My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 711

 “You don’t have to say it. It’s good that we understand each other in our hearts.” Looking at Karen Joy Kyle’s hands on her legs, Dominic Cooper was so tempted to hold her. Just as he was about to touch her, Karen Joy suddenly turned to him and said, “Brother Dominic, you should know why I came to Country A.” Karen Joy knew what Dominic wanted to do. It seemed that the warning she gave him just now was not harsh enough, he still wanted to take advantage of her. What a joke! Her body was reserved for Brother Lionel, not for others, and especially not for this guy who had evil intentions. Dominic withdrew his hand and smiled awkwardly. “I…! don’t know, but I’m willing to listen.” “I came to find my Brother Lionel, but my Brother Lionel thought that I didn’t recognize him. So he didn’t want to reconcile with me too.” Karen Joy bit her lip. She was really sad when she mentioned about Brother Lionel, but at this time, her sadness was somewhat exaggerated. She was putting up a dramatic show for Dominic. “Karen, I.” “Brother Dominic, some things, if I don’t say it now, I will never be able to rest. I want to tell my Brother Lionel that I didn’t forget him. I’ve been looking for him all this while.” The more Karen Joy said, the more sad she looked. She looked like she was about to cry. Humph, it was only acting. Her Little Aunt was a famous film and television actress and she had taught her well. Her Little Aunt had won countless awards as best actress before and as her Little Aunt’s favorite niece, Karen Joy learnt a little acting too. It was enough to fool these people. After listening to Karen Joy’s words, Dominic was a little excited, but there were some doubts after that. After all, he was not a fool. He was born in a rich and well known family, he grew up in a competitive environment. Dominic desperately wanted to know if she really believed that he was Brother Lionel or was she just testing him? The best way was to get close to her and get in touch with her body So, Dominic moved closer to Karen Joy. He raised his hand and placed it on her shoulder, gently pushing her into his arms. At the moment when his hand touched hers, Karen Joy wanted to break his hand. But if she did so, it would be a waste of her acting skills this whole afternoon. She decided to allow him to hug her for a while. Anyway, she was wearing thick clothes, so he couldn’t take advantage of her… However, a while later, Dominic’s hand suddenly moved even further. He touched her waist and even shamelessly held it… Karen Joy gritted her teeth and told herself to endure it. Just as she was about to explode, Dominic retrieved his hand. He looked at her and said affectionately, “Karen, the Brother Lionel you are looking for is in front of you. I am your Brother Lionel.” She thought that his acting skills weren’t that bad too. If she hadn’t met the real Brother Lionel in advance, it was very likely that she would have been tricked. He finally falsely admitted that he was her Brother Lionel, what was he going to do next? Was he going to seduce her? Or was there a ploy against Brother Lionel? Or did he have other ulterior motives? Karen Joy could not guess the man’s intentions for the time being. But it didn’t matter. She would be in Coast City for a period of time. She had a lot of time to spend with him as she observe his tricks. She also guessed that Zuriel might be the mastermind behind the scenes. It was lucky that she had held back, otherwise, this sly fox would have continued to test her. “Brother Dominic, know, I knew all along that it was you.” At this time, she should have thrown herself into Brother Lionel’s arms, but this Brother Lionel was a fake. He was an imposter, a fraud, so she refused to be near him. What should she do? She knew she needed to act happy and close. She threw herself into his arms and let him hug her. She quickly retreated after a while as she spoke joyfully, “Brother Dominic, so many years have passed, but you still remember me. I’m really happy about that. He was a little disappointed that Karen Joy left his arms so quickly and he wanted to say something, but Karen Joy quickly pointed to the show in front of them, “Brother Dominic, is that Romeo?” On the stage, Romeo and Juliet was playing… one of the plays that Karen Joy disliked the most. She just didn’t like tragedies. She thought that people must try their best to strive for something they want. Everyone should learn to aim for the stars. Just like the relationship between Brother Lionel and her. He could not openly reconcile with her and if she did not come to her Brother Lionel, in this life, both of them could only miss each other secretly. When they got old in the future, they would regret this. Therefore, no matter what, she would do her best to find Brother Lionel and be with him in the open. No matter how hard that would be, he could only belong to her in this life. Dominic kept trying to get closer to her. “Karen..” “Brother Dominic, know that it has been so long ago, and everyone has changed. I’m sure you have changed too, but I will always remember that you have always been good to me.” She smiled and continued, “Brother Dominic, I have grown up. I’m no longer the same Little Karen as I used to be. I can’t be pestering you all day long. And you, you’re not young anymore. Have you found me a sister-in-law yet?” Her words were clear enough. Even if he was pretending to be her Brother Lionel, she told him that they were grown ups now. They should be aware of the intimacy between a man and a women, and should not hug each other so closely like when they were children before. Her refusal made sense. Dominic had to control his desire to be close to her and that he should try to be a good brother. “I also want to tell you, that no matter how long time had passed and how people would change, I will protect you as long as you need me.” “Brother Dominic, thank you! I’m so lucky to be able to meet you in this life.” Of course her Brother Lionel would protect her, so he didn’t have to mention it explicitly. Dominic said, “Karen, I have prepared something for you.” Karen Joy pretended to be in high spirits, “What is it?” “Don’t worry. You’ll know in a while.” Dominic smiled at her gently and snapped his fingers as a gesture to the staff. Just then, the lights in the room suddenly went out, and the whole place fell into silence. After a few seconds, she heard romantic music being played. “Karen, look at the stage.” Dominic reached out to grab Karen Joy, but he failed to grab her. “Karen, where are you?” He knew she was right beside him before the lights were turned off. How could she disappear so fast?

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