My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 710

Karen Joy Kyle and Samantha Lesley’s explanation was reasonable. Dominic Cooper could not find a flaw with their argument, nor could he be angry with the two young girls. However, he had some doubts. When Nathaniel approached Karen Joy last night, he even kissed her.. She did not react aggressively, so why did she react differently when he got close to her? “Brother Dominic, you are lucky that your hand is fine.” Samantha took a big bite of cake as she slurred. “Then I am… quite lucky.” Dominic withdrew his hand and shook off the pain. It was not dislocated, and he went back to smiling. “Karen, I am Lio… Brother Dominic, how could I blame you?” Dominic was also very smart, he tried to slip up deliberately so that Karen Joy would be more convinced that he was her brother Lionel That was Zuriel’s plan. They couldn’t directly admit that Dominic was her Brother Lionel. Because the child was very clever. If they told her directly she would not believe it. They needed to leave some clues and have her piece the puzzles together, as she trusted her own judgment more. That was why they fabricated the conversation last night, as they wanted to deliberately give her some clues before they met on the dance floor so Karen Joy would fall into their trap. Sure enough, Karen Joy fell for it. If Nathaniel hadn’t appeared… Karen Joy would be all over Dominic right now, then he didn’t have to make much effort today. “Brother Dominic, you are so good to me! You treat me better than my father does!” Karen Joy looked at him with joy and admiration She pursed her lips and asked carefully, “Brother Dominic, do you have any other names besides this name?” Since Dominic was trying to bait her, then she was willing to play along Whatever he wanted, she will cooperate with him. She was excited to see who would win in the end. Hearing Karen Joy’s question, Dominic was slightly happy in his heart. His plan was succeeding. “No, no..” Dominic reached out his hand again as he wanted to touch her hair, but he didn’t dare to act rashly after the lesson he had just learned. He withdrew his hand shortly after. “Brother Dominic, wait for me. I need to discuss something with Samantha quickly.” Karen Joy pulled Samantha and said, “Samantha, come with me.” Samantha was busy eating cake. “Karen Joy, just say it here. I’m not done with my cake yet.” “Samantha, look at how heavy you are already. If you continue eating like this, you’ll be twice my size.” Karen Joy pulled Samantha away anyway. But Samantha didn’t want to leave before she finished her cake. Karen Joy had no choice but to persuade nicely, “Samantha, come with me. I’ll ask Aunt Janna to make you her famous white chocolate cake next time.” “White chocolate cake? Well, okay! Karen Joy, you must remember your words.” Samantha liked to eat Aunt Janna’s white chocolate cake a lot, but Aunt Janna would only make it for Karen Joy, so even if Samantha wanted to eat it, she might not be able to have them. “Deal!” Karen Joy thought that this was the easiest deal ever because she could just get the cake with a single request. “Karen Joy, what’s the matter?” Samantha scratched her head as she looked at her, unable to understand the situation “Samantha, you should go back first. Brother Dominic and I will watch the play together later.” Karen Joy knew that Dominic would only show his full act after Samantha leaves. “Karen Joy, do you think Brother Dominic is really your Brother Lionel?” Samantha didn’t know him well anyway, so she didn’t bother much. She just wanted to enjoy life with great food and fun. “Yes, it seems likely, so I need to be with him alone and observe him.” Karen Joy didn’t mean to lie to Samantha, but she knew that Samantha was a gullible person. If she was being interrogated, she might just reveal everything she knew because she couldn’t lie. “Karen Joy, then I’ll go back first. You should come back earlier too.” Samantha turned around and walked away. Then, she stopped, “Karen Joy, if I return home without you, my brother will definitely punish me.” Samantha really didn’t understand why did her brother treat Karen Joy better than her? “Then you can stay at a cafe and wait for me, and I will come to you later. Anyway, you can’t be the third wheel between me and Brother Dominic.” Karen Joy wanted to make Dominic feel like she was sure that he was her brother Lionel “Oh, okay, remember to find me. Don’t leave me alone again like last night.” Samantha was still holding a slight grudge over the party last night. Karen Joy went home first last night, and Samantha went home later. When she went back, her brother grabbed her and almost locked her up. Of course, she would remember the culprit very well, Karen Joy. “Karen, where is Samantha?” As he saw Karen Joy walking back alone, Dominic was a little excited. Karen Joy lowered her head slightly and whispered, “Brother Dominic, I asked Samantha to go back first. I want to watch this play with you alone. You don’t mind, do you?” Karen Joy’s smile was subtle, her voice was crisp and sweet, and her face turned red. She looked very shy yet charming, just like a smitten teenage girl. She looked so smitten, like she was on her first date. No one would have thought that she was acting. “Anything you wish.” Dominic got up and reached out to grab her waist again, but he still didn’t dare to touch her. “Karen, can I? He sought her advice. “Brother Dominic, I’m afraid that I’ll hurt you.” She meant that she had an instinctive reaction to defend herself, and it was not within her control. Dominic didn’t dare to try anymore. This girl’s strength was really great. He walked in front of her and said, “Let’s go to the theatre and watch the show first.” Dominic asked his men to prepare the VIP room upstairs. The VIP room was quiet, spacious, and had a good view, which was the best place to watch the show. However, they did not focus on the play. Even when they play was halfway through, they probably don’t even know the storyline. Dominic leaned closer to Karen Joy and asked, “Karen, do you like watching this?” “I do.” Karen Joy nodded and tried hard to act joyfully. “As long as you’re watching with me, I will like it.” “Karen..” He looked at her and smiled bitterly. “Do you know why I’m so nice to you the minute I saw you?” “Because you are my.” Karen Joy could not say the words “Brother Lionel, because this man was not her brother Lionel.

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