, does that mean that I must go so that I won’t disappoint the person? What if I’m uncomfortable with the idea?” Karen Joy had never been a person who was willing to compromise a lot. “But..” Samantha was poor at negotiation skills, so she could only look at her anxiously. “Karen…” Dominic Cooper approached them out of nowhere. After entering the house, there was a slight smile on Dominic’s face. In particular, his voice sounded particularly intimate when he called out Karen Joy’s name, as if he was Brother Lionel. Karen Joy felt goosebumps all over her body. Other than her family and Brother Lionel, she didn’t like being called this name by other people. Karen Joy knew that he was not her Brother Lionel. At first, she didn’t want to deal with him, but on second thought this person lied to her yesterday, and the most important thing was that he knew about the relationship between Brother Lionel and her, so she couldn’t let him go easily. Why did he pretend to be her Brother Lionel? Why? Karen Joy thought very quickly. If she wanted to know what this man’s purpose was, the best way was to turn his tricks against him. She wanted to see what he was up to. “Oh, Brother Dominic is here!” To disguise her true emotions was something Karen Joy had perfected over these few years. Therefore, the way she called Brother Dominic was very sweet. “Yes, I’m here.” Dominic nodded and sat down opposite her. “Karen, there will be a very good play at the National Theatre Hall tonight. You want to catch it together?” Besides Brother Lionel, Karen Joy was not interested in anything else. She really wanted to turn Dominic down, but she really wanted to know what his plans were. Were they trying to harm her? Or were they trying to harm Brother Lionel? If they wanted to deal with her, she wouldn’t care so much. But if they wanted to deal with her Brother Lionel, she would never let them off lightly. Therefore, Karen Joy nodded and said with a smile. “Okay. Since you have invited me, I won’t say no.” “Alright, then you should eat first. After you’re done, i’ll take you out for a walk. Then we’ll watch the play together at night.” Dominic looked at Karen Joy and he was observing her carefully. She wasn’t showing anything unusual. Last night, she must have regarded Nathaniel Cooper and him as the same person. Furthermore, Nathaniel had too many things to worry about, so he definitely did not reconcile with her. That was why their plan could continue. “Lione… Brother Dominic, I’m not familiar with this place at all. Please take care of me in the future.” Karen Joy deliberately misspoke a word to confuse Dominic. Zuriel and Dominic were fooling around with her. If it weren’t for the sudden appearance of Brother Lionel, she would have fallen into their trap. Since they were playing with her… She would not be so polite with them. Karen Joy’s smile was innocent and cute, but she was already plotting ways to deal with them in her mind.

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