My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 734

Nathaniel Cooper’s tone when he spoke always appeared a little mellow. When he consoled her, he had a similar tone too. His voice sounded so pleasant to hear that she couldn’t control herself. In addition to his kind words, her steel heart was instantly softened. At this moment, when Karen Joy Kyle heard his words, all the pain, all the wounds, and all the grievances disappeared in an instant. It turned out that her Brother Lionel didn’t dislike her, nor did he think that she was causing trouble for him. The real reason he sent her back was that he loved her and cared about her. He felt sorry for her! He cared for her! Suddenly, she had forgotten about the pain in her body and her heart. She was so excited that she was floating on cloud nine. She had long forgotten that she told herself that as long as he did admit that he was Brother Lionel, she would definitely ignore him. She wiped her tears and said playfully, “You are not my Brother Lionel. How do you know that my Brother Lionel will feel sorry for me?” She wanted to see how he would respond to this. Why couldn’t he just admit that he was her Brother Lionel? She would be so happy if that happened. Nathaniel reached out his hand and gently wiped away her tears away. He stroked her little head and said in a softer tone, “Do you still remember what I said before? I also have someone I like.” “Of course I remember.” Because the person he liked was her. How could she not remember what he said? Karen Joy blushed a little. Was he going to finally reconcile with her? Hoping that he might admit that he was her Brother Lionel soon, Karen Joy became so excited and nervous that she felt butterflies all over her stomach. He added, “If the person I like is sick or injured, I will feel sorry for her and worry about her. If your Brother Lionel is really as good as you say he is, then he will certainly be sad if you get hurt.” He even said “your Brother Lionel”! Karen Joy just looked at him coldly. He was obviously her Brother Lionel, but he still pretended to be serious. Anyway, she knew that he was worried about her. She hugged him and rubbed her face against his shirt, wiping away the tears on her face. “Mr. President, you are right. My Brother Lionel loves me so much. If I were sick, he would be very sad. “Then do you know what to do now?” He pushed her away from his arms and held her shoulder instead. “Little girl, when you’re alone, you have to take care of yourself more. Don’t let those who care about you, worry about you, understand?” “Alright, I know. I will eat well and take good care of myself. I won’t let my Brother Lionel worry about me.” As soon as she finished speaking, she suddenly approached him and kissed his face with her pink lips. Her lips were soft and warm, and it felt similar to her kisses when she was young. At the moment when her lips touched him, Nathaniel felt that gush of blood rushing through his head. He wanted to hold her hold her in his arms to kiss her. But. fortunately, he controlled himself well and promptly realized that he was not her Brother Lionel at this moment. He could not do anything that he wanted to do to her. Something wasn’t right! Nathaniel suddenly realized that this girl was kissing a man that wasn’t her Brother Lionel. She was kissing a man that wasn’t her Brother Lionel! Nathaniel frowned, and his face turned dark. The jealousy in his heart was overwhelming. Damn it! How could she kiss a man that wasn’t her Brother Lionel? Even if his real identity was her Brother Lionel, she did not know that he was her Brother Lionel yet, and she kissed him. “Little girl, do you know who you are kissing?” His eyes looked gloomy, and he looked like he was going to eat her up. “Of course I do.” She blinked her big, beautiful eyes at him. Her eyes reflected the light of the room, and she looked extra beautiful She kissed her Brother Lionel. Was it something she shouldn’t do? “Who?” He suddenly held her head up. He wanted her to be careful with her responses. “It’s you.” No matter how terrible he looked, she was not afraid at all, because her Brother Lionel would never hurt her. “Who am 1?” he asked again. His voice became more and more gloomy. “Who do you think you are?” she asked. Her tone was naughty yet cute, and she didn’t care about his anger at all. He warned her in a deep voice, “Little girl, answer me properly, or you won’t be able to bear the consequences.” “Consequences? What consequences?” She smiled innocently. She even reached out and patted his chest. “Mr. President, if I don’t answer your questions well, will you eat me up?” Looking at his increasingly gloomy eyes, Karen Joy became more and more excited, “Mr. President, I know that I’m very beautiful and lovely, and I look very attractive. Many people want to get close to me, but I’m only willing to be my Brother Lionel’s snack.” She wanted to be a “snack” for Brother Lionel! This girl was trying to trick him with her innocent appearance. Nathaniel’s expression appeared more positively, “So what do you mean by kissing me just now?” Karen Joy was suddenly enlightened and looked very surprised. “Mr. President, I’ve told you that I have no interest in you. Please don’t think too much about the kiss.” Nathaniel did not know how to respond to that. She kissed him, but she even said that she was not interested in him. Did she have to sleep with men in order to show her interest in them? “The kiss earlier was just to express my gratitude. You should know that people around here often kiss each other’s cheeks when they greet each other.” Her explanation was very reasonable. Although she was not from this town, she grew up in America, and she had an open mindset. “Don’t do this again in the future, especially to other men.” Even if she was only greeting someone, he didn’t want her to kiss someone else “Mr. President, aren’t you a little too controlling? Even if it is my Brother Lionel, he will not control me that much.” She only wanted to make him angry and provoke him to see what he would do next. “Who said that he wouldn’t control you?” Wasn’t he already controlling her? “How do you know that?” Karen Joy saw that his expression appeared tensed again, so she immediately added, “Mr. President, don’t use the reason you just used, I don’t want to hear it.” Nathaniel did not refute her words. He really wanted to use the reason he had just used, but he didn’t expect that she acted faster and stopped him from speaking “Mr. President!” Karen Joy touched her flat belly. “I’m very hungry. Can you please get me something to eat?” In the whole world, only Karen Joy would be brave to ask Mr. President to get food for her. “Alright, wait for me. I’ll come back in a bit.” What was more concerning was that he didn’t sense the abnormality in this. As he walked out of her room, Karen Joy rolled on the bed happily. Brother Lionel was so cute when he was jealous. He was so adorable that she wanted to bully him even more.

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