My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 721

Karen Joy Kyle was stopped by the bodyguards when she was a few meters away from him. He could see her face and her expression clearly, There was mud on her delicate face. She was probably too busy helping out that she didn’t have time to care about her face Even though her face was smeared with mud and full of dust, she still looked cute. Her bright eyes were so attractive that she would stand out in a crowd. This girl! What should he do with her? He looked at her and he felt very conflicted, He could not let her do whatever she wanted. He had to tie her up and keep an eye on her at all times so that he would know that she’s safe. Karen Joy looked at the two bodyguards who stopped her and smiled sweetly at them. “Big brothers, don’t stop me. I am only offering a bottle of water to Mr. President. He was here early, and he had been busy all morning. He must be very tired! As a civilian, I don’t have anything else to offer him. Perhaps this bottle of water could be my way of saying thank you.” Brother? Nathaniel was alerted when he heard that word, and he frowned. Damn it! He didn’t want to hear her call another man ‘brother’ with her beautiful voice. This title should be exclusive to him. “Let her come.” When he saw her talking to another man, he didn’t feel happy about it. The bodyguards did not dare to defy his words. They moved aside so Karen Joy could walk past them. A clear path leading to her Brother Lionel! “Thank you, brothers! ‘ll bring over another two bottles of water later. You must be tired too!” Karen Joy politely thanked them. Before Karen Joy was done speaking, the two bodyguards felt that their President was staring at them with a death glare. They probably knew that he was staring at them, but they just didn’t dare to look at him. They lowered their heads in silence, as if they were about to hide their faces. Karen Joy walked towards her Brother Lionel very comfortably and confidently. She came to his side and handed the bottle of mineral water to him, “Mr. President, you’ve worked hard. I don’t have anything valuable to offer you, so please accept this bottle of water. You have to save the victims, but you also need to take care of your body. Your family and those who care about you will also worry about you.” She spoke sweetly, but there was an implicit meaning behind her words. She suggested that if he did not take good care of himself, she would be very worried. “Alright, thank you!” He took the bottle of water and smiled at her, but his smile was different from the usual smile when he was with her It seemed like this was his “fake” smile that he would put on when he was with others. “Mr. President.” She was already shorter than him, and at this moment, she was standing in a lower ground than he was. She had to look up the entire time she spoke with him. Nathaniel bent down slightly as he noticed her discomfort, as he wanted her to look him in the eyes. “What do you want to tell me?” Karen Joy turned her gaze away and looked at his left shoulder. At such a close distance, she could clearly see that his clothes were stained with blood.. “Mr. President, I just told you that the people’s lives are important, but your life is important too, because you are the pillar of the country. If you fall, your people would worry even more, so you must protect yourself first.” As she saw that he was injured, she clearly felt very distressed, but she tried her best to speak with him objectively. Deep down, she could not wait to tear his clothes away and see how bad were his injuries. She knew she couldn’t do so. At this time, he was the President of a country, not her Brother Lionel “Are you with the medical team?” Nathaniel was not in the mood to listen to what she said. He only wanted to keep her by his side. “Yes, I am. If you are injured, I can help you treat it.” Karen Joy nodded hard. Brother Lionel spoke about her, and she became really excited. “Then come with me.” After that, he turned around and left. “Ah..” Karen Joy was stunned for a moment and followed behind him. “Okay. Mr. President, if you need anything, you can tell me. I’m here to help you.” He was walking ahead comfortably, but she was chasing behind him. She had to walk very fast to catch up with his pace. Along the way, the roads after the earthquake were bumpy and uneven, but she seemed to be hopping cheerfully as she walked She was so happy that she almost forgot what she was doing. She didn’t even notice when he stopped, so she bumped into him. “Ouch..” Her nose hit his back, which was so painful that she almost burst into tears. She really wanted to cry out loud to gain some care and attention. “Are you okay?” He turned around and instinctively reached out to touch her nose. His movements were very gentle and appeared very natural. This reaction was not typical of an innocent interaction between a President and a civilian. “I’m fine.” She pushed him away and took two small steps back to keep a distance from him. There were many people everywhere, and there were also many reporters. If they were photographed together by others, it might affect his reputation. She did not want to ruin Brother Lionel’s hard-earned reputation “Follow me,” he said. He brought her into a tent set up for resting. The tent was set up simply, and inside, there were a small table and two small benches. On the table, there were two packets of instant noodles, a cup, a kettle, and a first aid kit. It was a simple tent, with really simple items inside the tent. No one would have imagined that this was where the President rested. Their Mr. President was such a humbled man. That must be the reason why he won the love and support of his citizens. Karen Joy was sighing deeply in her heart. However, he needed to tend to his wound. “Mr. President, take off your shirt first.” “Take off my shirt?” He raised his eyebrows and asked. What was she thinking? Did she think that he brought her here because he wanted to do something to her? Karen Joy looked at her very innocently. “Mr. President, if you don’t take off your shirt, how can I treat your wound?” It turned out that her Brother Lionel had bad intentions in his mind. When she asked him to take off his shirt, did he think that she wanted to do something? “How do you know that I’m injured?” He did not want her to know much and did not want her to worry about him. Perhaps, she would not worry about this stranger who had nothing to do with her. “You’re indeed injured. Why can’t you let me know?” Did this person think that she was blind? Did he think she couldn’t tell the difference between mud and blood on his shirt? “Put this on, and use this. From now on, you have to disinfect your body every half an hour in the medical room.” He handed her a raincoat and a mask. “The weather is gloomy, and it may rain at any time. You have to take care of yourself and don’t catch a cold again.”

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