My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 728

“Mr. President? Is it Mr. President?” The President suddenly appeared in front of them, and the wounded survivors in the tent were so excited that their eyes were full of tears. “Mr. President, thank you for coming over to comfort everyone.” “Mr. President, thank you for personally taking charge of the emergency and relief work, and working so efficiently that many lives were saved.” “Mr. President, you are really a good President. We have never seen a President like you that would work with us.” When the Mr. President arrived, everyone was stunned. Mr. President only wanted to speak to Karen Joy Kyle, but he ended up having to check up on the survivors too. Karen Joy stood aside and she was ignored. Earlier, everyone was so nice to her as she took care of them very lovingly. However, it seemed that they valued their Mr. President more. As she knew that she was being sidelined, Karen Joy secretly gave Nathaniel Cooper a fierce look and walked out of the tent Why were they looking at him that way? She was much more attractive and cuter than their Mr. President. However, as soon as he came, everyone ignored her. She was jealous! She was not jealous of the survivors, but of her Brother Lionel instead. In his mind, his country was always more important than her. Although he was shaking hands and speaking with the survivors, Nathaniel could only see Karen Joy in his eyes. He noticed every little action she did. After she left, he went out shortly too, but he didn’t see the little girl. “Where?” He asked his two bodyguards who were guarding at the door. But when the two bodyguards heard his question, their eyes looked confused. Where? There was a loophole in Mr. President’s question. “What was he asking about? Was he looking for something or someone?” Mr. President asked this question, but they didn’t know who or what he was referring to. How would they know what he was asking about? As he saw how confused his guards looked, Nathaniel only had one thought in his mind. He decided not to entrust personal matters on his bodyguards anymore as they clearly did not care much. “Poof..” When Nathaniel looked around, he heard a crisp sneer from the side. He looked up and saw that the girl was standing aside and laughing at him. He walked up to her and asked, “What’s wrong? Are you not angry anymore?” “Hmph..” She didn’t even look at him and ignored him. She turned around and looked very arrogantly. “Little girl, come with me,” he spoke and walked in front of her After a few steps, the little girl stood still and did not move. It seemed that she was still upset with him. He turned back and repeated, “Little girl, come with me.” She ignored him, but he was very patient and waited for her. He made her angry today and hurt her feelings. He wouldn’t mind this little silent treatment from her. “Who are you calling little girl?” If she didn’t call her name, she would not go with him.. But, her footsteps were almost out of her control, and she really wanted to go with him. “You’re young and little, if you’re not a little girl then who is?” He looked at her carefully. Her clothes were stained and her face was dirty, which further accentuated her big, bright eyes. He couldn’t help but to hold her hand and said, “Follow me.” And she followed him. Even if he didn’t pull her away, she would still follow him anyway. His hand was so big that it could easily hold her tiny wrist. On this rainy day, it was the first time that he had made her feel warm. She couldn’t resist getting closer to him. She really wanted to crawl into his arms and let him hug her. As long as he hugged her, the suffering and pain she endured all this while would disappear immediately But just as she approached him, she stopped again. At this time, he was not her Brother Lionel. His arms did not belong to her. Perhaps he sensed that something was wrong, Nathaniel increased his grip slightly and held her tighter. “What’s wrong?” She shook her head. Then she lowered her head and did not speak. She was afraid that if she made a sound, she would end up crying. “Karen?” he asked. She was still silent, and Nathaniel did not ask anymore questions. However, no matter how many people looked at them along the way, he did not let go of her hand, Along the way, neither of them spoke. It wasn’t until they reached tent that he said, “I got someone to prepare some warm water for you and a fresh change of clothes. Take a quick rinse, change your clothes, and I’ll wait outside. She was the daughter of the Kyle family of Rovio. She had been the gem of her family since she was a child. She never had to suffer at all all these years. His heart ached as he saw how messy and dirty she looked, and she barely had time to rest. “Mr. President, did you specially prepare these for me?” She knew that her Brother Lionel was thinking about her. Her spirits became higher. He nodded. “Yes, so go and wash up. Then please rest for a while. I’ll let you know when it’s dawn. She didn’t understand, “Aren’t you coming in?” “It’s not appropriate. This little girl had to know how to protect herself. What if he was not her Brother Lionel? What if he was a bad guy? “Mr. President, please come in with me.” She gestured for him to come in. “Hurry up. I need your help.” He didn’t ask what it was about because he couldn’t say no to those bright eyes. He followed her in. As soon as he entered the tent, she turned around and rushed to his arms. She reached out to hold his waist tightly. “Karen..” Nathaniel wanted to push her away, but he couldn’t. He also wanted to hold her in his arms, but he was now the President of Country A. He asked, “Little girl, do you know who you are hugging?” This person was not her Brother Lionel. The identity of the man in her arms was completely unknown to her. What if he was a man with ill intentions… “Mr. President, don’t move, don’t talk. Please just let me lean against you for a while… Because I think I miss my Brother Lionel a lot.” She hugged him tightly, rubbed her little head against his chest, and murmured, “If my Brother Lionel is around me, he will hold me tightly and give me some warmth… He will.” “Karen…” He wanted to tell her that Brother Lionel was by her side. Brother Lionel was currently hugging her, and Brother Lionel will give her warmth. He couldn’t say those to her yet, but he could hold her tightly, give her a sense of security, and give her a little warmth. He reached out to hug her back and patted her on the back. “It’s alright. Everything will be fine.” Gradually, he felt that her breathing slowed down. He looked down and found that she had fallen asleep in his arms. This little girl worked hard for an entire day and night. In front of the survivors, she even said that she was not tired. However, she fell asleep in his arms in such a short time.

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