My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 724

The President didn’t get mad at the little girl, so Secretary Hart couldn’t interrupt either. He continued to report the situation, “Because of the earthquake, the surrounding roads within the radius of a few miles were ruined. The vehicles that transport the goods couldn’t get in, so they were carried in very slowly. Many planes had been sent to airdrop the supplies too, but they couldn’t send so much in such a short time.” After a while, Secretary Hart turned his head around and glanced outside. “Mr. President, it’s getting dark soon, and it’s raining outside. We haven’t decided on tonight’s plan for the people. The concerns raised by Secretary Hart were all significant problems that had to be solved after the earthquake. The people’s hopes were all on Mr. President. He came to the disaster area, so he needed to ensure the wellbeing and safety of the citizens here. He said, “Take my tent and also the tents of other officials and distribute them to the people. Distribute our food and water too. Take care of the elderly citizens and children first. Remind the younger and healthier individuals to compromise a little if there are not enough food.” He raised his wrist and looked at the time. It had been more than ten hours since the earthquake, and the relevant departments began to prepare supplies already after receiving the news of the earthquake. He estimated in his mind, “Tell everyone that there will be enough supplies delivered to us latest by tomorrow morning. Don’t panic, as we have tens of millions of people who will support us.” “Yes, I’ll pass the message right away.” After receiving the order, Secretary Hart turned around and left. As soon as Secretary Hart left, Karen Joy Kyle was done with wrapping Nathaniel Cooper’s wound up. “Mr. President, I have wrapped your wound up for you.” “Okay, thank you!” He picked up the dirty clothes that he had just taken off and put them back on, completely ignoring the mud and blood on his shirt. “Can’t you slow down?” Karen Joy looked at him worriedly as he raised his arm and put on his clothes. “Your stitches were torn once. If you don’t take care, you may tear it again… Since you don’t care about pain, then be wary about possible infections. Think about how sad the person you care about will be.” Since he did not want to take good care of himself, then she would use herself as a bait. Bad guy! Men are all bad guys indeed! They only cared about themselves, as they do not care much about others’ feelings. Her father was like this, so was her Brother Lionel. Suddenly she was annoyed by the two of them. If she could, she wanted to change her father and also her Brother Lionel away to men who would acknowledge her worries and fears. “Thank you, Dr. Kyle, for helping me with my wound. I will remember this.” He instinctively reached out to pat her head gently. Then he realized that it was inappropriate, so he quickly withdrew his hand. He glanced at her and saw that she didn’t show any unusual expression, so he was a little relieved. He didn’t know that Karen Joy felt the same way as he did. The way he rubbed her head was normal for her, why would she feel surprised. “Mr. President, I’ll go out for a while.” She did not wait for his respond, and she turned around and left. When she ran out of the tent and saw the two bodyguards who stopped her not long ago, she smiled at them and said, “Brothers, are you guys always with Mr. President?” The two of them glanced at her, but they did not dare to respond. They didn’t forget their President’s fierce gaze when the little girl called them “brother” not long ago. “I don’t mean any harm. I just want to ask you how did Mr. President’s shoulder get injured?” She could not ask the President directly as he wouldn’t admit anything to her, yet she was very curious about what happened so she could prevent this from happening again. However, no matter how adorable she looked, the two bodyguards stood still like statues. They did not move at all. She couldn’t get anything out of them. She needed to think of another way. She must know how did Brother Lionel get injured. As soon as she left, Nathaniel came out. He glanced coldly at the two bodyguards and said, “You two don’t have to follow me anymore. Help the rescue team over t re.” The two bodyguards felt conflicted in their hearts. They didn’t do anything wrong, and they didn’t respond to ‘Little Jar’ either. Why did Mr. President punish them? “Secretary Hart!” Karen Joy ran up to him, “Can I have a bit of your time? “What is it?” The tone of Secretary Hart did not sound very kind, and at the same time, he scanned her from head to toe. He thought that this young girl looked like someone that couldn’t endure any hardships at all. “The signal’s still down, and we can’t make any phone calls. Is it okay if I use your official phone line for a while?” She could have bothered her Brother Lionel if she wanted to make phone call. However, she didn’t want Brother Lionel to know what she was going to do, so she had to secretly ask Secretary Hart Among the people around Mr. President, she had only met with Secretary Hart. She thought that he would agree for her to make a phone call. Unexpectedly, when Secretary Hart heard what she said, he didn’t immediately put on a straight face and responded, “Little girl, we are in the disaster area. Every phone call we make is essential and vital, it’s not meant for you children to fool around with.” Karen Joy talked to him politely, yet he responded rudely. In fact, she had been here for such a long time now. In order to treat the wounded, she was so busy that she barely had time to breathe. How was she fooling around? Karen Joy had always been a reasonable person. If you talked to her nicely, she would be polite. If you treated her rudely, she wouldn’t just sit idly by. “Secretary Hart, you are the secretary of Mr. President. Your words and actions don’t represent your identity, it represents Mr. President’s.” “I can forgive you for talking to me with this attitude, but please remember that you should be polite to other people in the future. I won’t allow anyone to smear the President’s image.” Her righteous words stunned an experienced official like Secretary Hart, and he was at a loss for words. “Secretary Hart, do you hear me?” She insisted on getting Secretary Hart’s reply. “I know.” As she appeared tough, Secretary Hart took a step back. He knew her words were right. Maxton Hart worked as the secretary of the President, and he was in charge of relaying Mr. President’s messages He was an extension of Mr. President. In other people’s eyes, the way he spoke and his attitude represented Mr. President’s work and image. “So, can I make the phone call now?” In fact, she still insisted on making her call. “Do as you wish.” Secretary Hart was much more polite to her. “Thank you!” Since Secretary Hart was very polite, Karen Joy treated him with a smile. She remembered her Uncle’s words. He encouraged her to smile more as smiling could potentially change the outcomes of one’s work

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