My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 733

Karen Joy Kyle was a smart child. As long as she was willing to learn, it was not impossible for her to manage Rovio well in the future But she didn’t want to! Because of her Brother Lionel, she made her father angry, so she indirectly gave up the position as the first successor of Rovio. So many people were jealous of the position, and many people would never have such a luck. However, in her eyes, it was far less important than that man. Was it worth it? Jayden Elias Kyle had wanted to ask her this question countless times, but he did not ask, because he knew that her answer was certain. After hanging up the phone for some time, Karen Joy’s head was still echoing the words that Jayden had just said. To tell the truth, she also believed that for her Brother Lionel to able to get to his current position, he must have used some methods and strategies. There were a lot of people in this world who would choose different ways to achieve their own goals. However, everyone’s means were different, and that didn’t mean that they were bad people. For instance, her father was the best example she had ever seen. Rovio had become more and more prosperous day by day under his leadership, and he had used many frightening methods before too. Therefore, when Jayden said that Brother Lionel was not as simple as she imagined, Karen Joy did not feel surprised. Because in her heart, she had never felt that her Brother Lionel was a simple man. A simple and sweet person could never win over a country as the country’s leader. Thinking of this, Karen Joy did not feel that her Brother Lionel was so terrible. Instead, her heart wrenched for her Brother Lionel Climbing to such a high position alone, he wouldn’t have many friends. If he wanted to talk to someone, he wouldn’t be able to find someone appropriate to talk to either. Her Brother Lionel must have felt very lonely. In the future, she needed to stay with Brother Lionel more. Whenever he wanted to find someone to talk to, he could find her. “She just drank a little water and didn’t eat anything else. Then she said that she wanted to rest.” Samantha’s voice suddenly came from outside the room. “Alright, carry on with your work.” This was the voice of the President. His tone sounded very serious, not as gentle as when he talked to Karen Joy. Mr. President? Brother Lionel was here? Karen was not prepared at all for this. She was so flustered that she did not know how to face him. Why was she in such a panic? He was the one who lied. He was the person who brought her back from the disaster area and made her angry. She should not panic. She should be angry with him. Just as she was gathering her thoughts, the bad guy who made her angry and sad opened the door. Karen Joy was so scared that she quickly pulled up the quilt and wrapped herself in it. She wanted to be angry with him for a while so that he could please her “Are there treasures under the quilt? Are you looking for treasures?” He put on a grin and spoke casually Didn’t this person know that she was angry with him? How could he talk to her in such a relaxed tone? Did he think that she would forgive him? Hmph, she wouldn’t forgive him so easily. If he didn’t apologize to him properly, she would never forgive him heard that you didn’t eat anything.” He sat down on her bedside and asked, “Are you feeling uncomfortable? I can ask the doctor to check on you.” Her body was fine, but her heart was not. It felt like there was a hole in her heart where the cold air keep blowing through and she felt chills constantly, and that was why she couldn’t eat anything. However, knowing that he took the time to visit her despite his busy schedule because he knew that she hadn’t eaten anything, she felt that her heart was whole again. She was also a little happy inside. “Karen.” It was the first time he called her Karen in his current state. Karen Joy was shocked and almost responded to him. But she had to wait and play a little hard-to-get. She ignored him, and he called her again, “Little girl..” “Don’t call me little girl!” Karen Joy immediately pulled the quilt away and suddenly sat up, staring at him fiercely. “Karen” sounded so nice earlier. Why did he call her little girl again? Didn’t you know that the term “little girl” could be used to address all the other girls? Her Brother Lionel belonged to her only and she only belonged to Brother Lionel, so she only wanted her Brother Lionel to address her as Karen. “You’re finally willing to get out of that cave? Looking at her ruddy face and her strong voice, his worried heart had finally became relaxed. “I said, if you call me little girl again, you are not allowed to call me Karen anymore.” She said angrily. “So I’m really not allowed to call you Karen anymore?” He summarized her answer. Before she could answer, he continued, “Okay, I won’t call you Karen anymore.” He clearly knew that she didn’t mean it. She still wanted him to call her Karen. However, he just wanted to fool around with her. The grievances accumulated in Karen Joy’s heart suddenly burst out like a flood of a collapsing dike. She bit her lip and tried to control her tears, but she failed this time. Her crystalline tears could be seen rolling down from her tender, pink cheeks, and they looked like broken beads. She bit her lips and shouted at him, “If you don’t want to call me that, then don’t. Who cares about you? You are not my Brother Lionel. Why should I let a stranger like you call me by my name?” “And, this is my room. You’re a man. How can you come into a girl’s room without knocking on the door? Is this what you can do as the President of a country?” Just because he was her Brother Lionel, did that mean that he could bully her at will and do anything to make her sad? She needed to stand her ground! She would never allow him to bully her again. If he did not approach her as Brother Lionel, she would not say a word to him again. “Karen…” Her tears made him feel distressed, and he stretched out his hand to wipe the tears from her eyes. But as soon as his hand touched her, he was slapped away. “Don’t touch me!” His hand remained in the air. She wiped her tears again and continued to shout at him, “You are not my Brother Lionel. You’d better stay away from me.” “I.” He was her Brother Lionel, but he couldn’t admit it. “Mr. President, please go back. I don’t want to see you again. She was speaking to the President, so she didn’t mean that she didn’t want see Brother Lionel anymore. She just didn’t want to see him in this identity. Nathaniel appeared approachable on the surface, but in fact, he was a dominant and clever person. If Karen Joy didn’t want him to be close to her, he wouldn’t just leave obediently. He even forgot that at this moment, in her eyes, he was only the President of Country A, and he was not her Brother Lionel Therefore, he did not retreat. Instead, he pulled her into his arms and hugged her tightly, as if he was comforting a little creature that was injured. “Karen, I know you feel disappointed and useless. You blame me for sending you back when you were asleep. You can blame me, but I don’t regret doing that.” Karen Joy was unable to resist his hug, and she asked while crying, “Why?” He responded, “Because you were injured. Your Brother Lionel was worried about you, felt sorry for you, and blamed himself for not protecting you well.”

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