My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 713

 Brother Lionel arrived! Brother Lionel, like many other times in the past, appeared just in time when Karen Joy needed him. He came by her side to protect her. Since she knew that she was safe in Brother Lionel’s embrace, so gradually, Karen Joy Kyle was not so scared anymore She buried herself in Brother Lionel’s arms. As she listened to his steady heartbeat, her heartbeat become calmer too. “Karen, you see, there are lights everywhere, if you open your eyes, you will see.” Knowing that she was afraid of the darkness, he guided her gently and patiently out of the darkness. “Brother Lionel, I am not afraid anymore. Just like many years ago, she said that she was not afraid anymore, but her hands were still holding onto the corner of his clothes tightly. She was so afraid that she did not dare to let go. She was obviously afraid, but because she did not want the people who cared about her to worry about her, she would try her best to pretend that she was not afraid. “Okay, then I will take you home now.” Nathaniel Cooper carried her up and pressed her head close to his chest to prevent her from seeing Dominic Cooper’s face. “Third..” Just as Dominic opened his mouth, Nathaniel shot a death glare at him. He watched as they left the room. He knew he was in trouble. He was going to give the little girl a surprise, but he didn’t know that she was afraid of the dark. Judging from how scared she was, something must have happened in the past. It was not easy for him to persuade her to believe that he was her Brother Lionel. He managed to make some progress, then Nathaniel came. If Nathaniel didn’t show up, he would comfort the little girl, and then their relationship would’ve gotten better. He tried to recall what happened earlier. When he said that he was her Brother Lionel, he sensed a little repulsion from her. However, when Nathaniel said that he was her Brother Lionel, she threw herself into Nathaniel’s arms so quickly. No matter his doubts, perhaps Karen Joy was in a state of extreme shock, she would grasp the man closest to her very tightly anyway. Dominic was now thinking about how strange it was that Nathaniel appeared at such a perfect timing? As soon as the lights were put out, Nathaniel rushed in, as if he had always been by their side watching them closely. Dominic’s guess was right. Nathaniel had always been with them. After he was done with work, he rushed over to where Karen Joy was. He had been in the private room next door. He could not openly reconcile with her, but he could accompany her quietly. He just wanted to know that she was safe, and that was enough. Unexpectedly, the lights of the theatre suddenly went out, and the whole place turned pitch black… At that moment, he was so worried for Karen Joy that his heart dropped. He knew that his baby Karen was afraid of the dark! Whenever she was afraid, she would hide in the corner. She would resort to hiding herself from everyone else, so no one could not find her. Nathaniel did not delay for a single second. He did not care about anything else. There was only one thing in his mind; he needed to save her and comfort her. But he was still a little late. She hid in the corner, her body curled up into a ball and she kept shaking. Her eyes were full of fear as if she had seen a demon… At that moment, he wanted to kill himself for letting her suffer. He clearly knew that she was afraid of darkness, but he did not anticipate this in advance. It was his negligence that caused her to be traumatised again. At present, Karen Joy was resting in his arms, and her hands were still holding onto the corner of his clothes, tightly. “Karen, I’m hugging you tightly now. Don’t be afraid!” He patted her back and lowered his head to kiss her head. She nestled in his embrace, her whole body clinging close to his body. He could even feel her skin and curves pressed against his skin “Brother Lionel. I want to see your face, can 1?” Karen Joy asked softly and carefully, but she did not look up at him. She was eager to see her Brother Lionel, and she was eager to know what Brother Lionel looked like in her memory. She was eager to firmly remember Brother Lionel’s face in her mind. In the future, if she encountered something terrible like this, she would think of Brother Lionel. If she could imagine that he was right beside her, it was enough to give her strength too. Her mother often told her that love was not as passionate as she had imagined. Instead, it was just plain and comfortable. “No matter when and where you are, as long as you think of a person, you will no longer be afraid, you will no longer be lonely, and you will feel very happy. That’s when you know you have found someone you could love your whole life. Brother Lionel could give Karen Joy all of things her mother mentioned before. Even if she did not know his real identity, she could trust him. Would Brother Lionel be willing to let her see his true face? Would he be the one who could accompany her for a lifetime? He did not respond to her questions, instead, he hugged her even tighter “Brother Lionel, if I can’t see you, I will be afraid!” Karen Joy really wanted to say that out loud, but she couldn’t. She didn’t want to be a burden to Brother Lionel and she didn’t want him to hate her. Brother Lionel once said that it was not the right time for them to reconcile yet. He asked her to give him some more time. She had been waiting for more than ten years. Couldn’t she wait for a while more? She loosened the grip that was grasping the corner of his clothes, and she held his waist as she spoke softly, “Brother Lionel, then can you kiss me?” He did not say anything nor did he react, and she did not know what he was thinking. Her heart was in a mess, and she was still very scared. “Brother Lionel, you can still cover my eyes, and I promise I won’t look at you.” “Silly girl!” Nathaniel rubbed her head and lowered his head to kiss her head. He was secretly aching too. In front of him, she could fool around and pester him like when she was a child. In the past, he would watch cartoons with her, practice Taekwondo with her, and sing to her.. In this life, he was willing to do anything for her. He thought that she could act foolishly while he protected her from afar, but she seemed to want more than that… “Brother Lionel..” “Sh.” He reached out to cover her eyes and raised her head a little. He lowered his head and pecked her lips ever so lightly.

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