My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 719

After getting out of the car, Yaya wanted everyone to walk in their respective groups. They needed to stay close to each other and not leave any member behind. They had not entered the worst area of the earthquake yet, but Shane seemed distraught already. If he couldn’t continue the journey, the three of them couldn’t continue either. It was important to save lives, but the premise was to ensure the safety of the team members first “Shane, sit down and rest for a while.” Yaya helped Shane out and said, “Little Jar, you should sit down and rest for a while too.” “Sister Yaya, I’m fine.” Karen Joy hurriedly took a bottle of mineral water, opened the bottle cap carefully and handed it to Shane. “Shane, try gargling. You will feel much better if you think about your goals and motivation for helping those who really needs our help.” “Little Jar, thank you!” Shane raised his head and smiled at her. Early this morning, when they first saw Little Jar, they saw how young she was. They were a little worried that she wouldn’t be able to take this hardship. They were surprised by her tenacity. When Karen Joy saw the bodies earlier, she also wanted to puke, but she didn’t want others to look down on her, so she forced herself to suppress her nausea. If she could not overcome the slightest bit of nausea, then how could she help Brother Lionel out? When she thought of Brother Lionel, she felt a surge of energy through her body. No matter what kind of difficulties she would face, she could overcome them. “Shane, take a breather.” Yaya looked at her watch. “Let’s rest for five minutes and then continue.” After that, Yaya looked at Karen Joy again and said, “Little Jar, if you have any discomfort, don’t hold it in. Our task has not yet begun, and our journey would only get harder.” “Sister Yaya, thank you for your concern. But don’t worry, I can hold on. My brother has gone to the disaster area too. As long as he is well, I will be fine.” When she thought of Brother Lionel, nothing will be difficult for her. “You have a good relationship with your older brother, don’t you?” This young lady spoke about her brother so happily and intimately “Yes, we have a good relationship.” Brother Lionel kissed her secretly last night and she slept in his arms. She had a great relationship with him. “Then let’s work hard together. Let’s do our best to help the people.” Yaya patted Karen Joy on the shoulder and stood up to look at the two boys. “Burly, Shane, get ready. Let’s go.” “Come on! Come on!” They tried to appear optimistic as they cheered for themselves and their team members, “Little Jar, you are the youngest among us. Stay close. Remember, no matter what we encounter, we must protect our lives first.” Yaya was a caring captain. As she remembered how young Karen Joy was, she became a bit more cautious. “Sister Yaya, don’t worry. I will take good care of myself.” Karen Joy nodded. The world was so beautiful, and there were a lot of things she hadn’t done yet. She would definitely protect her own life, so that she could be with the person she liked. Brother Lionel and her needed to come out from this safely, and they also needed to go back safely. Nothing could happen to any one of them. “I heard that Mr. President went straight to the affected areas by helicopter early in the morning. When he arrived, he personally arranged work tasks and plans with the soldiers in the army. He was not afraid of the hardship or danger. His heart is really with the people. The wounded people walked out of the disaster area as they supported each other, and they were chatting as they were walking. As soon as Karen Joy heard the words “Mr. President”, she became more vigilant, for fear of missing any news about Brother Lionel Before leaving the news outlets mentioned that Mr. President had gone straight to the disaster area in a helicopter. She did not hear anymore news after that. After they arrived at the disaster area, all kinds of communication means were destroyed. Without any signal. they couldn’t call anyone or surf the Internet. She didn’t know any news about her Brother Lionel and she was constantly anxious. Now that she heard some updates, she felt calmer. They went deeper into the disaster area, but they hadn’t reached the center of the affected area yet. They saw the troops of military relief teams and injured people everywhere. The medical staff from the government was not enough for the rescue missions, so the medical staff from these non profit organizations played a great role. Karen Joy and her team helped any wounded person they saw. At that moment, everyone was busy thinking about ways to serve the people. Shane, who had just felt sick and nauseous, had recovered quickly and worked fast to help save the injured citizens. He even carried some of these citizens. Burly and Shane were boys with great strength. They were responsible for carrying the injured to the flat, empty area, where Yaya and Karen Joy would treat them. Karen Joy’s experience in first aid and crisis work was less than Yaya’s, so Yaya was in charge of the main work. She helped Yaya out, and the two cooperated very well. After doing this, Karen Joy no longer thought of Brother Lionel so much. She only wanted to save more people. Boom, boom, boom… When everyone was busy for about an hour or so, the ground began to shake again, and in an instant, the ground shook so violently that they felt cracks. Their bodies fell to the ground uncontrollably. Some rolled along the ground, and some tried to hold on to things and stabilize themselves. Fortunately, it lasted only about two or three seconds. The ground stopped shaking, so the did the hills and mountains. Everything turned calm again, but from time to time, they could hear the sound of buildings collapsing. The earthquake only lasted very briefly, but it was enough to destroy this city and citizens’ lives. The people who fell to the ground wanted to get back up, but many of them were so scared that their legs were too weak to support them. Some people were so scared that they burst into tears. Those who had never experienced the feeling of surviving a disaster would never know this felt. “Will the people at the epicentre of the earthquake be okay? Will Mr. President be okay?” Karen Joy got up. She didn’t even brush the dirt all over her body. She only wanted to know if her Brother Lionel was okay. In the past, she felt bad and scared just by hearing about earthquakes, hurricanes, and tsunamis. But now, she was experiencing this horrible earthquake with the person she cared about the most. Her Brother Lionel was at the center where the earthquake happened, yet they were a few miles away from there Usually, it will only take a few minutes to drive there. Now that they had passed through a pile of ruins, no one knew what they would experience next. She did not know her next plan, nor was she sure where he was. She looked ahead in a daze, and her face turned pale with fear. She was so afraid that something would happen to Brother Lionel, and her body was becoming weak. “It’s all right. The aftershocks have passed. Let’s continue to do your work to save these people. Mr. President will come to us later.” Someone came out and spoke up. Since Mr. President would come later, that meant Brother Lionel was fine. Hearing this, Karen Joy breathed a sigh of relief and she was so excited that she wiped her tears. As everyone nearby heard the same announcement, some of them who were afraid regained their composure and got up. Everyone carried on with their work. Soon, everyone appeared slightly more optimistic and everything returned to normal. Gradually, more and more people came to join the rescue, so they each split up into different roles. Some were searching for survivors, some were carrying the survivors and some were treating the survivors. All kinds of professionals and citizens gathered together as they worked hard to save the people!

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