My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 732

“Because he is my Brother Lionel!” Karen Joy Kyle’s answer was so simple, and she didn’t need any reason. Because he was her Brother Lionel. In her heart, he was the best, and no one could replace him. When she was still very young, she did not know that Brother Lionel had fought against many people by himself in order to protect her. That time, he almost lost his life. For so many years, she thought that Brother Lionel had promised to protect her, but he secretly ran away when she was asleep. When she woke up, Brother Lionel was gone. She always thought that Brother Lionel abandoned her and didn’t want her. Until her mother told her about what Brother Lionel had done for her two years ago, she finally knew that Brother Lionel had done so much for her, In her memory, she blamed Brother Lionel for leaving her. It turned out that her Brother Lionel never abandoned her, as he looked after her secretly from afar. So, when she came to Country A and was almost taken back by Jayden Kyle, Brother Lionel appeared at the right time. “Just because he is your Brother Lionel?” Jayden chuckled and said, “Karen, please continue to protect your Brother Lionel. You must protect him well. Don’t lose him this time no matter what. Otherwise, you may really lose him and you won’t be able to find him again.” “Jayden, what do you mean by saying that?” Hearing his sarcastic tone, Karen Joy recalled the moment when he burned her photos, and she panicked. “Jayden, I’m warning you, if you do anything to Brother Lionel, I will definitely not let you go “Tell me, what can you do to me?” He was still smiling, and his tone sounded casual, as if he was challenging her. “I will kill you.” Karen Joy clenched her teeth and said fiercely. That time, Jayden burned the only photo she had of Brother Lionel. She had an impulse to kill him during that time. Hence, if Jayden dared to hurt Brother Lionel, she would definitely kill him. She was sure that she would kill him with her own hands. She would do what she said. “Kill me?” Jayden repeated Karen Joy’s words sarcastically. “So you’d better not think about it. Otherwise, my words will definitely be your reality.” Karen Joy said with a slight smile on her lips. For Brother Lionel, she would risk her life to save the victims at the disaster area. For Brother Lionel, she would also kill. “Nathaniel is the leader of a powerful country. His subordinates control the strongest military force in Country A. What can I do to him?” Jordan smiled bitterly. “Karen, since you are my sister, I will remind you again not to think so simply of your Brother Lionel. His inscrutableness is far beyond your imagination.” He knew best not to judge a book by its cover. Often, things did not seem as what they appeared. After that, Jayden hung up the phone. He didn’t want to listen to Karen Joy’s justifications anymore. When he heard it, he would feel very sad and down, and he even had some ill-intended thoughts. Those thoughts were so horrible that it scared him… “Karen!” He said her name and stood in front of the french window of the tall building, looking into the distance. It was where the Lesley house was located, and it was where Karen Joy was at this moment, “When can you stop and look back?” Stop and look back! His words made him laugh. He was laughing at himself for being so naive and ridiculous. He knew that in this life, Karen Joy could only see Brother Lionel He was very clear that in this life, Karen Joy would never give up her Brother Lionel on her own accord. Therefore, she would never look back. She could not see that he was the one who stood behind her, nor could she see his sacrifices he made for her. He stayed by her side for so many years. When did it start? He was good to her, he wanted to spoil her, but this urge and want went beyond those typical of a sibling relationship. He was beginning to develop affection and feelings towards her. Perhaps as he watched her grow day by day, and she become more beautiful and attractive, he began to develop those feelings. The weather was supposed to be good in September, but Jayden felt that the weather was extremely bad now It was so terrible that it made him feel suffocated. Damn it! Why was he torturing himself like this? He didn’t have to put himself through this. He could do more things and just let go… Thump! Thump! The knocking on the door interrupted Jayden’s thoughts. He closed his eyes slightly to calm himself down, “Come in!” “First Young Master, I found the person you asked me to look for.” York Tanner opened the door and came in. He passed some documents to Jayden. “Can you see if there is anything else that I missed?” “Uncle Tanner, you don’t have to be so polite to me when it’s only the two of us.” Jayden also reached out his hands to take the document and said, “If you hadn’t pitied me and brought me to the Kyle family, I wouldn’t have been the adopted son of the Kyle family, or even act as your superior.” “First Young Master, that’s your fate. It has nothing to do with me.” Although his master said nice things, as a smart and sensible subordinate, he could not take advantage of the situation. Otherwise, the consequences would be very bad. “If this is my fate, then you are the person who changed my destiny.” Jayden did not talk about serious matters, but instead he was referring to things from long ago. “First Young Master, you really think too highly of me. That year, you knew how to seize the opportunity and Director Kyle took a fancy to you. It really has nothing to do with me.” The master’s sudden words made York confused about what he was going to do. He felt so worried that he wiped away his cold sweat. Jayden changed the subject and said, “Uncle Tanner, you were originally my father’s special assistant. In the past two years, he assigned you to work with me. I’m really sorry about that. York felt more guilty when he heard that. He immediately said, “It’s my honor to work with you.” “Uncle Tanner, thank you for your hard work these days. You can go and rest for a few days. I need you to do something for me after that.” Jayden said politely, but his expression spoke otherwise. York quickly waved his hand and said, “First Young Master, I’m not tired. I.” Jayden raised his eyebrows and interrupted York, “Uncle Tanner, why are you still calling me First Young Master? Didn’t you hear what I just said?” York felt chills on his back and did not dare to say anything more. He left in a hurry. After Jayden graduated from college, he took over some work in Rovio. He was always polite with his subordinates at work, so his reputation was very good in Rovio. He was an extremely smart person. He knew that his father asked York to work for him not just because he needed help, but he wanted York to monitor everything he does. After all, he was an outsider. The Kyle family of Rovio had such a huge business empire, and only the true descendants of the Kyle family could take over the company in the future. Karen Joy was the apple of her father’s eyes. As long as she was willing to return to New York or Chatterton Town, her father would willingly pass the reins of Rovio to her.

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