My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 738

“Serene, don’t forget that there are people keeping an eye on our words and actions. As the President’s fiancee, how could I not personally bring you back?” Nathaniel Cooper said in a deep voice. Since he had spent an entire day being away from Karen Joy Kyle already, what’s that few extra minutes of wait anyway? He needed to act properly, if not, his efforts so far would go to waste. “Alright then.” Serene Silas didn’t say anything else. She couldn’t hide her worry and concern in her eyes when she looked at Nathaniel. On the way back to Serene’s place, their car drove in the middle of a convoy. They had a security car in front of them, and another security car behind them. It attracted a lot of attention “Look, it’s Mr. President, and he’s sending Miss Silas back to the Silas home again.” There were people who noticed them as they drove by “Yeah, yeah, Mr. President is a really considerate man. He will always personally send Miss Silas home.” One of the citizen praised. “Sigh, if you ask me who I’ve been jealous of in my life, it’s Miss Silas. Not only is she beautiful, but she found a fiance who loves her very much. They would make the perfect pair of husband and wife.” Another citizen praised them as well. In the eyes of Country A’s citizens, President Nathaniel and his fiancee, Serene, were a couple made in heaven. The two of them appeared perfect for each other. The most enviable thing was that the President cared so much for Miss Silas. The two of them would show affection to each other in front of the camera from time to time, which caught a lot of positive attention from the citizens. However, the scene in the car was completely different from what people saw. Nathaniel and Serene sat at the back of the car, and one sat on the far left and the other sat on the far right. The distance between them was like two strangers who completely didn’t know each other. He looked at the front of the car, and she looked out of the window. They didn’t look at each other, and there was no trace of the intimacy they showed when they were in front of the camera, Not only did they sit far away from each other, neither of them spoke along the way. They appeared so unfamiliar with each other that they felt like strangers. When they were about to arrive at the Silas house, Serene wanted to say something. In the end, she broke the silence. “Nathaniel, did something happen to that little girl?” Although Nathaniel’s performance when he accompanied the foreign envoy today was still remarkable, Serene could see that he was hiding something in his heart. There were not many things that could affect Nathaniel’s mood, and there were even fewer people who could affect his mood. In the past few years, he had learned many things, including controlling and managing his emotions. He really mastered this aspect. Nathaniel was very good at controlling his emotions and expressions. No matter when he was always able to welcome people with a smile on his face. Others might not be able to tell, but Serene could see that even though he had been smiling the entire time when they were with the foreign envoy, she could see that he was distracted The only person who could distract him on such an important occasion was that little girl from the Kyle family. Other than her, she couldn’t think of anyone else. “We’re here.” Nathaniel retracted his gaze from the front and turned his head to look at her. “You must be tired from today. Go to bed early after you get home.” Nathaniel didn’t answer her because he didn’t want to talk too much about Karen Joy in front of outsiders. “Nathaniel…” Serene bit her lip. “If the little girl misunderstood our relationship, I can explain it to her.” “There’s no need. I’ll take care of her matters myself. I don’t need anyone to help me.” Nathaniel turned down her offer immediately. The girl didn’t know his true identity yet, and even if she knew, it was only appropriate if he explained things to her. Serene’s face turned pale, “Then I’ll go now.” Nathaniel nodded and replied, “Yes, rest early.” Serene got off the car and turned back to look at him, “Nathaniel, if our engagement..” Nathaniel interrupted her and said sternly, “There is no if. Let’s do what we agreed. Before the matters get settled, no one can disrupt the plan, no matter what the reason is. Serene was worried, “But, in case the little girl can’t.” “She won’t.” For some unknown reason, Nathaniel trusted that little girl so much. He believed that she would understand his intentions and would not leave him. Even if she left him, he would find a way to take her back and keep her by his side. No one would be able to take her away from him in this life. She was in the country for such a short time, and he was getting very distracted already. Since she had caused such a mess, then he would hold her accountable for it. He would never let her go in this life. “Alright then, I’ll go first.” Serene hid the helplessness in her eyes. She smiled politely at him, and turned around to leave. “Mr. President, shall we go directly to Miss Kyle’s place, or?” The driver, Jamie, asked nicely. Jamie was Nathaniel’s driver. He had been by Nathaniel’s side for many years and was a person whom Nathaniel trusted very much. Hence, Jamie knew about Karen Joy. “Let’s go back first,” said Nathaniel. He couldn’t wait to head over to the little girl’s side, but he couldn’t be so capricious. He still had a lot of things to settle. He still had a fiancee, so he couldn’t reconcile with her publicly yet. Hence, today, he couldn’t tell her that her Brother Lionel and the President were the same person. He wanted to go back to change his clothes and his appearance. He also wanted the makeup artist to help him put on a little makeup, so that Karen Joy couldn’t recognize him even if she saw him. On the way to the airport, Karen Joy Kyle finally regretted her decision. She looked up and wanted to ask the driver to turn back to the city, only to find that the car was not heading to the airport at all. “Who are you? Where are you taking me?” Karen Joy quickly realized that the taxi driver was not a real taxi driver. “Miss Kyle, I won’t hurt you. Please sit still and i’ll bring you somewhere,” the driver said politely. The driver did not reveal his identity. He only said that he would not hurt her. Moreover, his tone and attitude sounded pleasant. It did not look like he was kidnapping her. Karen Joy looked at him from the rear view mirror. She saw that there was nothing unusual on his face, and the car was not going to a remote place. So she boldly guessed that this person might be someone Brother Lionel sent to persuade her to stay But how did Brother Lionel know that she had bought a ticket back to New York? If it was not Brother Lionel, then it was very likely that it was that bad brother of hers, Jayden Elias Kyle. No matter where she went, he would know of her whereabouts like the back of his hand. However, it was not right. If the taxi driver was Jayden’s subordinate, he would not call her “Miss Kyle”. He would call her ‘First Miss’ like what the servants at home did. If it was not Brother Lionel or Jayden, who else would speak so politely to her? “Who on earth sent you?” She couldn’t figure it out, so she decided to act aggressively. Maybe the driver would tell her. The driver didn’t respond to her. “I’ll ask you one more time. Who sent you here? Where are you taking me?” Karen Joy was a little flustered because she couldn’t figure out who ordered the driver and what his purpose was.

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