My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 720

Of course, there were also a lot of reporters at the scene. They risked their lives to document the disaster, so that people all over the country could follow to the development of the relief work and citizens’ safety. In this place, everyone was like family. All of them were united and they worked together with the purpose to rescue. Everyone worked hard to provide the most effective and efficient care to those who needed. Just as everyone was so engrossed in their respective work, there was a sudden commotion not far away Someone shouted, “Oh my god, it’s true. Mr. President is here!” Someone answered, “Where? Where is he? Where is Mr. President?” As soon as she heard the word “President”, Karen Joy Kyle was always the fastest to react. She looked up and saw their President, who was surrounded by people not far away. Because he was very tall and surrounded by a group of people, Karen Joy saw him right away. He was still wearing the beige, casual jacket he wore the night before. It seemed that he left immediately after receiving the message last night. He must be so anxious that he didn’t even have time to change. His shirt was stained with dirt and mud, and he even had dirt on his face. However, he still looked stunning, and the imperfections even made him look more handsome and dazzling, as if he was the center of the universe. “That’s our Mr. President. He looks more handsome than he looks on TV.” Yaya spoke out beside Karen Joy, and she sounded like a fangirl too. “Of course, I also think that he is very handsome. He is the only man who can be compared with my father. Karen Joy proudly exclaimed, as if the man who was coveted by everyone, was already hers. Yaya looked at her, “You’re right. A father who can have such a good looking daughter like you, can’t be that bad.” “My father is not only handsome, but he loves me very much.” She just complained about her father treating her badly the night before to her mother. The next day, she was praising her father a lot. Both of them were very stubborn, they were not willing to be the first to call each other, but they knew that they were very important to each other. “Little Jar, where did you get your confidence?” Yaya was very curious as to how Karen Joy became so confident. “Because my father told me from an early age that I am the smartest treasure in the world, and I’m also his treasure… It is because he dotes on me that I can become who I am today. Because of the loving and motivating environment where she grew up in, she became confident, independent, and had good self-esteem. “Please settle down. Mr. President wants to announce something to everyone.” The secretary, Maxton Hart, shouted with a megaphone in his hand. Those who were close to him were almost deafened. Mr. President took the megaphone and gave everyone a big salute. He said calmly, “You’ve all worked hard. Thank you for coming to the disaster area in such a short time!” As soon as he said that, everyone clapped hard. The applause lasted for a long time, and he couldn’t continue to speak. In fact, as the President of the country, his presence brought tranquility to the hearts of the rescue workers and the victims of the disaster. With him here, the victims could feel at ease and the rescue workers would be more motivated. This was the main reason why he insisted on coming to the disaster area to join them in the disaster relief work. He waved his hand to gesture everyone to be quiet. When everyone stopped clapping, he went on to say, “I could see everyone’s efforts. Everyone across the country has seen it too. At this time, any words of gratitude will not be enough to represent my gratitude to everyone here.” After saying that, he took a bow to everyone again and said, “I just want everyone to know that in the next few hours, will continue to join everyone in the rescue work. Our goal is to do our best and try our best to save every living person. We will not give up until the last moment!” Karen Joy stood in the crowd and looked at the dazzling man in the distance. He did not sound like he was reciting his official speech that his secretary prepared for him, but instead, he spoke true from the depths of his heart. She just looked at him and couldn’t move her eyes away. This man was the leader of Country A, the spiritual pillar of the country, and also the point of tranquility in Karen Joy’s heart. With him around, the country would feel at ease. With him around, she could also feel at ease. Why was he so outstanding? Why was he so charismatic? Even at such a young age, she already knew that he was outstanding, and wanted to be with him forever. Hence, there must be a lot of adults who could see how outstanding he was She was sure that there would definitely be a lot of people who would try to take Brother Lionel away in the future. Thinking about it, she was actually a little excited. No matter how many people tried to take him away, Brother Lionel only belonged to her. After Nathaniel Cooper finished speaking, he looked around the crowd. Surprisingly, he saw a figure in the crowd, but he never thought that he would see this person here. When he left last night, he told Jason Lesley to take good care of her and make sure she stayed in the Lesley house. After that, he went directly to the heliport. Before dawn, he arrived at the disaster area and hurriedly discussed about the relief work with his men. After the plan was made, they joined the rescue team and worked hard together. They were so busy that they didn’t have time to stop until now. He did not expect that he would see the little girl here too! How could she be so capricious? Did she not know how dangerous the disaster area was? Did she know how many people were buried in the aftershocks earlier? Did she know how worried he was when he saw her here? Nathaniel shook his head, and the blue veins on his forehead were protruding, but he tried his best to restrain his emotions to prevent others from seeing through him. She clearly did not know the severity of the situation. He wanted to pick her up and throw her back to New York, so that she wouldn’t mess around anymore. When their eyes met, Karen Joy instinctively wanted to smile at him, but when she reminded herself that he still did not know that she knew about her identity, she quickly put on a poker face He looked at her as if he had just seen a ghost, and he looked very unhappy. However, just when she was looking at his unhappy stare, she realized something. He wasn’t just covered in dirt, but there were also bloodstains. He was injured! Karen Joy’s heart ached so much that her heart skipped a beat. He was injured. Was he seriously injured? What was his condition? She really wanted to rush over and ask him, but at this time, if she ran over, he would definitely not treat her well. What should she do? What could she do to prevent him from driving her away, yet she could see how serious his injury was? She was anxious. When she got anxious, she didn’t know what to do. No, she couldn’t go on like this. She needed to calm down. She told herself to calm down and took a few deep breaths. After calming down, Karen Joy immediately thought of a way. She looked at her backpack, found a bottle of mineral water in it, and walked quickly towards Nathaniel. However, before she could reach him, she was stopped by his bodyguards.

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