My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 723

“It’s my tooth! It hurts.” Nathaniel Cooper responded defiantly. He was unwilling to reveal his pain from the wound in front of Karen Joy Kyle. “Mr. President, is your tooth on your shoulder? Or do you think that I am only four years old and would believe your little lie? Do you think I will believe whatever you say?” She was agitated that he responded to her like she was a gullible child. Besides, even if she was very young at that time, she was also very smart. No one could fool her easily Nathaniel stopped speaking. He was amazed that Karen Joy was so wise and honest. Karen Joy went back to being gentle with her movements. She picked up the bandage with a pair of pliers and sterilised it with alcohol. She continued to clean the wound after before putting the new bandage on, “Mr. President, do you have someone you care about?” “Yes.” Of course he had. That person was very near to him, but now he couldn’t hold her in his arms. He couldn’t tell her that she was the person he cared about the most. She was done cleaning his wound and applied some medication on it. “You’re injured so badly and still insist on working, have you ever thought about how would that person feel?” “I..” At present, he really didn’t think so much about it. He only wanted to figure out the best way to rescue his citizens. He didn’t think about what would happen if the little girl knew about this. Perhaps it wasn’t because he didn’t think about her, but he thought that the little girl wouldn’t know about the work here if she stayed in Coast City, safe and sound. He was young and healthy. With such a small injury, he would be fine soon. When he returned to his little girl’s side, everything would be fine. “Mr. President, if you didn’t think about it before, that’s alright. But if you think about the person you care about you will cherish your life more,” she added. After she applied some medications, she took a clean bandage to wrap his wound. Her face looked so young, but she spoke wisely He knew that she just turned 18 recently. However, with her words and wisdom, she sounded older than she looked. “Then do you know that there are tens of thousands of people waiting for me to save them?” His nation was his responsibility. He chose this path, so he could not just ignore those people who were waiting for him to save them. “Even if a lot of people are waiting for you to save them, you have to protect yourself and take care of yourself so that you can continue to protect the people you want to protect.” After she said that she felt a lump on her throat. “Brother Lionel, you wouldn’t know how afraid I am. I’m so worried that you’ll get hurt, then I will never get to see you again.” She thought in her heart. “I missed you for 14 years and looked forward to growing up quickly every day because I want to be with you as soon as possible.” “Now that I have finally come to you, you haven’t publicly and officially reconciled with me yet. If something happened to you, do you know how sad I will be?” These words were what Karen Joy hid in her heart and wanted to say to her Brother Lionel out loud, but she knew that it was not the right time. Nathaniel took a deep breath. “If… I mean if…” “If what?” Karen Joy was anxious. Before he could finish, she continued, “Just tell me. I’m not as narrow-minded as you. I won’t easily misunderstand others.” “If the boy you like is of my identity and status, and he was injured because of his work instead of following through your words, would you understand his decision and acknowledge his efforts?” After that, Nathaniel held his breath and waited for her answer. How would she answer that? In the past, he thought he knew her very well and knew almost everything about her. However, after getting along with her for a few days, he realized that his understanding of her was far from enough. The little child who used to lie in his arms and played with him coquettishly, had really grown up. Now, she was much more excellent than what he thought she was. What did he mean ‘if? He was the person she liked. Karen Joy rolled her eyes and said, “Obviously, I would understand him, but I will not forgive him.” Nathaniel asked in a hurry, “Why?” Karen Joy wrapped his wound up as she replied, “If he gets injured, I will be very sad. He told me that he will keep me happy every day, but he broke his promise. Why should I forgive him?” Nathaniel’s eyes turned gloomy. “I understand.” Karen Joy was anxious, “What do you understand? I’m not done yet.” His eyes lit up again. “What else do you want to say?” “I want to tell my Brother Lionel… I told you before about him, so I think you still remembered him.” She stopped what she was doing momentarily. She glanced at him and continued, “But, if he is my Brother Lionel, no matter what he does, I will still forgive him.” He asked again, “Why?” She replied, “I don’t need any reason. It’s just because he’s my Brother Lionel.” She would be good to him unconditionally. No matter Brother Lionel’s loyalty, she would still hold him in high regards in her heart “Just because he is your Brother Lionel.” Nathaniel repeated her words and suddenly felt a little worried. He thought that she had already confirmed that he was not her Brother Lionel. What if he told her that he was her Brother Lionel one day, would she be disappointed? “Mr. President-” Secretary Hart suddenly rushed in. He was very surprised to see that Mr. President was sitting so calmly as a young girl treated his wound. For a moment, he forgot what he wanted to say. “What’s the matter?” Nathaniel glanced at him and asked, “Who is in charge of rescue team now?” Secretary Hart responded respectfully, “Chuck is in charge of work at the central area, Noah is in the east, while Maine and Hadley are helping out in the west. They’re experienced in dealing with rescue and disaster relief work. Everything should be fine.” “Alright, very well.” Nathaniel was satisfied with his answer, “Let them know that they need to protect themselves first. The safety of the people is important, but their own lives are also important.” “So, you know that everyone’s life is important. I thought you didn’t know that.” Karen Joy, who had been silent, suddenly interrupted their conversation. If he knew that others’ lives were important, why didn’t he know that his own life was also important? “Mr. President.” Secretary Hart glanced at Karen Joy and looked slightly angry at the insignificant medical staff volunteer. However, Mr. President did not reprimand her, and he couldn’t either. He realized that the President, who was usually very strict with working standards, seemed to be particularly tolerant of this little girl. When he was walking over earlier, he heard a few whispers from the President’s bodyguards, as they said that the President had brought a young girl called Little Jar to his tent. The President had just taken office, and his reputation was very important. He needed to maintain his image and reputation of being the people’s President, and he needed to be particularly careful about igniting unnecessary rumours. He would not be so careless as to do something that would destroy his career for a little girl who was so unimportant. “Secretary Hart, is there anything else?” Nathaniel ignored Karen Joy’s remarks and shifted the attention back to his secretary.

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