My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 726

 When she mentioned her Brother Lionel, the smile on her face was always so bright. Her beautiful smile could put the stars to shame. That was her! Her name was Karen Joy Kyle! However, he still saw her as his Little Karen. “What’s so good about Brother Lionel? How could you like him so much?” He wanted to understand her perception of him. Since she doesn’t know that he was her Brother Lionel, the answer she would give must be her most honest thoughts. He cared about her honest thoughts a lot. “My Brother Lionel is…” Karen Joy wanted to continue with “perfect”. However, she knew that her Brother Lionel was really cunning. If he wanted to hear her praises of him, then he needed to be direct and honest. She would gladly praise him then. Instead, he was still clueless over her revelation, so he was using this opportunity to lure some information Cheeky bastard! If she praised Brother Lionel too much, what if he became too proud of himself someday and decided not treat her well? What would she do then? “My Brother Lionel..” As she spoke, she deliberately let out a long sigh and said sadly, “My Brother Lionel is great in a lot of ways, but I always feel that he doesn’t like me enough.” “How could that be?” He blurted out. How could this little girl have such an idea? He liked her so much that it was far beyond what he expected. How could she say that Brother Lionel did not like her enough? “You don’t even know Brother Lionel, how do you know that he does?” Karen Joy was testing his explanation to this question, but at the same time, she put on a very concerning look on her face. “Maybe he likes other girls, but it’s hard to say.” “How could he like other girls…” He answered in a hurry. Later, he realized that his responses were a little inappropriate. “Why couldn’t he? Who do you think you are? Do you think you know him better than I do?” Karen Joy felt a little guilty for messing with his feelings, but she was really annoyed that he manipulated her first. “I..” Brother Lionel desperately wanted to spill the truth and reveal his longing for her too. However, when the words were on the tip of his tongue, he couldn’t say it. It was not the right time yet. Karen Joy needed to wait a little more. “You can’t answer it, can you?” Karen Joy looked into the distance and her tone sounded more mellow, “It doesn’t matter if he liked me or not, I will still like him.” Nathaniel felt bad. He reached out and rubbed her head. “Actually, I do know. Think about it. If you could like Brother Lionel so much, there must be something that you are attracted to. And maybe that thing is his graciousness towards you.” “Mr. President, have you ever fallen in love with someone?” She looked back at him. “You will put that person in your heart, and you will always be thinking about that person, even if you’ve just met him or her. Once that person leaves, you will miss that person tremendously.” “I have.” He responded confidently, “The person I like is very outstanding, and she’s much more excellent than 1 imagined.” “Wow… Mr. President, are you serious?” Was Brother Lionel praising her? Was he complimenting her? She was so excited and nervous that her heart almost jumped out of her chest. “Of course it’s true.” As he spoke, he naturally reached out his hand and gently pushed her hair back, “She had always been cared for as she grew up, but many things that have happened recently made me see her in a new light. Everything she has done went far beyond my impression and expectation of her.” “Then do you like this version of her?” If Brother Lionel did not like that she worked so hard, and only wanted her to hide behind him like a little woman, what should she do then? “Of course I do!” He looked at her, and he looked as smitten as if he had been in love with her for thousands of years. Of course, he liked her! Karen Joy looked at him with a smile. Her bright smile and innocent looking eyes melted Nathaniel’s heart immediately. She looked so dazzling that she could illuminate the gloomy night sky. Karen Joy also looked back at him and thought similarly, They looked at each other, as if they were almost intoxicated in each other’s eyes. Brother Lionel said that he liked this version of her! Karen Joy was so excited that she almost cheered out loud. She couldn’t wait to hold Brother Lionel’s hand and tell everyone that this person was her Brother Lionel, and this person was the person she liked. Bang Suddenly, a loud noise broke the silence, Nathaniel and Karen Joy turned to look in the direction of the sound at the same time, and the people who were resting in the tent rushed out. However, since it was already dark, they could only hear the loud sound, but they could not see what was going on. Nathaniel stepped forward immediately and said, “Secretary Hart, I need some people with me to check things out.” When he ordered Secretary Hart, he had already left Karen Joy behind and walked quickly ahead. He did not care about her. At this critical moment, the people’s safety was still his priority in his heart “Lio.. Mr. President, ‘ll go with you.” It was so dark, and the place was deeply affected by the earthquake. They might slip and fall accidentally, Karen Joy was not at ease if she did not stay with Brother Lionel. “No way!” Nathaniel refuse harshly without turning his head. “I want to go!” She gritted her teeth and followed behind him. After she caught up with him, she didn’t care about how other looked at their relationship. She reached out and hugged his arm. “You said that I’m not allowed to leave your sight. I followed your words. Why can’t I follow that now?” “Things are different now. You’d better stay in a safe place and not leave.” Nathaniel forcibly pulled her hand away. Although he had personally told her not to leave his sight today, the current situation was different. He did not want to put her life in danger. “What is different? In my opinion, they are the same.” Usually, she was not so capricious and disobedient, and she didn’t want to cause trouble for Brother Lionel. But at this moment, she was afraid, so she didn’t think as rationally as she usually did. “Karen Joy, this is an earthquake stricken area, not an amusement park. This is not where you can just fool around.” He understood her temper too well. If she didn’t give up willingly, she would definitely find a way to follow him when he left. “You’re also saying that I’m here to fool around?” When other people say that she was here to fool around, she was not so affected, because they meant nothing to her. She would not care about what other people had said or done. But he was different. He was her Brother Lionel, and he was the her emotional pillar. He was the reason that she kept working hard. Others didn’t know this, but didn’t he know how hard she tried? That night, when she helped move the supplies, she even fell down several times. Once, when she fell into a mud pit, she didn’t even complain that it was dirty. She got up with mud all over her body and continued to help carry the supplies. Because it was dark and she could not see, most of the time, she was just walking forward recklessly. She fell on the road before and her knees even bled. However, as she thought that she could help Brother Lionel, she gritted her teeth and endured the hardship.

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