My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 709

Yes! He wanted to! He really, really wanted to! He couldn’t take it anymore. But could he take a bite of her? If he really did, the first person who would hate him would be her father. Karen Joy’s simple words had already stirred up the waves of emotions in Nathaniel’s heart. However, since Zuriel Perth was still here, Nathaniel remained expressionless after seeing this text message. He looked up at Zuriel and said coldly, “From now on, you are not allowed to organize parties like last night anymore.” “Third Young Master, that’s my private time… I don’t have a wife, or a family. It’s just my hobby. You can’t deprive me of this hobby.” Zuriel’s face was full of bitterness, as if he was about to cry “Do you want me to give you an official order?” Nathaniel raised his eyebrows slightly. He sounded very dominant. Zuriel messed up Karen Joy. If he hadn’t been there last night, Karen Joy would’ve mistaken someone else for him. If he did not rush over last night, then the person who would kiss Karen Joy was likely to be another man. As he thought about the many ‘what ifs, Nathaniel wanted to tear Zuriel to pieces. By speaking to him so nicely now, he was simply doing him a favor. “Yes, then I will restrain myself as much as I can in the future.” Zuriel was extremely reluctant in his heart. However, he did not dare to disobey. He could only nod and agree, then he walked away feeling disheartened. As soon as Zuriel left, another message came in. It was another photo of Karen Joy. In the photo, she was having a bite of a chocolate cake. It looked like it was very delicious. Nathaniel couldn’t help but to stretch out his finger and touched her lips. “You silly child, do you know how tasty you look?” Buzz, buzz Almost immediately after, the phone vibrated again. It was another text, “Brother Lionel, why won’t you reply?” What did she expect? Did she want him to say that he wanted to have a bite of her? Did she now know that there was another implicit meaning behind that line? This girl must have known it, but her big, bright eyes would make others think otherwise, What she meant by having a bite, was simply just having a bite of the food. She didn’t mean anything else. “Brother Lionel, the cake in this cafe tastes very good, and the coffee is also very nice. I’ll treat you to a meal here someday?” It didn’t matter that he didn’t reply to her as she still kept sending him messages anyway. She appeared unbothered by the fact that he stopped replying. Nathaniel had a lot of concerns, but Karen Joy did not. To her, finding Brother Lionel was all she wanted. No matter who it was, no matter what it was, nothing could not stop her idea of being with Brother Lionel. It was not a spur of the moment, but the idea that had been in her mind all these years. “Brother Lionel, Coast City’s food is really special. When you can reunite with me, you must bring me for a big meal at the Coast Pavilion!” Nathaniel still hadn’t replied to any of her messages, but she kept spamming him anyway. Every time he received a message, he would pick up his phone and read immediately. When he saw the messages, Nathaniel felt like he could see through her lonely eyes. She was trying hard to make herself laugh and persuade herself that everything was alright. When he thought that she might be in pain and she was masking her emotions, Nathaniel’s heart ached. He immediately typed out, “Okay! I promise you, I will!” “Brother Lionel, you don’t have to reply me. I know you are busy. I’m spamming you with messages so that you would know where I am and what I’m doing.” A few seconds after Nathaniel sent his reply, Karen Joy’s messages came pouring in again. This time, he could see from her words that she was in a much better mood. She was in a good mood, so was he. He smiled and replied her with a message, “I am busy. Maybe I don’t have time to reply to your messages. But I can guarantee that I will not miss any messages you sent. “Brother Lionel, I know that, I really do. Go ahead with your business, I will continue sending you messages.” Karen Joy kept updating him regularly. She knew that her Brother Lionel loved her the most. Brother Lionel was working. If she kept pestering him, he wouldn’t be able to work. It was good enough that he took some time to reply to her. Hmph.. Bad Daddy! Bad Daddy! “You don’t even care about your baby Karen anymore. Your baby will soon be taken away by others soon. You can just sulk in a corner later.” Karen Joy hummed a tune happily. Dominic Cooper stared at her for a while and he asked curiously, “Karen, what’s making you so happy?” Karen Joy smiled at him and said, “I’m very happy that I can have a meal with you, Brother Dominic.” Since she was a child, everyone had praised her for being so good at speaking and winning others’ hearts. Dominic asked again, “You’re happy to be out with me? But I haven’t seen you eat your food yet. You’ve been busy with your phone. Is the food okay?” Dominic really wanted to know who she was talking to, but it would be rude to ask that. After all, he was not her “Brother Lionel yet. If he became too nosy about her, she would feel annoyed. She was young and rebellious anyway. “Because I’m texting my father, and I’m telling him good news.” Karen Joy added, “Brother Dominic, thank you for making me so happy! First, she said that she was telling her father some good news, and then she thanked her Brother Dominic… It’s hard for Dominic not to take her words personally. He took the opportunity to sit next to Karen Joy and put his hand on her shoulder, but before he could touch her, she reached out and grabbed his hand. She twisted his hand back as he cried out in pain, “Karen, what are you doing?” Karen Joy really wanted to warn him to watch his boundaries around her. However, she pursed her lips and thought more about her actions. What if this person wanted to harm her Brother Lionel? She could not act rashly and alert the enemy. She immediately composed herself and smiled apologetically. “Brother Dominic, I’m sorry, I’ve been practicing Taekwondo since I was a child. I react automatically.” “Yes, yes.” Samantha, who was eating her food silently, rarely noticed anything other than food. She nodded hard when she heard Karen Joy’s explanation, “There are boys in our school who have their arms twisted by Karen Joy before.”

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