My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 729

“Karen… Nathaniel Cooper called her gently. She didn’t respond to him. He carried her up gently and placed her on a small bed in the tent. As she put Karen Joy Kyle down, he loosened his grip and wanted to take a towel to help her wash her face, but just as he moved, the little girl grabbed him and said, “Brother Lionel, don’t leave me behind, I’m scared.” Usually, she always pretended to be very cheerful and fearless. It seemed that no matter how difficult life was, she could endure it. However, on the inside, there was a very different side of her. She had no sense of security in her heart. Her insecurity did not stem from this disaster relief work, but it stemmed from how her Brother Lionel disappeared from her sight after she took so much effort to find him. “Don’t be afraid, Karen. I will stay by your side, and I will protect you.” He grabbed her hand and massaged it gently. “Karen, I.” He wanted to thank her for coming to him in time. When he finally became President, she came to him in time and witnessed his success in his career. She came right after he had overcome his hard struggles. When he had just taken office, the 7.6 magnitude earthquake happened. She accompanied him through this hard time, and he knew that his efforts were worth it. She definitely did not know how important she was to him. She meant so much to him that her existence could propel him to go further in his life. When that incident had happened, everyone believed that he would definitely be defeated, but he was succeeding so far. However, no one knew that the reason he was able to work hard was because he thought of this little girl. And he remembered that he owed her a promise. “Brother Lionel, you promised me that I can find you..” In her dreams, she frowned and became so sad that she almost cried. “Karen, I’m sorry!” he said. When she was very young, he chose to return to his country and abandoned her, betraying the promise he had given her. Zuriel Perth often said that she saved his life, but he nearly died for her. The debt he owed her had already been paid off. However, in Nathaniel’s viewpoint, the relationship between him and her went beyond just saving each other. In the beginning, he wanted to stay by Little Karen’s side to protect her. He had two purposes. He wanted to use her status to hide from others safely. Next, he wanted to repay her for saving his life. However, before he knew it, he had already forgotten his original purpose. He stayed by her side and simply wanted to protect her. “Brother Lionel… She slept uneasily in her dreams. From time to time, she would call out Brother Lionel, the big boy who would protect her. Nathaniel held her hand in one hand and touched her forehead with his other hand. He said softly, “Karen, let me tell you a story that you like, okay?” When she was very young, she loved the story “Frozen” a lot. However, he didn’t know much about fairy tales, so he made up some stories for her. Unexpectedly, she was very interested in his stories. She even told him that his stories were the best. Since she was young, she was a cute and naughty little girl who was also very considerate. She really carried her family values with her and grew up in a healthy and loving household. “No, you just need to stay by my side.” No matter how much she liked fairy tales, she much preferred his companion. “Okay, I will accompany you then. I won’t go anywhere.” He patted her on the back and coaxed her to sleep as if he was coaxing a child. After she fell asleep soundly, he washed her face with a cloth. However, when he touched the pail of water, the water had already cooled down. He washed her face with the cold water instead. Her little face was so dirty that no one could see her face clearly He cleaned her face with a white towel. After washing her face, the white towel instantly changed colour. One could imagine how much she neglected her image for the whole day and night. He changed the pail of water and washed the cloth thoroughly before cleaning her face again. This was his Little Karen. However, she was still as cute as a little cat, and he didn’t mind her dirty look. After washing her face, Nathaniel took the towel and wipes her hands. He noticed a wound in her palm. When he saw the blood on her hand, he thought that she might have hurt herself when treating others. Nathaniel’s heart sank at the sight of her bloodied palm, and he felt like he was stabbed. This girl lectured him about seeking help and taking care of oneself before others. Today, she was hurt instead, yet she remained silent He really wanted to punish her for this. But of course, he was not willing to do it. He cleaned and treated her wound instead. However, that was not the only injury on her body. There were a few blisters on her feet too. The blisters popped, and the pus even flowed out. There were several scratches on her calves and injuries on her knees too… Besides her face, the rest of her body was also covered in wounds. Nathaniel treated all her wounds thoroughly. He couldn’t wait to wake her up and question her. Wasn’t it better for her to live a rich and comfortable life if she stayed in New York as Miss Kyle? Why did she have to come to such a place to suffer? Brother Lionel chose to take up the responsibility on his shoulders and abandoned her more than ten years ago. He had abandoned her long ago. Didn’t she know that? Now, the Brother Lionel she missed had finally climbed to the peak of his life and success, but he already had a fiancee. She was a woman known all over the country. If she knew that he was her Brother Lionel, and that her Brother Lionel had been lying to her the whole time, how sad would she be? “Brother Lionel, as long as you are by my side, I won’t be afraid of anything.” In her dream, she smiled. She must have dreamed of the Brother Lionel she missed. She followed him without hesitation and worked for him relentlessly. But what about him? What on earth did he do for her? Not only did he not do anything for her, she was even hurt and injured because of him. “Anyone!” Nathaniel was so angry that he threw the towel out of his hand, which hit the face of Secretary Hart who heard his orders. “Mr. President… What, what’s wrong? I just.” What was going on? He did not do anything wrong earlier, but why was Mr. President so angry? “Get a helicopter here. Bring her back to Jason Lesley. Instruct Jason to take good care of her for me. If she loses a strand of hair, I will punish the Lesley family.” He needed to exert his dominance and authority right now. He had been pretending to be nice for too long. He pretended to be so nice that he nearly forgotten how hard was his climb to the throne. He deserved to feel superior. “Mr. President… bring her back?” Was Mr. President’s head been concussed by the earthquake? Getting a helicopter just to send this little girl back? It would be a waste of resources. This was not the right thing to do at the time of a rescue. “Secretary Hart, have I not made myself clear? Do you need me to tell you again?” Nathaniel narrowed his eyes slightly. and his gaze was even more fierce “Understood, understood. I’ll arrange it right away.” Secretary Hart ran as fast as he could. It had been a long time since he last saw the murderous look on the President’s face.

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