My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 730

The fragrant aroma of food was very strong. After a while, the room was filled with the scent. “Hu..” The little girl lying on the bed sniffled and licked her lips subconsciously. The aromatic scent almost made her drool, but she still did not want to wake up. The delicious breakfast, the soft bed, the warm quilt… All of this reminded her of her home in New York. To her, everything was warm and beautiful, and she was only missing Brother Lionel. This was be a dream. Otherwise, how could she smell the scent of her favourite strawberries? She knew that she was in the disaster area. There were injured people and dead bodies everywhere. She could smell blood and the stench of dead bodies. She was most definitely hallucinating about strawberries. However, she could still smell the aromatic scent after a long time. She was so hungry that her stomach was growling, and she was salivating. Since she couldn’t eat them in reality, she felt quite lucky that she could dream about her favourite food and smell them so realistically. She greedily breathed in the smell of the food and tried to fill her stomach with it. She was still hungry, but at least she was satisfied. “Karen Joy, wake up!” Now, she heard the sound of Samantha Lesley’s voice. Karen Joy sighed. If this was a dream, then it felt too real. “Karen Joy, you’ve slept for an entire day and a night. If you don’t wake up, ‘ll call the police. Samantha pushed Karen Joy. “You’re the first person I know who could sleep so long. Aren’t you hungry at all?” “Samantha, can you be quiet?” This girl had been making a lot of noise these days. She was finally resting well in her dreams, and Samantha was disturbing her serenity. Didn’t she know that she was very sleepy? “Karen Joy, I’ve asked the helpers to prepare a lot of delicious food. Get up and eat something. You can sleep after.” Samantha felt very sad when she thought of what Secretary Hart had said the morning before. Karen Joy was her friend, but how did she become a distinguished guest of the President suddenly? Because of this, she acted very carefully around Karen Joy now. She felt that the dynamics of their friendship had changed. “Karen Joy… Just get up and eat something. Don’t starve yourself. Otherwise, my brother and I will get into trouble.” Samantha spoke very directly. Samantha’s ability to pester people was so strong that Karen Joy really couldn’t stand it. She decided to wake up from the dream, so that she wouldn’t have to listen to her annoying voice anymore Karen Joy slowly opened her eyes knowing that she would definitely see her Brother Lionel by her side. She no longer needed to listen to Samantha’s annoying nagging. But when she opened her eyes, she didn’t see Brother Lionel. Instead, she saw a big smile on Samantha’s face. She was smiling brightly at her. “Karen Joy, you are finally willing to open your eyes. You have slept for such a long time. If you weren’t breathing, I would think you had died.” Karen Joy blinked and tried hard to clarify her view, but… when she opened her eyes again, Samantha was still in front of her, and Brother Lionel was not there. Karen Joy was so disappointed. Samantha, why are you here? Where is Brother Lionel?’ Samantha was a very timid and shy person. She had never participated in outdoor activities when she was in school. She was always the first to withdraw from any activities that involved survival skills. She was always afraid of a lot of things. Samantha didn’t have the courage to participate in any risky activities. She wondered how did Karen Joy have the courage to work for disaster relief? “Karen Joy, are you confused? This is my home, if I’m not here, where else can I go?”Samantha reached out her hand and touched Karen Joy’s forehead. She compared her body temperature with her own. Finally, she asked, “Karen Joy, do you have a fever? Why are you spewing all these nonsense?” The bed was soft and big, and the room was very warm. In addition to the smell of food, she could also smell hot tea and cologne… She finally deduced that she was no longer at the disaster area, but she was back at the Lesley house. She knew that besides her Brother Lionel.. No… Besides the President of Country A, no one else would have the power or ability to send her back to the Lesley house. She was doing well at her work at the disaster area. Why did he send her back when she fell asleep? Did he really think that she would not be able to help him if she stayed in the disaster area? Would she cause more trouble for him? At the thought that Brother Lionel despised her so much, Karen Joy felt so down. Tears swirled in her eyes, and she almost cried out loud. However, she bit her lips tightly to stop herself from crying. In Brother Lionel’s heart, she was already so useless. She couldn’t cry like a child again. She had to be brave, strong, and improve herself. She would not want Brother Lionel to look down on her again. “Karen Joy, what’s wrong? Is there something wrong?” Seeing Karen Joy’s red eyes, Samantha wanted to comfort her, but she didn’t have the right words to do so. Karen Joy managed to control her emotions, but after listening to Samantha’s words, she almost broke down again. She hurriedly turned her head away so she wouldn’t cry. Since she was little, her father told her that she was their treasure. He told her that she needed to let everything out and she did not need to suppress anything in her heart. For more than a decade, her family had taken good care of her. She was hardworking, smart, brave, strong… No one ever hurt her like this before. “Karen Joy, stop daydreaming. Get up and wash up, or you’ll really starve.” Samantha raised her hand and waved it in front of Karen Joy. “Karen Joy, did you hear what I said?” “Have I slept for an entire day and a night?” Karen Joy asked. “Yes, it’s been an entire day and a night. Secretary Hart sent you back yesterday morning. You slept until this morning, which is now.” Samantha nodded hard. “How’s the situation at the disaster area? Is there any aftershocks still? Did you hear any news about Mr. President?” Although Karen Joy felt down, she was still worried about the person who made her feel that way. No matter how he bullied her or made her sad, he was her Brother Lionel. He was the person that was on her mind all the time since she was a child. It was impossible for her to really be angry with him, because her emotions outweighed her rationality. She could not stop herself from worrying about him. “Well, the news reported that the situation in the disaster area is much better. The communication channels and water supply have recovered, and a large number of supplies have also been sent in time… Don’t worry, there will not be any aftershocks too.” Samantha’s speech was long, but she neglected the question that Karen Joy cared about the most. Karen Joy didn’t bother to ask Samantha again. She hurriedly took out her phone and browsed the news. She knew that Samantha probably summarized the news for her too.

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