My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 708

 Coast City was the capital of Country A. It was not as well developed as New York, but it was a very unique town. Its known for its tourism and affordable cost of living. Karen Joy recalled reading about how high the citizens’ happiness index were in this country Karen Joy had been at Coast City for about half a month, but because of her illness, she spent an entire week laying in bed, so she had no time to explore around. Now, she was no longer in a hurry to find Brother Lionel anymore, so she figured that she could take the time to wander around and get familiar with the city where Brother Lionel lived. She wanted to experience his life. And she had a free driver cum tour guide, Dominic Cooper, by her side. How could she not be happy? “Brother Dominic, I’m really sorry for troubling you to drive us around.” Dominic Cooper only wanted to invite Karen Joy out. However, Samantha wasn’t very bright at reading signs. She tagged along their date. The suppressed annoyance in Dominic’s heart could not be expressed. After all, Samantha was Karen Joy’s friend. If not for her, he might not be able to get close to Karen Joy. “I invited you girls out today, so obviously, I’ll drive and bring you girls around. If I hired a driver, we won’t have much fun.” He wanted to show Karen Joy what “Brother Lionel” was supposed to be Karen Joy sat in the back seat of the car. She didn’t say anything because she felt happy and she was smiling all along. Dominic glanced at her from time to time from the rear view mirror, and he thought that this girl was happy because of him. What he didn’t know was that Karen Joy’s mind was full of Brother Lionel at this moment. She was happy because she found Brother Lionel. At this time, her pink face was a little blushed because she thought of Brother Lionel. She thought about their kiss… Thinking of Brother Lionel, Karen Joy really wanted to call him. But she also promised Brother Lionel that she would not call him randomly. After thinking for a while, she sent another message to Brother Lionel “Brother Lionel, I miss you again. Do you miss me?” After checking that there were no mistakes, Karen Joy sent the text. Then, she stared at the screen of her mobile phone, waiting for his reply anxiously She waited and waited, until she almost fell asleep, and she finally received a reply, “Yes, go to bed early tonight.” What kind of reply was that? He didn’t answer her question at all. Karen Joy pouted and immediately came up with an idea. She glanced at Dominic, who was driving in front of her. She held her phone close and asked, “Brother Dominic, can I take a picture with you?” As she was asking him, she deliberately sat in the position that could be seen clearly through the rear view mirror, and she blinked her eyes playfully at him. “Of course you can. Do you need me to stop and pose with you?” In Dominic’s eyes, this young lady was very naive and easy to trick. As long as he used some more tricks, she would fully regard him as her Brother Lionel. “Brother Dominic, you don’t have to do that. I’ll just take a picture of you like this.” Karen Joy smiled sweetly, but she was thinking about something very evil. After taking his picture, she sent a message to Brother Lionel, “Brother Lionel, Brother Dominic took the initiative to be my tour guide today, and he’s taking me around the city. We will be watching a play together at night.” Yes, that would be enough. And she deliberately did not mention about Samantha. She smiled at her phone slyly and she thought to herself, “Brother Lionel, if you don’t take care of me, I’ll be taken away by someone else.” Sure enough, very quickly, Brother Lionel replied, “How many of you? Where are you heading to? As a girl alone at a foreign place, you must take care of your safety, you can’t just go with a strange man just like that.” Brother Lionel sounded anxious, but Karen Joy was happy. She typed back fast, “Brother Lionel, don’t worry. I will always be your baby Karen, bad guys can’t deceive me.” Since she could text Brother Lionel along the way, Karen Joy felt that the boring journey had become fun. Nathaniel had just ended a meeting after receiving her text. He imagined her proud and cute look when she texted him and chucked, “Silly child.” Her every move and surroundings were under Brother Lionel’s control. The reason why he replied to her in that manner was because he knew what she wanted to hear. Since the caring responses could make her happy, as her Brother Lionel, he should oblige. “Mr. President, this is the outcome of the meeting earlier. We need your signature.” The secretary knocked on the door and came in, handing a document to Mr. President. Nathaniel picked up the pen and signed it before he placed a stamp, “Everyone did a good job this round. Keep up the good work.” Nathaniel’s voice sounded calm, which made people feel at ease as they spoke to him. They didn’t know that this was the image of a President that he deliberately put up for others. Few people actually knew what he was really like. Zuriel Perth knew the true personality of Mr. President, so he never dared to be presumptuous in front of the President. He respected and feared him. The secretary took the document back, and Nathaniel ordered, “Secretary Hart, ask Zuriel to come to my office.” “Yes, I’ll do so.” Secretary Hart nodded and respectfully left the office. Soon, Zuriel came in. Before he could speak, Nathaniel spoke first, “Master Perth, do you have anything to say to me?” Zuriel knew what he was talking about, but he couldn’t admit anything, so he pretended to be innocent and confused, “Mr. President, what do you mean?” Nathaniel frowned and said with a disgusted look, “Your innocent face is really ugly. You should learn from my baby Karen.” Her face truly looked innocent. Even if he knew it was her fault, when he looked at her face, he would feel pity for her and couldn’t bear to punish her. Just as he was talking about her, he received a new message on his personal phone. When he opened the text, he realized that she sent another photo. However, instead of a photo of someone else, she took a photo of herself. In the photo, she made a cute expression, and she captioned, “Brother Lionel, do you think i’m cute?” Nathaniel couldn’t wait to reply her. He didn’t mind that he was in his work space, or the fact that Zuriel was still waiting for his words. His long and slender fingers began typing away, “You are very cute.” Soon, he received a new text message again. When he opened the text, he saw that it was another photo of her with the caption, “Brother Lionel, am I cute? Would you like to take a bite of me?

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