My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 712

“Karen… Karen..” Dominic Cooper shouted several times, but no one responded to him. Karen Joy Kyle seemed to have disappeared in an instant. “Karen, don’t fool around. You can’t see in the dark. Don’t hurt yourself.” It was impossible for her to disappear. He guessed that she was messing with him. Bang The door of the private room was suddenly kicked open, and then a tall figure rushed into the room. Before Dominic figured out what was going on, the man rushed to the corner of the room like a gust of wind. “Who are you? What do you want to do?” Because the lights were turned off, Dominic couldn’t see anything. He didn’t know who barged in. However, he knew that the person who broke in must be skillful. The room was dark, and he could not even see his fingers. Yet, the person could rush into the room and went to a corner. The man did not answer him. It seemed that the person who broke into the room was looking for something. Dominic yelled out loud, “Who are you? What do you want? I’m telling you, don’t touch the young lady. You can’t afford to.” Dominic didn’t know much about Rovio Corporation Inc, but he heard somethings about the company In particular, he knew that the leader of Rovio was regarded as a legend. However, even if he was a legendary figure, he still had a soft side to him. His wife and his daughter were his weaknesses. He heard that he had spoiled his daughter so much that he would do everything for her, even if she wanted to go to space. How could anyone else afford to hurt his wife and his daughter? Not long later, the lights lit back up. When the lights were turned on, he saw clearly the tall, handsome man who came in barging in earlier. Although he had put on make-up and looked completely different from his original appearance, Dominic recognized him at a glance. It was him! It was the newly elected President! Nathaniel Cooper! He wore casually instead of his usual formal outfit. The attire looked common and casual, however, due to his good looks and tall physique, he looked like a supermodel. As a man, Dominic had to admit that Nathaniel was a very attractive man. However, he didn’t take advantage of his looks. Instead, he made a living using his wisdom and political mind. “Third Brother, what, what are you doing here?” Dominic asked with fear. However, when he saw Nathaniel’s cold gaze, he shut up immediately. His Third Brother had the image of a gentle and approachable president in front of the public. In private, his gaze could frighten people to death Nathaniel quickly glanced around and saw Karen Joy curled up in another corner of the room. She curled up with her hands on her head and her body was trembling. She looked so pitiful. “Karen..” Nathaniel rushed to Karen Joy’s side immediately and reached out to hug her, but she rejected him. It was as if she had entered a dark world and she was alone. There were horrible people in that world. They would hurt her and scold her… As a little girl, she was helpless and powerless Later, she became smart. She thought that as long as she hid, the bad guys could no longer hurt her. “Karen, it’s me. It’s Brother Lionel! I’m here to save you. Don’t be afraid!” He said softly. That time, he saved her from the hands of the bad people. He knew better than anyone what she had been through when she was a little girl. “Brother Lionel?” Upon hearing Brother Lionel’s voice, Karen Joy did not look so afraid anymore. However, her slender body was still shaking uncontrollably. “Karen, don’t be afraid, I’m here to save you and bring you home!” He reached out again to hold her carefully. He was afraid that he would scare her. “Brother Lionel?” She was not so resistant towards him anymore. She raised her head slightly and blinked her big eyes at him. “Are you my Brother Lionel? Are you here to save me?” Her eyes were filled with fear, replaying the scene when Brother Lionel found her in a similar state many, many years ago. Nathaniel held her in his arms, lowered his head and kissed her on the forehead. He was comforting her in a way that she would not be afraid. In the past, when she was taken away by the bad people, she was very young. She had no ability to fight back, so the bad people took her away easily. She had long forgotten what had happened that day. She only remembered that a lot of bad people locked her up in a dark barrel. It was pitch black inside the barrel and she couldn’t see anything. She was spinning in the darkness, which made her head ache and it injured her whole body. She wanted to cry but she was scared that she couldn’t cry. Her father and mother were not there, and Brother Lionel was not there either… There were only bad guys around her. All of them were bad people. No one came to save her. Since she didn’t have any support, she didn’t dare to cry! She was stuck in that scary state for a long time. When she was about to give up on hope, she heard a familiar voice, “Little Karen, i’m here. Don’t be afraid!” She was so afraid that she just fell onto his warm embrace the moment she saw him. The memory that was firmly engraved in Karen Joy’s mind happened again. At this moment, she fell into his warm embrace again. Nathaniel hugged her tightly and stroked her back gently with one hand. He constantly comforted her, “Karen, it’s alright. You’re safe. I’ve chased away the bad guys already.” “Brother Lionel, I’m scared…” She spoke like she was still the four-year-old Little Karen, and he was the only person she could rely on He made her feel safe, that was why he was her safety net. “Karen, it’s okay now. I’m here, and I will help you drive away all the bad guys.” Nathaniel comforted her with patience, over and over again. Seeing the horror and fear in Karen Joy’s eyes, his heart ached. He hugged her tightly as he comforted her patiently, “Nothing will happen, everything will be okay.” When she was taken away that time, not only did the incident leave a scar on her forehead, but it also left an emotional trauma. She was afraid of darkness ever since. If there was no light, she would hide in the corner alone because she was afraid. Over the years, her father sought assistance from many psychologists before, but none of them could help alleviate her fear She didn’t want to tell anyone about the memory, so the psychologists couldn’t do anything to help her too. They probably didn’t know that she was a little resistant in treating that emotional trauma. She was afraid that if she recovered from that, she would never see her Brother Lionel again. She would not remember how Brother Lionel saved her like a superhero.

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