My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 739

 Perhaps he saw through Karen Joy Kyle’s nervousness, the driver thought for a while and said, “Miss Kyle, Mr. Lionel invited you to his house.” As soon as she heard the name of “Mr. Lionel”, Karen Joy suddenly felt relieved. Only Brother Lionel would address himself as Lionel now. Lionel’ wasn’t his real name. She was the only one who called him “Brother Lionel”. He thought of addressing himself as ‘Lionel’ now for Karen Joy’s visit. But how did Brother Lionel know that she had bought a ticket to return to New York? Did Samantha Lesley tell Brother Lionel about this? Or was Samantha arranged by Brother Lionel to be by her side? On second thought, it was possible that Brother Lionel arranged Samantha to be around her. Samantha was her classmate, and Samantha’s brother, Jason Lesley, was Brother Lionel’s right hand man. It wouldn’t be believable to say that their relationship was just a coincidence. If Samantha was really someone that Brother Lionel arranged to be around her… then that meant that Brother Lionel had always been keeping an eye on her all these years and he had never truly left her. If that was the case… Karen Joy felt that her heartbeat was increasing and she couldn’t breathe. Did she still have feelings for Brother Lionel? And if that was the case to… Was it possible for her to stay by Brother Lionel’s side through everything and wait for him? Could she do that? Could she really do that? She didn’t know, but if Brother Lionel was willing to give her a positive answer, then she would do it regardless of the obstacles and hardships. She was willing to take a risk for Brother Lionel. Would Brother Lionel give her an affirmative answer? Just as Karen Joy was thinking deeply, the driver turned into a heavily guarded residential area. Outside the residential area, there was a very famous scenic spot in Coast City. The view from the scenic spot overlooked the sea and the mountains from a distant away. She thought that regular citizens could definitely not afford this lifestyle, Even though the driver was a someone who worked for Brother Lionel, the guards did not easily let him pass through the residential area. Their car still went through several security checks before successfully arriving at the final destination – No. 88 Green Road. No. 88 Green Road was located in the center of this residential area. From the outside, it looked just like an average villa. She could not see clearly what the villa looked like because there were many big trees in the yard. The trees served an aesthetic purpose, and also to prevent others from looking in easily. Anyway, the villas and houses here seemed secluded and mysterious, definitely not somewhere an average citizen would stay. “Miss Kyle, please come with me.” The driver opened the door for Karen Joy and welcomed her into the villa. “Is this Mr. Lionel’s home?” Karen Joy did not rush to walk in and she looked around curiously. Although the driver referred to him as “Mr. Lionel” earlier, she didn’t think that others knew about the relationship between Brother Lionel and her. She was too excited earlier so she didn’t think much about it. Now that she’s gotten calmer, she began analysing deeper. Karen Joy thought of another person who would know about Brother Lionel, and also rich enough to afford to live here… and that was Dominic Cooper. Dominic was the cousin of the President, and he was also a member of the Cooper family. He was born in a wealthy family. This seemed like a place he could afford to stay There were special forces everywhere in this place. The cars that entered needed to be checked thoroughly. She was sure that only the rich could afford here. “Yes, this is Mr. Lionel’s residence.” The driver nodded and said with a very respectful attitude, “Miss Kyle, Mr. Lionel has instructed you to wait here for him. He will come back to accompany you later after he is done with his work.” With Brother Lionel’s identity, it would not be surprising for him to have a house here. However, he asked his men to bring her here secretly. Was he planning to keep her in confinement? Since he had a fiancee whom everyone knew and recognized, so he could only be with her secretly. Thinking of the word “confinement”, an inexplicable sadness rose in Karen Joy’s heart. She was so sad that she panicked. She didn’t feel like herself at all. She felt so timid that she hated herself. “Mr. Lionel is..” Karen Joy did not ask anything further. The reason why Brother Lionel introduced himself as “Mr. Lionel” was probably because he did not intend to face her with his real identity “Miss Kyle, please come in.” The driver said politely. He didn’t intend to tell her too much, or maybe he didn’t know much either Since he couldn’t get more information from the driver, Karen Joy didn’t want to continue the conversation and she walked into the yard. This small villa, from the outside, looked like a two-storey building It looked small and cramped, especially when compared against her mansions in Chatterton Town and New York. However, after passing through the yard, the interior appeared very differently. In an instant, Karen Joy was stunned. There was nothing special about this villa at first glance, but the decoration and renovation inside were so unique. Every corner in the villa was almost exactly the same as her room in Secret Garden at Chatterton Town. In the past, when Brother Lionel accompanied her, her room looked like this. Her father had prepared the room for her even before she was born. Later, as she gradually grew up, the room was renovated slightly, but it didn’t change too much. It looked similar to how it was designed before. As soon as she entered the villa, Karen Joy felt so familiar and warm as if she had returned to her home in Chatterton Town. It turned out that Brother Lionel had not only arranged for Samantha to accompany her, but he had also prepared a room for her. In other words, Brother Lionel had always kept a place for her in his heart. Brother Lionel always had her in his heart, yet she doubted his love for her. Without listening to any of his explanations, she wanted to sneak away. “Hello, Miss Kyle! I’m the the helper here.” Suddenly, a voice came from behind. Karen Joy looked back and saw a slightly older woman. She immediately nodded and smiled. “Auntie, hello!” “Miss Kyle, there are a lot of entertainment activities on the second floor. If you are bored, you can head over there.” The woman said with a smile, “Mr. Lionel might be back later.” “Auntie, thank you for your hospitality. I’m not bored. I’ll just wait here for Brother Lionel.” She was thinking about Brother Lionel constantly, so she didn’t have the mood to think about anyone else at this time. “Alright.” The woman nodded and responded, “I will be outside. Just call me if you need anything.” “Mmhm, I will, thank you, Auntie!” Karen Joy said with a sweet smile. She waited and waited. After dinner, she continued to wait and even fell asleep. Then, she heard the sound of a car outside the house. Hearing the sound of the car, Karen Joy immediately ran to the balcony and saw her Brother Lionel. She saw him getting off the car and walking into the yard. She turned around to go downstairs hurriedly. When he walked into the house, she was already downstairs. She looked at him and smiled wide. She threw herself into his arms and hugged him tightly. “Brother Lionel!” “Karen!” Nathaniel hugged her her as she was dashing towards him and held her tightly in his embrace. His chin rubbed against her head again comfortably.

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