My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 727

Although she was kind, but Karen Joy Kyle did not do these things for the people. She did it for her Brother Lionel. If her Brother Lionel was not here, she wouldn’t be here too. But Brother Lionel said that she was just fooling around? Did he really think she was fooling around? He just said that she was more excellent than he had imagined, and now he said that she was fooling around in the disaster area. Did he not mean his praises? “Well, fine then. I don’t care.” She gave him a pitiful look and turned around. She rejoined her team members. Although she returned to her team, her attention was still on Brother Lionel the whole time. He hurt her feelings, so why would she care about him? She should be angry with him! But that was useless. She couldn’t stay angry with him. She was sad the moment he left her. How could this be? She was only 18 years old. Actually, since she was four years old, she had been thinking about Brother Lionel a lot. This was not good. She had not been able to fall in love like other young people, and she never experienced how it was like to fall in love for the first time. But her heart was already attached to someone else. “Little Jar, quickly prepare some disinfectant. Shane and Burly, help me carry him onto the bed so he could lie down.” Yaya suddenly rushed into the tent. She was carrying a heavily injured man on her back. The injured man was a tall man. Yaya was thin, and the man was quite buff. When he pressed on Yaya, she was almost crushed. Karen Joy rushed over and helped to support the man. “Sister Yaya, what happened?” “What’s going on?” Burly and Shane also rushed over to help. When Shane saw the left leg of the injured person, he almost vomited again. But this time, he knew how to pull himself together and tried his best to focus on his job. With everyone’s help, they finally lifted the buff man from Yaya’s back and place him on the temporary operating table Yaya was finally free and took a deep breath. After a while, she explained, “Another building collapsed over there and many rescue personnels were crushed. As of now, there are still quite a number of people injured and they lack medical staff.” “The loud noise earlier came from the building? Is it still dangerous now? Did you see Mr. President and the others?” Karen Joy wanted to run over immediately, but she didn’t do it. When she faced dire situations, she could remain calm. She wasn’t sure of the situation there, and Brother Lionel didn’t want her to go with him. If she followed him, he would be distracted because he had to take care of her if something happened. Karen Joy finally understood Brother Lionel’s good intention When she thought more about it, she felt a lump on her throat and tears welled up in her eyes. She turned her back and quietly wiped her tears. She could not let anyone see her crying secretly Then she took a deep breath again to calm herself down. At this critical moment, she had to help save as much people as possible. She can’t afford to break down. After a while, she quickly prepared the materials and tools needed for treatment and said, “Sister Yaya, I’ve prepared the disinfection tools.” “Little Jar, please stay here to take care of the injured man and help him treat his wound. We’ll find other survivors,” Yaya responded calmly, but when she saw the condition of the injured man, she was a little worried. “Little Jar, can you handle it?” On his left leg, the flesh was almost detached from his leg. the wound was so deep that you could almost see his bones, and blood kept flowing out. It looked very disgusting. Shane looked at it and quickly turned his head away. He couldn’t even look at it for a second time, that was why Yaya checked on Karen Joy. “Sister Yaya, you can go ahead and search for the other survivors. I’ll be fine here.” No matter how disgusting it was, Karen Joy could grit her teeth and perform her job. She had seen a lot of these gory scenes in the past two days, so she was now calmer than she was when she first came here. “Okay, then i’ll leave you to it. We’ll search for the rest now.” Yaya nodded at her response, as she was quite confident in Little Jar “Sister Yaya, you guys should also take care of yourselves. When you save the victims, don’t forget to take care of yourselves too.” Karen Joy was trying to lift her team’s spirits up, and she also hoped that Brother Lionel could hear her out too. Yaya and the rest were busy saving people, and Karen Joy did not waste any time too. She prepared the disinfection tools and she was ready to treat the injured man. First, she cleaned the man’s wound thoroughly, then, she applied some medication on his wound and bandaged his wound… The process was very long, but she was not impatient at all. When she was busy, she devoted herself to saving people. She had no time to think about her Brother Lionel. The situation on Nathaniel Cooper’s side was also very tensed. The collapsed building had also crushed a group of search and rescue personnels. Because of this, the search and rescue personnels became lesser, and there were more wounded victims. The medical team were panicking as they severely lacking manpower. Although everyone was working their hearts out, no one complained about being tired. When Mr. President continued to work through the night like everyone else, everyone felt comforted. Throughout the night, everyone had been struggling to stay sane. When they got too tired, they would casually find an empty space to rest for a while. Everyone was caring, and no one was being judgmental. After resting for a while, they got up and continued to help out. By the time they managed to rescue most of the survivors, the sky turned bright. Perhaps, after the earthquake and aftershocks, the sky always appeared so gloomy. In addition, it had been drizzling the whole time, so the weather was very bad. Everyone took turns to take a break for an hour or two, but Karen Joy didn’t. She was surprisingly energetic and motivated, so she didn’t feel tired even though she kept working. Yaya took a short rest. As she woke up, she saw that Karen Joy still working. She became worried and said, “Little Jar, you have been working for the whole night. Go and take a nap. Even if you can’t sleep, just close your eyes for a while, you will feel better.” “Sister Yaya, I’m not tired. I’m not tired at all.” Karen Joy smiled and she took a warm towel to wipe the face of an older patient. “Do you feel better now?” “Better, much better… My child, thank you!” The elderly lady cried as she thanked them. She cried because she watched her loved ones die in front of her, and she was moved to tears by these young individuals who took care of her so lovingly “No worries. Please rest up more. I’ll need to check on the other patients okay.” Karen Joy was taking care of everyone in the tent. She addressed them and spoke with them endearingly, so the older patients felt extremely loved and care for “Young one, you should rest for a while. If you are exhausted, we will be worried about you.” The old woman really cared about her. Karen Joy smiled sweetly and said, “Don’t worry, won’t…” “Little girl, come out for a moment.” Before she could finish her words, Mr. President appeared at the entrance of her tent. He came to see her personally. Little girl? Was he calling her that again? She told him before that she had a name. She was not a random “little girl”. Her name was Karen Joy Kyle, and he could call her Karen. If he called her “little girl” again, he would lose the privilege of calling her “Karen”. She remembered what she said clearly and would never forget her words. He’d better not think that she was joking with him.

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