My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 717

She really wanted to share this happy news with someone. Of course, it couldn’t be Samantha Lesley. If she couldn’t share it with Samantha, then she only had her mother left. “Mommy, what are you doing?” Karen Joy Kyle picked up the phone and called her mother quickly. “Baby, what time is it there? Don’t stay up late every night, you need to take care of your skin. Are you not afraid that Brother Lionel would dislike you if you didn’t look after yourself?” Karen Daly spoke like caring mother “Mommy, my skin is just like my yours. It’ll always be pink and tender. It won’t get old and wrinkly.” She did not mean to flatter her mother! Her mother was now getting older, yet her skin still looked as tender as that of a 20-year-old. When they went out together, others would say that they were sisters. “Did you solve the problem between you and Brother Lionel?” Karen chuckled and asked gently. Karen Joy rolled on the bed happily, “Mommy, you are so smart. I didn’t even say anything, how did you know about it?” “Since you’re smart, so I became smart too.” This girl’s mouth was so sweet today, so she must be in a good mood. Brother Lionel definitely played a part in this. “Mommy, why didn’t you ask who Brother Lionel is? Or what he looks like?” What a strange mother, was she not curious about anything? “No matter who he is, no matter what he looks like, as long as you like him, I will support him.” Karen believed in Karen Joy’s ability to see through people, and she also clearly knew how much Lionel loved her Baby Karen. More importantly, the appointment of the President of Country A was a huge news, and of course, Karen had read about it. The newly appointed President looked much more mature than he did 14 years ago, but it was still him. No matter how much he changed, she could still see that it was him. At that time, Karen Joy was still young and could not remember what Brother Lionel looked like. However, Karen had seen the boy for such a long time, hence she could still remember how he looked like. “Mommy, I guess you still love me most, not like stinky Daddy… He doesn’t care about me at all.” She had been away for so long, but her father still ignored her. The more she thought about it, the more she felt sad. “Honey, it’s not that your father doesn’t love you, but he loves you too much.” Karen shook her head. She was really frustrated with the stubbornness of both the father and daughter How could Kevin Kyle not care about her? He cared about her too much, so he was reluctant to let his daughter stay too far away from him. “Mommy, you should go about your business then. I’m going to sleep.” Karen Joy didn’t want to continue to talk about her father. She still couldn’t fall asleep after hanging up the call, so she tried to find someone to chat with through online platforms. However, it was in the middle of the night now, and it did not seem appropriate. She scrolled through her Twitter feed, and at first glance, she saw a shocking post – 7.6 Magnitude Earthquake in Long Cove! Looking at this news, Karen Joy felt numb all over her body, and there was a bad feeling in her heart. Not long ago, Brother Lionel said something about lives and disasters in the phone. Was it related to the earthquake? As a President of a country, it was reasonable for him to deal with such a big matter, but why did he mention about life and death? Was he going to the disaster area? Karen Joy’s hand trembled while holding the phone. She was so scared that she was in a panic. After huge earthquakes, the aftershocks would happen frequently, and the aftershocks could be deadly too. It was very dangerous to enter the disaster area at this time, and the risks were high. No, she couldn’t just watch Brother Lionel risking his life alone. She couldn’t be at ease if couldn’t see that he was safe. Karen Joy read more news about the earthquake. After browsing around, she found that some volunteers had organized to go to the affected areas to participate in the rescue mission Not anyone could participate in the rescue mission. Those interested must be experienced, and they needed to pass a medical check. Karen Joy had learned about rescues and first aid every year, and she had participated in a lot of self-defence activities such as saving herself from danger in the wild. She believed that her professional skills were definitely qualified for her to participate. She immediately turned on her computer and searched for her resume. Then, she sent it to a rescue team immediately. After she sent it, she had to wait for their reply. Waiting was a very helpless and long thing to do. During this period, Karen Joy checked more news on the Internet and quickly found the official news that reported that Mr. President was about to go to the disaster area. There were a lot of praises and positive encouragements in the comments. Most of the people said that Mr. President’s actions made the people feel at ease, safe, and relieved. However, there were also some netizens who sneered at him and said that the President was just putting and there was nothing substantial from it at all. a show, Some keyboard warriors said even more outrageous things. They said that a person like Nathaniel Cooper was too young to be elected, and that he must have secretly assassinated many people to claim the position as President She then saw that a bunch of keyboard warriors were barking at each other on the Internet. Some of them even said that it would be better if he didn’t come back and die at the disaster area. With his death, the country would be at peace. Karen Joy knew that these keyboard warriors would only hide in the dark to vent their dissatisfaction in their lives, and they would never dare to do this publicly. She didn’t want to get into a fight with these keyboard warriors, but this matter was related to her Brother Lionel, so she couldn’t be calm too. Brother Lionel went to the disaster area, and there would be aftershocks at any time. He was really putting himself in a life threatening situation. At this time, those keyboard warriors were hiding in the dark and cursed him to death. Karen Joy was so angry that she was about to explode, but she quickly calmed down and picked up the phone to call a phone number that she was not willing to call. As soon as the line was connected, the person on the other side answered the phone immediately, but he didn’t speak. She pouted and asked in a very unfriendly tone, “Um, I want to ask you something, are you still in Coast City?” “What do you mean?” A deep male voice came from the other end of the phone. He sounded joyless and uninterested “Jayden, don’t bully me!” He was always so mean to her. He was like this since they were little. Not only did he compete with her for love from their parents, but he even ruined her photo of Brother Lionel “Karen Joy, is this how you talk to your elder brother?” She heard his voice, and at the same time, she heard sounds of someone typing on the keyboard. He should be at work. “You are not my brother. I never admitted it… Hmph… Karen Joy could not wait to hang up the phone because she did not want to listen to his voice. But she called him because she had something she needed him to help with, so she needed to endure it. “Tell me, what’s the matter?” He knew that she needed help if she called him. Otherwise, she would never call him. Every time she said that he was not her brother, he would not argue with her, because she was right. He was indeed not the Kyle family’s biological child, so he was not her biological brother. And she was the most loved daughter of her parents. She had been raised by her father since she was a child. Her mother was not with her when she was very young, so she gave her extra love and care after she came back. She was loved by everyone. It was normal for her to look down on her brother, who was an outsider.

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