My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 718

“Are you still in Coast City or not?’ He did not quarrel with her, and Karen Joy Kyle did not want to quarrel with him too. They never got along anyway, so she did not want to care too much about him. “What do you think?” Jaydan Elias Kyle replied after a long time. “Jayden, can you answer me properly?” Why was he like this? How would she know if he was here? “Tell me, what’s the matter?” She probably did not know that wherever she was, he would definitely be there too. It had been like that for more than ten years now, and it never changed. Karen Joy was so anxious that she bit her lip and said, “Not long ago, there was a huge earthquake in Long Cove. Have you heard about it?” “Yes, I’ve heard about it.” He still spoke in a relaxed tone. It seemed that he didn’t care about such a huge news at all. Karen Joy didn’t want to argue with him. She did not have the energy to. She added, “You have to think of a way to help me transport a batch of supplies to the disaster area. The situation over there right now must be very tensed, and there will definitely be food shortage and water shortage. The weather is also cold, so they must need some padded jackets…” “Karen Joy!” Before she could finish, he interrupted her and she could tell that he was suppressing something. After a few seconds, he continued, “And you’ll be delivering these to the disaster area, right?” Karen Joy muttered in her heart. She never once bothered or meddled in his business, but it seemed that he could read through her everytime. Actually, to know what a person was thinking, you just need to put yourself in that person’s shoes and think empathetically. For example, that was her relationship with Brother Lionel She did not need to follow him everywhere, but she could always guess what he was thinking. This was because she thought deeply about him. Karen Joy did not answer Jayden, which meant she admitted to his words. Jayden also understood what she was thinking, so he said angrily, “Karen Joy, do you know how many people in your family are worried about you?” “Of course I know.” When it came to her family, she felt a little guilty. She was not a child that no one loved. She was a child that many people loved. If something happened to her, what would happen to her family? However, as a President of a country, Brother Lionel had to go to the front line of the disaster area. She could not watch him risk himself as she sat idly by. She wanted to do her part for him. Even if she just helped a little and she could not help much, at least she could let Brother Lionel know that she would support him by his side no matter what happened. “I will protect myself. Don’t worry about me.” Thinking about this, Karen Joy no longer hesitated. She had grown up and became braver. “You know the severity of the earthquake, and you also know that there will be aftershocks at any time. In the face of natural disasters, do you know how weak human beings are?” Jayden sounded very stern. “I know, but I have to go. If you won’t help me, then it’s fine. Why are you talking so much?” She only thought of asking him to help out of desperation. Not only did he not agree to help her, instead, he lectured her as her brother. His words implied that she would be a terrible daughter if she went to the disaster area. She was the biological child of the family, and he was only a few years older than her. She had to address him as her elder brother and she had to be under his control. That was too much! Jayden said feebly, “Karen…” “Young Master Kyle, take good care of yourself. You don’t have to worry about me.” After that, Karen Joy hung up the phone. She was so angry that she almost threw her phone away. In the past few years, perhaps it was because he had always used his identity as an older brother to pressure her, so she had always been dissatisfied with him. She was always polite to whoever she talked to, but their conversations always resorted to arguments after three sentences. He was the only one who could make her angry, and there were a few times when she was so angry that she lost her cool. After hanging up the call, Karen Joy was so anxious that she walked around the room. After thinking thoroughly, she knew she had no way to get the supplies. She couldn’t send anything, but she could donate to the reliable organizations and have the organizations help to deliver them to the disaster area. She didn’t want to use her father’s money, so she used the money that she had saved up over the years. She wanted to use her own strength to help Brother Lionel After the money was donated, Karen Joy also received an email from the rescue team, requesting for her to meet with the team first. Karen Joy rushed out of the middle of the night to meet with them. After passing several regular medical tests, she became one of the official members of this rescue team. Long Cove, the where the earthquake hit tragically, was located northwest of Coast City. It took the rescue team more than eight hours to get there as the town was 300km away, which was much slower than usual. Fortunately, they set off at dawn and arrived at the disaster area at almost noon. The earthquake was much more serious than they had imagined. The road of the town was ruined, so cars could not get in. They got off the car dozens of miles away from the Southern Cove County and carried their medical supplies into the disaster area. Along the way, they saw professional rescue teams arriving too. Their cars couldn’t enter either so they also carried a lot of bags into the disaster area, Karen Joy used to participate in many self-defense and survival activities in the past, where the organizers would create all kinds of situations for the participants to learn to escape, save themselves or save their companions. Before she came, she thought that those activities would have prepared her for this. However, the bodies on the road were real, and the deaths weren’t just figures. Some of them were hit by stones or collapsed buildings, some had their heads smashed, while some of them had their arms or legs severely injured or crushed. Blood was everywhere. Looking at those bodies, Karen Joy felt numb all over her body. She was trembling in fear and cold. “Hey young one, are you alright?” Their Captain Yaya saw that Karen Joy didn’t look fine, so she quickly reached out to help her. “Sister Yaya, I’m fine.” Karen Joy bit her lip and told herself to be brave She came to help, not to drag them down. No matter how sad the situation was, she had to grit her teeth and hold on. “Waa – Just as she said she was fine, a boy next to her suddenly vomited. “Yaya, I don’t feel good. This group of people were all college students who majored in medical sciences and had medical knowledge. They often participated in crisis medical intervention before, but they had never seen such a terrible scene. They had only walked for a few miles but they had seen more than a dozen bodies. Some of the students were on the verge of breaking down. Yaya was the leader of their rescue team. She was also a medical major in her fourth year. She was always optimistic and enthusiastic, and often gathered everyone together, so she naturally became the captain of this team There were a total of 24 people in the rescue team. They were divided into six groups, with four people in a smaller group, consisting of two men and two women in each group. It was more convenient for them to work in smaller teams. Although Karen Joy had graduated from university, she was the youngest in this team, so Captain Yaya requested for her to follow her. In their team, apart from the two girls, there were two other boys. One was called Burly and the other was called Shane. Everyone signed up using their online usernames. When they met, Karen Joy temporarily gave herself an online nickname too. When she was choosing her name, she was browsing through a website selling jars, so she came up with an idea to name herself – Little Jar!

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