My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 715

“Brother Lionel..” A semi-conscious Karen Joy Kyle muttered anxiously. “You promised you won’t leave me behind, you can’t lie to me.” “Alright Karen, I’m a man of my word. I won’t leave you behind.” He patted her hand gently and coaxed her to sleep. “Alright, then I’m going to sleep now. Hearing his gentle voice, Karen Joy closed her eyes and fell asleep again. He put her down and then put his seat down. He lay beside her as she leaned onto him. She took the opportunity to rest in his chest and sighed comfortably, “It’s so good to have you around!” Nathaniel Cooper didn’t know if she was fully awake or was she just muttering in her sleep. He was willing to spoil her with love and care, regardless. Karen Joy gradually fell asleep. Nathaniel gently poked the plum blossom mark between her eyebrows. This mark was left behind many years ago, when she was only four years old and was taken away by the bad guys. Since she was a beautiful young girl, the scar was a huge blow to her self-esteem. This scar looked similar to the shape of a plum blossom. Later, the doctor altered the scar a little and made it look like a plum blossom mark on her forehead. He knew everything about Karen Joy. Even if he was not with her for the past few years, he still knew everything about her. For example, on the first day of elementary school, she punched her friend in her class until his nose bleed. She had beaten someone up, but no one suspected that she was the one who did it. Because she sat quietly in her own seat, and her chubby look was particularly attractive. The teachers adored her very much. Who would be willing to believe that she was the one who beat others up? But later, because of some witnesses and the recording from the surveillance video, it turned out that she really beat someone up. At that time, the parents of the other child couldn’t accept it and requested for her parents to come to the school. However, the little one gave a pitiful and innocent look. The parents actually sighed and just forgave her after giving her a warning. After that, Karen Joy did not use violence ever again. She practiced Taekwondo since she was a child, and her punches were very powerful. When she fought with her peers, her peers would get hurt. Later, when Karen Joy got into trouble with her friends, she no longer used violence to solve them. Most of the time, she didn’t even need to get involved and the matter would resolve. Her grades were good, and she skipped grades very frequently. Gradually, she made friends from different age groups. She was young, but she was not uncomfortable being around students older than her. Over the years, she had slowly become the leader of many groups and cliques. She only needed to voice her thoughts or opinions, and her plans would execute her plans. She went to college early and had not fully matured yet. There were older boys in the class that pursued her. She tactfully rejected those males, and she would explain by saying that she had a boyfriend. However, she had never appeared with her boyfriend before, so others thought she was being arrogant. Since she was young, she was a smart, confident, and lively, Under the care of her family, she grew up healthily and well. She was good in everything she did and she was not afraid of anything, but she had a fatal weakness. She was afraid of the dark. Well, if there was a glimmer of light in the dark, she would not be afraid. What she was afraid of was being trapped in a confined place in total darkness. That was the trauma that was engraved in her heart, which was also where Brother Lionel was engraved. Brother Lionel was like the plum blossom mark between her eyebrows, which could not be wiped out her whole life. Buzz! Buzz! Just as he was thinking about Karen Joy’s past, his phone rang. It was his working phone. He had two phones for his work. One was for the day, and the other was for the night. If there was something urgent, his ‘night phone would ring. At this time, what urgent matter could it be? He didn’t think much about it and immediately picked up the phone. He heard the voice of his secretary, Maxton Hart, from the phone. “Mr. President, it’s not good. Something bad has happened.” Nathaniel raised his eyebrow and asked, “What’s the matter?” Maxton coughed softly and reported the situation to him in an orderly manner. “Five minutes ago, there was an earthquake with a 7.6 magnitude at Long Cove. It shook the entire Southern Cove County. It’s midnight now, so many people must still be at home. We are expecting a high number of casualties.” A 7.6 magnitude earthquake hit the epicenter of Cove County. Some people in the county might be buried alive. Nathaniel became a bit more worried, and at the same time, he ordered, “How’s the work for disaster relief? We need to act swiftly in the next 72 hours. Save those that are alive first, and try to rescue as much as possible.” He had only been in office for a few days, but he had already encountered such a disaster. This earthquake would be a major test for Nathaniel in his political career. “Yes.” Maxton replied and then he asked, “Mr. President, you do you think we should send some teams over to the affected areas to comfort the people?” Hearing Maxton’s question, Nathaniel tilted his head and looked at Karen Joy, who was lying next to him. She slept soundly because her Brother Lionel had promised to stay with her. She was not afraid, so she slept soundly. He didn’t want to break his promise, but as a President of a country, he still had his citizens. As much as he didn’t want to leave, he had to. He said, “Make preparations, l’l go over myself.” Maxton worriedly said, “Mr. President, the situation over there is very unstable now. There may be serious aftershocks at any time. Please think twice.” Nathaniel replied sternly, “If my life is that important, then what about the lives of other officials and citizens?” “Yes, ‘ll make the preparations now.” In fact, Mr. President had just taken office. At this time, if he took the risk to visit the affected areas, the affected citizens could feel at ease and they would calm down. Other citizens would be watching over him too. This could be regarded as one of Nathaniel’s political strategies, but this also showed that he really took good care of his people well, and this was the basic task of being a President of a country. He stroked Karen Joy’s face. He believed that she could understand him and support him. He reached out his hand and pressed the intercom in front of him, “Drive over to the Lesley house.” Karen Joy was awake. She woke up when Brother Lionel received the call, but she chose to pretend to stay asleep because she wanted to know more about him. When she heard Brother Lionel mention ‘disaster relief, and also ‘citizens, she could almost confirm her hypothesis. Her Brother Lionel was probably the President of Country A. At that time, she asked him whether he was Brother Lionel in his face. He didn’t admit it, so there must be something he couldn’t say.

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