My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 736

“Mr. President, I’ve finished eating.” Desperate to see him as Brother Lionel, Karen Joy Kyle tried her best and ate all the food on the table as fast as she could. “Well, okay.” His voice came from outside the door. “Your leg is still injured. You can’t get out of bed and walk for the time being. You can just sit on the bed and rest for a while.” “Okay, whatever you say, i’ll listen to you.” Karen Joy nodded obediently like a child. “Mr. President, come in and chat with me for a while. It’s boring to sit here alone.” As long as she could trick him into her room, she could think of a way to spend more time with him. However, Karen Joy waited for a long time, but Mr. President didn’t approach her. She didn’t see him today and didn’t see him on the next day too. On the third day, she saw Brother Lionel in the news. Wearing a formal black suit, he was greeting a foreign envoy. He looked smart and dignified. He was not alone, as there was a woman standing beside him. In the past, whenever Brother Lionel appeared, Karen Joy’s gaze would definitely fall on him and she would not be able to look away. However, this time, her eyes were fixed on the woman who was beside Brother Lionel. The woman was young and beautiful. Her eyes were bright and she had a very beautiful smile. Her skin was fair and flawless. She was so pretty and attractive that nobody could not take their eyes off her at first glance. As she looked at this woman, she thought that the woman was very beautiful and attractive. Karen Joy couldn’t imagine what Brother Lionel would think when being with such an attractive woman, he was a young man, he must be mesmerised by her beauty too. With such a beautiful woman was by his side, and she was his fiancée, how could he control himself not to look at her, or not to have other thoughts about her? Karen Joy shook her head. She didn’t want to know the answer. She only knew that this beautiful woman was standing next to her Brother Lionel. They looked perfect together, like a match made in heaven. More importantly, this woman was Brother Lionel’s fiancee. She was engaged to Brother Lionel even before he took over the position as the President. She was Brother Lionel’s publicly-known fiancee. She could stay by Brother Lionel’s side, accompany him to attend the President’s inauguration ceremony, and accompany him to any other public events… Sooner or later, this fiancee would very likely become Brother Lionel’s wife. She would finally be Brother Lionel’s lawfully wedded wife. On the day of the President’s inauguration ceremony, Karen Joy came to know that Mr. President had a fiancee. But at that time, she couldn’t confirm that he was her Brother Lionel, so she didn’t mind him having a fiancee at all. Furthermore, Brother Lionel’s fiancee had not appeared before the eyes of the public for the past few days. Karen Joy nearly forgot about her existence. She was waiting for Brother Lionel. She was waiting for him to approach her as her Brother Lionel. But now, she realized that he had this stunning woman beside him. The woman held Brother Lionel’s hand. No matter how many cameras were aimed at them, she could still put on a smile and look elegant and graceful. Karen Joy always knew that her Brother Lionel was an exceptional person. She thought that only she would be qualified enough to stand by his side. But when she saw his fiancee again today, she thought otherwise. When Brother Lionel looked at his fiancee, his gaze appeared very gentle, like she was his centre of the universe. Karen Joy then recalled how Brother Lionel looked at herself. It felt like he was looking at a child, a child who was not sensible and needed his care, Moreover, when she was ill, Brother Lionel told her to take her medicine and he would accompany her to eat when she didn’t eat. All of these actions made it seem as if he was caring for a child. He looked at his fiancee very differently. He looked like he was extremely caring and supportive. He would also whisper to her from time to time and listen to her opinions carefully. They looked perfect. She saw how sweet they looked and how intimate they were, like they were in love with each other. At that moment, Karen Joy felt so upset. She was both shocked and scared at the same time. She was so scared. She was worried that Brother Lionel was referring to his fiancee when he said he needed to settle some matters before publicly reconciling with her. However, their relationship was legitimate, and Karen Joy was the third wheel coming between them. That woman was Brother Lionel’s fiancee. She was the one that was acknowledged by the Cooper family as well as the people of the country. Karen Joy indirectly became “the other woman The other woman? Karen Joy knew the stigmatization from being the “other woman” in a relationship. She was in shock and disbelief. Karen Joy stared blankly at Brother Lionel on the screen, and the pain in her chest kept increasing. That woman could accompany Brother Lionel anywhere. She could hold Brother Lionel’s arm whenever she wanted. She could enjoy Brother Lionel’s love and care. As she looked back at herself, she was just like a secret mistress who couldn’t be exposed to the public. When she met up with Brother Lionel, they had to meet so secretly and discreetly. Was it worth it? She asked herself for the first time, and it was also the first time that she had doubts about searching for Brother Lionel in Country A. She didn’t even know whether she should continue to stay here and wait for her Brother Lionel. She needed to wait for him to end the engagement with his fiancée to rightfully be by his side. The more she thought about it, the harder it was for Karen Joy to see him in a positive light. Her emotions were surging like a tide, and it was getting harder and harder for her to breathe. She didn’t want to think about it anymore. She didn’t want to think about these things that she couldn’t deal with for the time being. As long as she firmly believed that Brother Lionel still has her in his heart, as long as she waited for him to settle his matters and publicly reconcile with her.. It would all be fine, right? However, she could not calm down. She was worried to face him now. The more she thought about it, she suddenly picked up her phone and booked a ticket from Coast City to New York In the past, she had never thought of retreating whenever she encountered anything. Instead, she would stand up bravely to face the problem. However, this time, it was the first time she chose to retreat and hide in the sheltered harbor that could protect her. She simply packed up, carried her bag and luggages, and walked out. “Samantha, thank you for taking care of me during these days. I have to go home now.” “Karen Joy, but you haven’t found your Brother Lionel, why did you suddenly decide to go back?” Samantha Lesley didn’t understand why Karen Joy suddenly made such a decision “No need to find him anymore.” Karen Joy laughed. “After all, it’s been so many years. Even if he still remembers me, it’s hard to face him.” “Karen Joy… You don’t need to be in such a hurry.” Samantha was so anxious that she didn’t know how to persuade her anymore. “Samantha, be smarter in the future. Don’t let take advantage of you.” Karen Joy hugged her. “We are all our parents’ children. To our parents, we are still babies that they often worry about… Even if they are not by your side, you have to take good care of yourself. You can’t let them worry about you from the other side of the world.

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