My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 725

 Karen Joy Kyle would remember every advices that were taught by the elders in her family that she thought was useful. She could apply a lot of their advices in her life. For example, her Uncle was a psychologist. When she was young, her Uncle always used her as his ‘lab rat’. After a long period of time, she could guess what most people were thinking, but often it was not accurate. Karen Joy wanted to call Jayden Kyle. Although she was very unhappy with him, he was the only one who could help her get supplies to help Brother Lionel In order to help Brother Lionel, she would go to the ends of the Earth for him without hesitation. “Karen Joy, you really went to the disaster area.” After the call was connected, even if the caller ID was hidden, the person on the other end of the phone knew who she was immediately “Have you prepared the supplies that I asked you to prepare?” Although she had a fight with him the night before and hung up the phone, she knew that he would her her regardless For so many years, it seemed that he had always been like this. He would do everything she asked him to do, but she had listen to some of his nagging. “If I said no, what will the almighty Miss Kyle do to me? Are you going to ignore me all your life, or have you thought of other ways to deal with me?” Jayden spoke very calmly, but she was in a hurry. When she heard his tone, she really wanted to beat him up. “Have you prepared them or not? There are a lot of places that don’t have enough water, tents, and thermal jackets in the disaster area.” There was a light drizzle, and the sky was getting darker and darker. If they didn’t get the supplies in time, many people would freeze tonight, so Karen Joy was anxious. “Ten helicopters are going to airdrop the supplies soon. It’s almost time.” Before Jayden finished speaking, several helicopters flew over from the sky. The helicopters were different from the military’s helicopters. Karen Joy counted ten helicopters, so they must be arranged by Jaydan. “It seems like the helicopters have arrived. Take good care of yourself and help Brother Lionel out. You don’t have to say thank you to me. Anyway, these are from Rovio, not me.” Jayden continued to explain. “Thank…” Just as she wanted to thank him, Karen Joy swallowed her words back. Forget it, he didn’t even want her gratitude. Why should she say so much? “Secretary Hart, a kind organization sent some supplies over. Send people over to retrieve them.” Karen Joy hung up the phone and urged Secretary Hart. Secretary Hart had also heard what she said on the phone just now. He really wanted to know which kind organization could work this efficiently and graciously? They had ten helicopters over to send supplies at such a crucial time. It was really a huge relief for them. “Little Jar, what’s the name of this organization you mentioned?” Secretary Hart needed to know as he would need to provide a huge reward to the organization to encourage more companies and organizations to do good deeds for their citizens in the future. Karen Joy smiled sweetly and said, “Secretary Hart, you really want to know?” Secretary Hart nodded. “Yes, of course.” Karen Joy took the opportunity to request something, “Then, you have to tell me one thing first.” Secretary Hart asked, “What is it?” “How did Mr. President get his wound on his shoulder?” She seemed adamant to get her answers. “It was during the biggest aftershock earlier today.” Secretary Hart spoke the truth as he didn’t think that it was a shameful matter. “How?” Karen Joy was a little shocked. She had personally experienced the aftershock earlier, so she knew how terrible it was. “When the aftershock happened, Mr. President and a few soldiers were rescuing a young man whose body was buried. Unexpectedly, at that time, the aftershock came, and everything shook and cracked. He saw that a huge stone was about to fall on the trapped young man, so Mr. President used his body to block the stone for him.” As he recalled the story, Secretary Hart’s face turned slightly pale. It was a really dangerous act. “I see.” Karen Joy felt sad as she listened to his story. Most people’s reactions would be to protect themselves in a dangerous situation, but under such circumstances, those who saved others were true heroes. Her Brother Lionel had a high position and status, but he still wanted to save a young lad selflessly. He was a real hero. Although being a hero was a very glorious thing, and it is also something that many people would encourage, but Karen Joy was selfish and she did not want him to be so brave. The stone hit his shoulder today, but what if it hit his head instead? Then, the consequences would be unimaginable. At the thought of such a scene, she became extremely scared. Moreover, if that really happened, she would definitely collapse Therefore, she selfishly asked Brother Lionel to only be her hero. She only wanted him to be her personal hero and not care about anyone else. However, Brother Lionel did not belong to her alone. He belonged to his country, and belonged to his hundreds of millions of citizens. When she left him earlier, she advised him to have a good rest. Yet, he came out shortly to work hard with everyone again. However, when he was around, the people involved in the rescue team were even more valiant and vigorous, because they knew that the President was fighting alongside them. “Secretary Hart, among your team, other than Mr. President, is there anybody else who can be in charge?” Karen Joy turned back and asked Secretary Hart. “Little Jar, you haven’t told me the name of the organization yet?” Secretary Hart asked as he looked at the helicopters in the sky “About this, actually, I don’t know either. Secretary Hart, no matter who sent these supplies, please just distribute them out quickly. We must not let anyone freeze tonight. Remember, Mr. President has injuries on his shoulder, so we must let him rest… Forget it, ‘ll go and watch him. He could be stubborn.” She was his older brother and she was so much younger than him. But now, she acted like his mother. She was already worried about him at such a young age. What if she became so worried that she aged even quicker, then would he still like her then? The supplies included the tents, the army jackets, and many bottles of drinking water that everyone needed most. With these things, everyone did not have to suffer from the cold tonight. Some problems were solved, and the crowd thanked the President once again. When Karen Joy saw that everyone supported Brother Lionel so much, she was really happy deep down. She finally did something to help her Brother Lionel. Nathaniel turned back and saw Karen Joy standing on the small slope. She pursed her lips and smiled gently, as if she was thinking of something very happy in her heart. He was curious to know what could make her so happy? He wanted to know curiously and he walked towards her unconsciously. Then he asked, “What are you thinking about?” “I’m thinking about my Brother Lionel.” She smiled so brightly that she looked like the brightest star in the sky, Every time she mentioned her Brother Lionel, she looked so happy He raised his eyebrows, “Him again?” “Of course it’s him. I like him so much that I want to be with him at all times.” She knew clearly that he was Brother Lionel, but she still confessed her love out loud.

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