My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 716

Karen Joy Kyle guessed that her Brother Lionel was likely to be Nathaniel Cooper, the President of Country A. She opened her eyes secretly and saw Brother Lionel’s appearance clearly through the dim light in the car. Although he had applied some makeup to avoid being recognized, but he still looked the same. In Karen Joy’s view, nothing much about him changed. He was the Brother Lionel who she missed very much, and also the Brother Lionel that took good care of her. She finally understood why he couldn’t reconcile with her so publicly. As a President of a country, there probably was too many things that he couldn’t control. Her Brother Lionel was responsible for the growth and stability of the whole country, and he carried the heavy burden of trying to get 200 million people to live a good life in his country. Moreover, he had just taken office, so there must be many tasks and jobs for him, and he had to go through even more trouble than the others. Thinking of his helplessness and his hard work, Karen Joy’s heart ached. She leaned into his arms and reached out to hold him. Even though she had already forgotten his appearance throughout the many lost years, when she saw him for the first time, she was glad that she still recognized him at a glance. The reason why she could recognize him was because she had been thinking about him for fourteen years. She missed him that much The car slowly stopped in front of the house of the Lesley family. Brother Lionel didn’t know that she was awake the whole time. He got out of the car first and picked her up. His movements were very light as he was afraid of waking her up. “Karen, let’s go back to the Lesley family.” He pressed her head against his chest and whispered in her ear. He wanted to assured her that she was safe, When he carried her into the Lesley house, his pace was slow. Every step he took, he was concerned about the girl in his arms. Since he had informed Jason Lesley in advance, Jason had already been waiting at home with his men. When he saw Mr. President coming back with the little girl in his arms, he did not look surprised. Perhaps in the short period of time, he was already used to seeing his President treating her very well. “Sir, is Miss Kyle asleep?” Jason glanced at Karen Joy, who was in Nathaniel’s arms. He was a little envious of this little girl. She was born in a great family, she had family members who loved her, and a President who acted as an elder brother who would accompany her and protect her. That was all you need to be happy in life! “You guys can rest up. I’ll bring her back to her room.” The sensible Jason lowered his voice so that he wouldn’t wake Karen Joy up. Nathaniel’s voice was even lower than his. “Alright” Jason nodded. Nathaniel saw Karen Joy in his arms and frowned slightly. He immediately motioned everyone not to make a sound and went upstairs with Karen Joy still in his arms. In the Kyle family, as long as it was nighttime, they would leave a light on. They would prevent from a total pitch black situation at home. After Karen Joy came to the Lesley house, Nathaniel had already ordered Jason to keep some lights on every night, especially in Karen Joy’s room. The lights in her room must be on when she was sleeping. In order to take good care of this distinguished guest, Jason arranged for someone to change the lights to a warmer tone in Karen Joy’s room. Moreover, he made other preparations. In case of a sudden blackout in the house, there must be emergency lights, so that she would not be swallowed by the darkness. She was the President’s favorite person, so Jason took good care of her all the time. Nathaniel only went over to their house once when she was sick, but he seemed so familiar with the house as he walked to her room. He cared deeply for her, and he even studied the house and her room layout Nathaniel gently put her on her bed. She took off her coat, pulled the quilt up to cover her, and then he went to the bathroom. He went back to the room with a wet towel to wash her face and wiped her hands. He did these things very carefully, like he was taking care of a child. In his mind, Karen Joy was always a child who couldn’t grow up, and he was willing to take care of this child for the rest of his life. “Karen, I’m sorry. I have to deal with something urgently. 1 can’t stay with you and wait for you to wake up.” He reached out to touch the chain on her neck and said, “Since I will not be with you, let this take my place and accompany you.” “Alright, I know. It has always been accompanying me anyway” Karen Joy answered in her heart. “Karen.” When he called her name out, he suddenly lowered his head and approached her closer. She could sense that he was approaching as she felt his warm breath, then Karen Joy was so nervous that she couldn’t breathe. If Brother Lionel knew that she had been awake, and knew that she had seen his face and his real identity.. He would be so angry that he would throw her out of the window! “Karen.” He called her again. She felt so weak when she heard his voice and she nearly answered him. “Brother Lionel, what on earth are you trying to do?” She couldn’t bear it. She really wanted to ask him out loud. “Karen, can you hear what I am saying to you?” He asked her suddenly “I can’t hear anything. I really didn’t hear anything.” Karen Joy wailed in her heart. Did Brother Lionel find out that she was pretending to be asleep? Or was he only testing her? While she was answering him in her heard, her forehead was suddenly kissed by a soft and warm pair of lips. He kissed between her eyebrows, and then her forehead. But he didn’t think it was enough, so his lips approached her tender lips too… In an instant, Karen Joy only felt that there was a fire burning in the bottom of her heart… Brother Lionel was a big, bad guy! He didn’t kiss her earlier that she needed to ask him to kiss her today. Now, he showed his true colors when she fell asleep. Hmm? He secretly kissed her. She knew everything. “Karen, you have to be good. Don’t be mad when you wake up. I will come back to see you as soon as I am done with work.” He spoke as he gently let her go. “I know!” She answered her in her heart. “Karen..” When he called her name again, Nathaniel suddenly stopped and reached out to touch her face. “Just give me some time, okay?” “Okay! Okay! Alright!” Karen Joy wanted to nod desperately, but she had to pretend to be asleep. As long as her Brother Lionel was willing to reconcile with her, it wasn’t so hard to wait for a while more. She had been waiting for more than ten years already! After a few nags, Nathaniel left reluctantly. As soon as the door was closed, Karen Joy slowly opened her eyes. She was so excited that she reached out to touch her forehead, and then her face. She could still feel the temperature and the scent of Brother Lionel “Brother Lionel, you can focus on your tasks. I won’t be afraid. I will wait for you to come back.” Thinking of Brother Lionel, Karen Joy was so excited that she couldn’t fall asleep. “Brother Lionel, I’ve finally found you. You won’t be able to escape anymore.” She raised her leg high and hummed a little tune. She made up a song spontaneously in her head with ‘Brother Lionel’ in the lyrics.

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