My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 722

Karen Joy Kyle took the things the President handed to her and nodded respectfully. “Mr. President, I will do what you said. I will take good care of myself, I won’t let myself get hurt, I won’t catch a cold, and I won’t let those who care about me worry about me, but.” “No buts.” Nathaniel Cooper interrupted her harshly. He approached her and helped her put on the raincoat and the mask. “And most importantly, you must remember that you are not allowed to leave my sight from now on.” He always put on a gentle look when he was with her and also when he was facing the public. Karen Joy thought that he would never have any angry side to him. But at this moment, he spoke so harshly to her and even ordered her. Was he really the Brother Lionel who loved her a lot? His voice was harsh because he loved her and cared about her. If he was with someone he didn’t care about, he would still put on the calm expression he always had on his face. “Mr. President, why are you so good to me?” She was in a good mood so she asked casually. Nathaniel’s hand froze slightly as he was about to wipe her face with a wet towel. Then, he put the wet towel in her hand. “Wipe your face first.” “Mr. President, a dirty face is just a small matter. Being injured is a serious matter. If you want me to listen to you, please let me have a look at your wound first.” She leaned over to him and said. The more he hid his injury away from her, the more worried she was. “It’s just a small injury. The doctor has already treated it for me.” Since she already asked several times, if he ignored her again, it would only make her more worried. Hence, he just answered her quickly. Would a small injury stain the whole shirt with blood? Please, Mr. President! Even if you want to lie, can you lie decently? She was no longer the four-year-old child she used to be. Was it that easy to lie to her? “Mr. President, please let me have a look.” She pulled his sleeve and flirted with him slightly. She knew all men would like this side of her. She thought that Brother Lionel would like it too. Nathaniel did not know how to respond to her anymore. He shook his head helplessly and said, “Little girl…” Karen Joy interrupted him. “I’m not a little girl. I have a name. My name is Karen Joy Kyle. You can call me Karen.” He couldn’t reconcile with her publicly because of his special identity. He still wanted to pretend in front of her by calling her “little girl”, but she was indeed his Karen! Since he could not reconcile with her, then they could try to get to know each other again. “Little.” “If you call me little girl again, you are not allowed to call me Karen anymore. You can call me Karen Joy just like everyone else!” Karen Joy was getting agitated over his resistance. Her words really had a threatening effect. Nathaniel frowned, but he really didn’t dare to call her “little girl” anymore. She looked down and put on a serious face. “Mr. President, take off your shirt and let me see your wound.” “Karen Joy, did anyone ever teach you the boundaries between a man and a woman?” Nathaniel replied her with a gloomy face. She was being coquettish because she cared about him, but he felt that she shouldn’t be so close to him. In his mind, she didn’t know that he was her Brother Lionel yet. “Mr. President, please tell me, what did I do make you misunderstand my intentions and actions?” She knew clearly that he would say such hurtful words because he didn’t know that she knew of his identity already, but when she heard his words, she still felt hurt. Nathaniel did not respond to her question. She did not give him a chance to explain and continued, “You’re not saying anything, so that meant that I didn’t cross any boundaries here, yes? If I really did something that offended you personally, I’d like apologize to you. Please don’t misunderstand my intention, because I have someone that I already like and I will never like you.” In fact, she wanted to shout at him loudly, “Are you a stranger? When you secretly kissed me last night, why didn’t you think you were a stranger then?” “When you helped me to put on my raincoat and ordered me not to leave your sight, why didn’t you see yourself as a stranger then?” “Hmph, when you want me, you can do whatever you want to me. You do and say whatever you want, whenever you want.” Of course, she could only grumble in her heart. If he knew that she knew his real identity already, he would definitely deport her back to New York. She didn’t want to go back to New York. She wanted to be with him. When he could finally reconcile with her publicly. she would be his Karen. She predicted that Brother Lionel would feel bad after hearing her words. However, Nathaniel’s heart was full of joy because she said that she had someone she liked, and that person was her Brother Lionel. “I’m only persistent in treating you because it is my duty. I represent this nation by volunteering my time and effort here to treat those who in need. If something happened to you, I have failed my job.” Even while being angry, Karen Joy still didn’t forget about his injuries. After all, she was still her Brother Lionel. She was willing to look past his mistreatment. Nathaniel sat still and did not take off his shirt. Karen Joy was getting a little impatient. “Mr. President, I’m just curious, but do you have anyone you care about?” “Besides your people, is there anyone you care about personally? If there is, please do this for the people you care about or those who care about you. If you don’t want them to be worried, just let me have a look at your wound.” As Karen Joy gave her motivating speech, Nathaniel realized that she was good at persuading and negotiating. He had no choice but to take off his shirt. When he did so, the white gauze that had being stained with blood appeared in front of Karen Joy. The gauze and bandage on his shoulder had turned red, and Karen Joy’s heart dropped. She felt that something was piercing through her heart. She bit her lips and suppressed her distress and sadness. She tried to calm herself down and said, “Mr. President, please sit down first. ‘ll change the dressing for you.” It was rare for him to listen to her, he sat down on the stool as she removed the bandage and gauze. As soon as she removed the bandage and gauze, she saw a deep, long cut on his shoulder. The wound had been applied with medication, and it was also stitched. Perhaps he was busy moving around the whole time and didn’t rest much, the stitches had already been torn and blood was still flowing “It’s just a small injury. The doctor had treated it for me earlier. It’s alright.” He said calmly. He seemed unbothered by the injury “Shut up!” She yelled at him. Even with such a deep and long wound, he seemed so unbothered. When would he learn to prioritize his needs first? Even if she was angry, she cared deeply for him. Karen Joy worked swiftly. Her movements were agile and skilful as she helped him clean his wound. She was gentle, so he could barely feel anything when she treated the wound. While cleaning his wound, she said, “Mr. President, if you feel pain, don’t suppress it and please let me know. I’ll try my best to be gentle.” “It doesn’t hurt at all. In the past, he almost lost his life to protect her. He didn’t feel pain at all then. This little injury was really nothing for him. “Hiss-“Just as he said that, he suddenly felt pain. “I thought you said that it doesn’t hurt? Is everything okay?” She glanced at him coldly. She pressed hard on his wound on purpose. She wanted to remind him about pain. Everyone had the right to express pain. She didn’t want him to suppress everything in his heart just because he’s a President. He was just a mortal being at the end of the day, like everyone else.

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