My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 737

Karen Joy Kyle was saying these words to Samantha Lesley, but actually, she was saying it to herself too. No matter where she went home was her warmest harbor, and her parents were the ones who she would think of whenever things get rough. She knew that her parents loved her unconditionally. However, on the day of her 18th birthday, she felt that she had grown up. She didn’t even tell them and left the country to find her Brother Lionel, which made her father angry. He was so angry that he didn’t want to talk to her until now. But what about her? After crossing over to another country, she found her Brother Lionel, but he didn’t want her to see him in the open. Brother Lionel told her to wait for him as he deal with his matters first. She knew that as the President of the country, Brother Lionel had too many responsibilities on his shoulders. She could understand him and wait for him. But what she could not accept was that he had a fiancee, and Karen Joy suddenly turned into a mistress that was going to destroy the relationship between him and his fiancee. A homewrecking mistress! She had never cared about this word as she was growing up, because her father and mother were devoted to each other, and no one could interfere with their relationship. However, she knew a lot of her friends that had their families torn apart because of such a mistress. When her friends mentioned the word “mistress”, they would gnash their teeth with hatred, and she hated to be that person too. But now, she had inadvertently become the mistress that she hated the most that would potentially destroy the relationship between the two of them. She thought that this entire story sounded ridiculous and thought that she deserved it. In the beginning, without the consent and acknowledgement of her family, she left the country alone to find the person she wanted to see the most. Now that she felt like things took a bad turn, and when she encountered a problem that she couldn’t solve, the first thing she thought of was her family. She wanted to return to their side, hide under their wings, and have them protect her. It turned out that she was such a coward! She was so timid that she looked down on herself! “Karen Joy, I know what you are saying. Although my parents are gone, I still have my brother. He loves me too.” Although her brother was very strict with her. Samantha knew that her brother loved her very much. “Samantha, all the best.” Karen Joy patted Samantha’s shoulder. Sometimes, she was envious of Samantha. She lived a simple life, and all she loved and needed was good food. “Yes, yes, yes, I will do my best.” Samantha nodded her head repeatedly. “Samantha, you are talented and special too. You are better than a lot of people. Remember, in the future, you should be more confident and treat yourself well” Karen Joy said happily “Karen Joy… I’m doing very well, Samantha touched her head and said with a silly smile, “I’ve never thought that I’m worse than anyone else. Only other people would think of me that way.” “Alright, that’s good.” Karen Joy pursed her lips and smiled, “I’ll leave first. We’ll meet again when you come to New York in the future.” At this moment, she was not willing to face all of this. She was afraid that others would curse her and accuse her for being a homewrecker. She wouldn’t mind being called a coward in relation to that. If Brother Lionel wasn’t the leader of the country, it wouldn’t be a big deal to break off an engagement. However, he was the leader of the country, and his marriage was the focus of the nation. For many years, leaders of a country would rarely get a divorce. Even if there was no affection between them, they would still stay together and spend the rest of their lives together to maintain a positive front for the nation. Their lives were not their lives anymore, and they represented their citizens. Their actions represented the entire country Karen Joy felt a sharp pain in her heart. She realized that she could never be together with her Brother Lionel. Although she really wanted to with Lionel, she couldn’t ignore Brother Lionel’s status just because she wanted to. Therefore, the best way to deal with it was to leave. Before Brother Lionel reconciled with her, she should leave. This was obviously the best way, but why was she so sad? She shouldn’t decide on behalf of Brother Lionel. She needed to wait for him. At least, she should listen to his explanation. She shouldn’t just retreat when she faced some obstacles. She waited more than 10 years for this reunion. Now that she had just met him, was she going to run away because of some trivial matter? Was she really going to hide? On the way to the airport, Karen Joy lowered her head and she was buried in her thoughts. She did not notice that the taxi wasn’t driving towards the airport. It was the President’s duty to greet high-ranking foreign nationals. This time, since the foreign envoy came with his wife, it was natural for the President to greet them with his partner too. Hence, he had to be with his fiancee. Just as Mr. President was about to speak, his most trusted bodyguard, Horatio, came up to him and whispered in his ear. After listening to what he said, he frowned slightly. There was a hint of worry in his look, but soon he hid his emotions He nodded and continued to speak as if nothing had happened. The foreign envoys, Justin Kaiser and his wife, nodded their heads as they listened to his speech. After a casual exchange, Mr. President was responsible for accompanying Mr. Kaiser to visit the cultural relics of the country. Mr. President’s fiancee, Serene Silas, was responsible for accompanying his wife, Mrs. Kaiser. She accompanied Mrs. Kaiser to visit the famous cultural centre in Country A. Mr. President spoke mostly about political affairs with Mr. Kaiser. As the fiancee of Mr. President, Serene was the woman with the highest status in Country A. She also did her job diligently. “This way please, Mrs. Kaiser.” Serene stayed by Mrs. Kaiser’s side for the whole afternoon, and she put on her gentle and generous smile on her face the whole time. “Miss Silas, thank you for your hospitality. am very satisfied with the trip today.” Mrs. Kaiser said with a smile. Clearly, she was quite satisfied with the person who had treated her well today. “You’re our guest. It’s my duty.” Serene smiled brightly as she responded to the complimented. Even in front of the first lady of another country, she was not nervous at all. She was really qualified to be the first lady of Country A. After the dinner party, after Mr. and Mrs. Kaiser left, Nathaniel and Serene felt very relieved. He looked at her, and the gentle smile on his face left immediately. “You’ve been with me all day, you must be tired. I’ll take you back to rest first.” “Nathaniel, thank you!” Serene nodded. “We have our reasons. You don’t have to thank me.” He looked up and looked into the distance through the French window. He thought of the little girl in his heart. He promised her that he would visit her as Brother Lionel tonight, but she secretly booked a ticket and wanted to go back to New York. Why on earth was that happening? “I still have to thank you.” Serene looked at him attentively. She could see that there was something in his heart. She then added, “Nathaniel, you probably have something very important to do. You can go ahead with your errands. Just get someone else to send me back.”

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