My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 735

Her Brother Lionel was clearly the President of the country, However, how could he act so adorably? She was already giving so many signals. Couldn’t he guess that she had already known that he was her Brother Lionel? If it wasn’t for him, why would she go to the disaster area? If it weren’t for the fact that she knew he was her Brother Lionel, she would not have kissed him. Her Brother Lionel was so silly! However, even if he was her silly Brother Lionel, she still liked him very much. She liked him even more when he’s gotten jealous of himself. Men could act so foolishly in front of women they liked. Her father was like that too. Once, when her mother was watching TV, and she said that the main actor on TV was very handsome. After her father hung up the phone, the first sentence he asked her mother was, “Handsome? Really? How is he better than your husband?” Her father was so focused on talking on the phone, but when her mother said something like that, he wanted to argue with her mother. She also heard the most classic sentence that her father said to her mother before, “I’m arguing with you because you are my wife. If it were someone else, I wouldn’t have bothered to pay attention.” Her father wanted to justify his jealousy. Therefore, Karen Joy concluded that men were actually petty beings. Their desire to control was particularly strong, and they do not like it when their women had other men on their minds. However, she thought that what her father said was right. He did get angry and jealous only because he liked her mother a lot. Soon, Nathaniel brought in some delicious food. Seeing that she was in a daze, he reached out and shook his hand in front of her eyes. “Little girl, what are you thinking about?” “I’m thinking about what food are you going to prepare for me?” She licked her lips, looking very hungry. Nathaniel took a small table and put it on her bed. Then, he served the food on the table. “Samantha personally prepared these. You need to eat more.” Samantha Lesley was just a decoy, he couldn’t tell Karen Joy that he had asked someone to prepare all these according to her likings. When she was a child, she was particularly picky about food and loved strawberries the most. Her family had always thought of different ways to make strawberry-flavored food for her. She was a child who everyone spoiled, yet she could go through the hardships at the disaster area. To be honest, when he first saw her at the disaster area, he did not believe that it was really her. “If these things are prepared for me by my Brother Lionel, 1 will eat them all. I won’t waste one bit, but..” Her face turned a little sad, and she lowered her little head. “Mr. President, my Brother Lionel hasn’t come to see me for a lot of days. Do you think he has forgotten about me?” “How would he?” Nathaniel became even sadder. He reached out and patted her on the back. “As long as you take care of yourself, your Brother Lionel will come and see you.” “You’re not him. You’re only guessing.” She said sulkily, but she was happy in her heart. He said, “Then let’s make a bet?” Karen Joy blinked and asked, “Bet on what?” “I bet that if you finish all this food, your Brother Lionel will come to you the night after tomorrow,” he spoke very endearingly “Really?” As long as he was willing to see her as her Brother Lionel, then she could act like a spoiled child in Brother Lionel’s arms. “Yes!” He nodded with absolute certainty. “What if he doesn’t come?” Although he personally promised it, Karen Joy still needed him to reassure her as she was worried he would bail on his words. “He will definitely come!” Besides breaking the promise and leaving her behind after that deadly incident, he never broke any promises. “Mr. President, if my Brother Lionel really comes to see me the night after tomorrow, I will treat you to dinner. If my Brother Lionel doesn’t come the night after tomorrow, you can treat me to dinner then.” Whether she won or lost the bet, her request was very simple. She just wanted him accompany her to dinner. “Okay, no problem.” He rubbed her head and handed her a bowl of hot soup first. “It’s a little cold. Remember to drink a bowl of soup to keep yourself warm every day. Also, Coast City’s air is a little dry. Since you’re new here, you may not be used to it. Remember to drink more water.” He reminded her like he was reminding a child. He was scared that he didn’t take good care of her and she would suffer “Mr. President…” She looked at him eagerly, pursed her tender lips and said, “You are so gentle and considerate. If didn’t have my Brother Lionel, and you didn’t have a someone you like, I think I might like you.” As Karen Joy expected, the gentle smile on the President’s face went away instantly. He said sternly, “What did you just say? Do you want to say it again?” Karen Joy looked innocent and said, “Why are you upset? I praised you for being gentle and considerate. Shouldn’t you be happy?” “Should I be happy?” His Baby Karen was about to fall in love with someone else. Should he be happy? Damn it! He couldn’t be happy. “Mr. President, what’s wrong with you?” He was really selfish. He was the same as her father when he was angry. He would just keep a straight face and just ignore everyone around him. “Have a good meal!” After saying that, he turned around and left Karen Joy was stunned. She only wanted to tease him, but she didn’t expect that he could get so angry and left. Karen Joy was so regretful that she didn’t have the mood to eat. “Mr. President!” She was looking for him, but no one answered her. She had a good appetite earlier, but right now, she suddenly had no appetite at all. Did she go too far? Did Brother Lionel really feel sad? She said that she wanted to be her considerate Baby Karen and be his sweetheart. How could she make him sad? She could no longer bully Brother Lionel in the future, otherwise, she would be the one who would feel sad in the end. “If you want to see your Brother Lionel, just eat well. Otherwise, don’t think about seeing anyone. Just as Karen Joy thought that he had left her, she heard his voice by the door. It seemed that he was still concerned about her. He was so angry yet he was reluctant to leave. “Okay, Mr. President, don’t worry. I’ll eat obediently.” She immediately gulped down the food. She must not make Brother Lionel angry again, otherwise, she wouldn’t get to see him. On her bed, she gulped down her food quickly. The more she ate, the tastier the food seemed. Outside the room, Nathaniel was smoking a cigarette. He was thinking about her words. He should be happy that Karen Joy was open to like someone of his status, but he didn’t want her to think about other men besides Brother Lionel, even if the man was himself. They were both him, but his identity was different, and the way he interacted with her was different. Yet she said that she might like him. As soon as he heard these words, his heart was filled with mixed feelings, and he did not know how to face her. Obviously, he was still jealous of himself!

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