My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 714

He only gently pecked her lips, and Nathaniel Cooper quickly pulled back. Karen Joy Kyle was not satisfied. She pouted and said, “Brother Lionel, you didn’t kiss me like this yesterday.” Nathaniel was at a loss for words. Karen Joy pleaded with her innocent voice, “You have to kiss me like how you did yesterday. Then, maybe I won’t be so scared.” Nathaniel fondled her head and said softly, “You silly child, do you know what it meant when I kissed you like that yesterday?” “Of course I know.” Karen Joy nodded, “Because you like me, that’s why you kissed me like that. I should let you know that I like you too.” Yesterday, she forgot to confess her love to him personally, but it was not too late to tell him today. She must let Brother Lionel know that she also liked him. She told him that she liked him, and she had a different kind of feeling towards him. She no longer liked him like a child, but she really liked him and adored him now. Nathaniel was so excited, “You won’t regret it?” Karen Joy answered with absolute certainty, “Why should I regret liking you? “Alright.” He covered her eyes and lowered his head to kiss her lips. He did not kiss her lightly anymore, but instead, he kissed her like he did last night. He kissed her carefully, trying his best to match her pace and comfort level, as he did not want to scare her. He kissed so gently, yet she could feel his passion and love. The kiss felt so real and so right. Nathaniel didn’t know that Karen Joy was secretly smiling under her breath, and she was beaming with a little pride because her “shameless plot” succeeded. Well, it turned out that her Brother Lionel was easily tricked. She just had to persuade him a little, and he would kiss her like she wanted. If Brother Lionel knew that she was no longer afraid when they left the theatre, would Brother Lionel throw her out of the window of the car now? Would he abandon her? She figured that since Brother Lionel loved her so much, he would not do so. Then, she decided to throw more tricks in so he would accompany her for a while more. That was her plan now. However, there seemed to be something wrong. Yesterday, Brother Lionel told her that she could not be distracted during kissing. However, she got distracted and thought about other things again. Therefore, Brother Lionel bit her lower lip as a punishment. She brought herself back to reality. She had to quickly learn how to kiss affectionately, otherwise, Brother Lionel might not like her so much. If she had known that her relationship with Brother Lionel would advance so quickly, then she would have found someone to practice kissing with in New York She didn’t know how to kiss, but Brother Lionel’s kissing skills seemed to be very good. Why could he kiss so well? Did he practice it with other girls before her? Thinking of this, Karen Joy suddenly felt a little lost and uncomfortable in her heart Brother Lionel belonged with her and she wanted him alone. She did not like others to touch him. “What’s wrong?” As they kissed, Karen Joy acted a little weirdly. “Brother Lionel, did you kiss other girls before? Like how you kissed me” When she asked that, her eyes were still blindfolded. She could not see his eyes, but she could feel his body trembled slightly. He appeared uncomfortable. That meant that he really did kiss other ladies before Karen Joy. He might have liked other girls before too. She also felt a little uncomfortable too. She did not want him to like anyone else. He could only like her, just like how she only liked him “Brother Lionel, if you kissed other girls before me, then it’s fine, but in the future, you can only kiss me.” She may be domineering or unreasonable, but in a relationship, she was absolutely certain of her conditions. Of course, Karen Joy did not think that his discomfort came from some other factor. He had a fiancee. He knew her well, and he knew that she would not accept the idea of him having a fiancee. “Brother Lionel…” Since he did not answer, Karen Joy was a little anxious. Did he not want her anymore? “All this while, I only have you in my heart.” As he spoke, he pressed her head closer to his chest, so she could listen to his heartbeat. Did she hear that? When she was still very young, he loved her like a little sister. Now that she had grown up, he wanted to treat her like his own woman and dote on her. He only had enough space in his heart for one woman. “Hehe..” Karen Joy was so happy that her eyebrows appeared more relaxed and she said happily, “All this while, 1 only have you in my heart too.” He had a big heart, as he loved and respected citizens of his country well. Yet, he only had enough space in his heart to love one woman truly and loyally. She was the same. As he hugged her, they did not say anything else. She nestled in his arms and tried to feel his chest and abdomen, as if she was admiring his physique. Nathaniel grabbed her hand and said, “Karen, stop moving around!” Karen Joy said innocently and naively, “Brother Lionel, if I touch you, you can also touch me. I don’t mind.” Nathaniel was a little shocked. Most of the time, he couldn’t figure out if she was very innocent, or was she just fooling with him with her innocent face? “Brother Lionel, then I won’t play around anymore. Can you stay with me tonight? If you are not around, I might be afraid.” Karen Joy pouted slightly and put on a very pitiful face “You can sleep peacefully. I will accompany you.” He wanted accompany her during her sleep, until dawn, and the rest of her life too. “Brother Lionel, don’t lie to me.” She hooked her pinky with his, like when she was a child. “Brother Lionel, since we’ve pinky promised, you must keep your word.’ “Yes, go to sleep.” Nathaniel patted her back gently, then he hummed the children song that she liked, and coaxed her to sleep very gently Fortunately, his car was spacious enough, so he could put down the back of the seat for her to sleep peacefully while lying down. However, just as he moved, she suddenly became alerted and held his wrist tightly with both hands. Her strength was so strong that she almost hurt him. Nathaniel quickly grabbed her hand and comforted her, “Karen, don’t be afraid! I’m only putting down the seat and make it more comfortable for you to lie down. I won’t leave you.”

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