My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 731

As she read the news, she read a lot about how the volunteers and workers managed the bodies of the deceased in the disaster area. One after another, the news was all over different outlets. The weather in Long Cove in September was not very cold. There were too many people who died in the earthquake, and their bodies would quickly rot if not managed properly. Once the corpses rot, chances of bacterial infection were high. If an infection happened, it would be hard to contain the spread. Therefore, it was very urgent matter to dispose the corpses properly. After discussing and listening to the opinions of the people and professionals, the leaders of the country decided to cremate the bodies. Although the news was very disheartening, the most important thing was for the living to live well. Unexpectedly, as soon as the news spread out, some people objected this decision. Some of the relatives of the deceased were far away from the affected area, and many people had not been able to come back to see their families for the last time. Some oppositions took advantage of this incident to incite the families of the dead in the disaster area. They wanted to bring the President down. Many people knew that their Mr. President had the final say in this matter, but the matter was discussed with the public and from the opinions of the professionals. However, the opposition would just say anything to bring him down regardless “These people are really bastards!” Karen Joy was so angry that she swore. Her Brother Lionel, together with the people in the disaster area, rushed into the disaster area to save people. People at the disaster area saw what he had done with their own eyes. How could there still be people who wanted to fan the flames and pull him down. What was more annoying was the fact that many angry citizens would jump on the bandwagon and trust what the opposition said. They didn’t even witness the President’s hard work at the scene. “Karen Joy, what’s wrong with you?” Samantha asked curiously as she saw how angry Karen Joy had gotten. “These are fake news and tabloids, mostly created to disrupt the political stability. Any sane person would know that. Besides, the President has his own way to deal with these things. These clowns wouldn’t be able to do anything.” Samantha could say these words because she knew the President well. Mr. President worked very hard and diligently to get where he was now, and many citizens witnessed that He climbed his way up. No matter his capabilities, it was sad to see how many people out there were willing to bring him down. From the bottom of her heart, Karen Joy felt sad to see that. “Samantha, did Mr. President come back from the disaster area?” Karen Joy was so anxious that she wanted to jump off the bed, but she was stopped by Samantha. Samantha hugged Karen Joy and said, “Karen Joy, there are injuries on your feet and legs. The doctor has helped you treat the wounds. Don’t move too much for the time being.” “Has Mr. President returned?” Karen Joy asked again. “He’s back. My brother went to the North Palace to attend a meeting.” Samantha thought for a moment and said, “Karen Joy, you were close to Brother Dominic for a while, and then you’re with Mr. President now. Do you think they’re all your Brother Lionels? Isn’t Brother Lionel just one individual?” “Of course I know that Brother Lionel is only one person.” She knew this very well and that was why she cherished him so much. “Samantha, tell me, was Mr. President…” Karen Joy abruptly swallowed the word “injured back. Even if her Brother Lionel was injured, he would not say anything. Just like the wound on his shoulder, he would only quietly let the doctor deal with it briefly, and he would keep it to himself. Samantha was worried and said, “Karen Joy, let’s eat something.” “Okay.” She really needed to eat. She had been hungry for so many days already. If she didn’t have enough food, how would she have the strength to continue to help Brother Lionel? Perhaps because Karen Joy hadn’t eaten anything for a long time, as she took two mouthfuls of her food, her stomach felt very uncomfortable, and she wanted to vomit. She drank another glass of water and said “Samantha, can’t eat anymore.” Samantha asked, “Karen Joy, what happened to you?” “I’m okay.” Karen Joy shook her head. “Samantha, you can go out first. I want to rest for a while.” “Alright, you can sleep for a while, i’ll bring you your lunch later.” Samantha knew that something was wrong with her, but she didn’t know how to talk to her. She decided it was probably better for her to gain some peace first. As soon as Samantha left, Karen Joy picked up her phone and looked at the news about Mr. President on the Internet. There were a few people who kept trying to smear his image, but the news were mostly repetitive. The news suggested that he chose to cremate the corpses in order to cover up some sort of truth. There was a user who made a comment that made Karen Joy remember it deeply. Two days ago, this person cursed Nathaniel on the Internet by saying that he should go and never come back. Then, someone more capable could take up the position. Karen Joy clicked on the man’s picture and wanted to read more information about him, but it seemed like a spam account. Obviously, he didn’t want others to find out anything about him. Karen Joy gritted her teeth. She needed to find him out. She needed to teach him a lesson. The only person who could help her find out about this person was Jayden Elias Kyle. Although was really unwilling to call him, but for the sake of Brother Lionel, Karen Joy once again gritted her teeth and dialed Jayden’s phone number. When she called, the call was almost immediately connected, but he did not her any voice from the other end. Karen Joy pursed her lips and asked, “Why are you not talking?” “I’m waiting for the almighty Miss Kyle to speak. I have to listen to her and be at her beck and call.” Jayden spoke in a relaxed tone. “Jayden, do you have to talk to me like this?” That was why she didn’t want to talk to him and probably why they couldn’t get along. She couldn’t stand his attitude when they spoke. “So you’re not calling for help?” Jayden asked back. Karen Joy stammered, “.” Jayden gave a wry smile and said, “Go ahead, what’s the matter?” “Can you help me investigate a person?” After all, she was asking for his help. Karen Joy’s attitude had to be polite. “Karen Joy, do you think that your Brother Lionel is just a child? Does he want you to do everything for him?” Jayden suddenly sounded mad. Karen Joy was so confused by his anger and she asked, “What do you mean?” He added, “He must have already found out about the person you want me to investigate, so you don’t need to worry about whoever that was.” Karen Joy couldn’t believe his words, “Really?” Jayden suddenly changed his tone and said, “Karen, I need to be frank. Whether you like it or not, I will just say it. Your Brother Lionel is far more powerful than you think. He is capable of climbing to the position of being the leader of the country. Do you think he is stupid?” “Of course I know that he is very powerful, but no matter how powerful he is, I still want to help him. I want to share some of his burden with him, can’t 1?” She knew that he was powerful, but she wanted to do something. “Of course you can..” Jayden took a deep breath and murmured, “What’s so good about him? Is he worth so much for you to do these things for him?” He had accompanied her for fourteen years, and the days he spent with her were far longer than the days when she was accompanied by her Brother Lionel. He accompanied her, took care of her, and loved her. As long as she needed something, he was more concerned about it than his own matters. Why couldn’t she notice the person that was by her side all this time?

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