My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 740

 “Brother Lionel…” Karen Joy Kyle nestled in his embrace happily. No matter how much resentment, anger, or uncertainty she had, it all disappeared when she saw him and threw herself into his arms. At this moment, she only wanted to hug him. She only wanted turn into a spoiled child in his embrace. She did not want to think about his fiancee. He was her Brother Lionel, and she only wanted to be his “Karen’. His only ‘Karen for the rest of his life. “Brother Lionel, do you know how much I missed you when you weren’t by my side?” She raised her head slightly from his arms and looked at him quietly. “I know.” He responded and couldn’t help patting her head. “If you knew, why didn’t you come see me more often?” Karen Joy blinked at him wittily, her eyes looked innocent and bright “Because I was busy… He tilted his head and didn’t dare to look into her innocent eyes. If he did, he would feel like he had committed an unforgivable sin. “Brother Lionel, how busy were you?” She snuggled into his embrace as her tiny face stuck tightly to his chest. It was so tight that she could hear his heartbeat. “Brother Lionel, when you were busy with other things, you forgot about me?” Her voice was soft and cute, just as she was when she was a child. Hearing her unique voice, Nathaniel’s heart skipped a beat. He rubbed her head and said, “I wish I had more time for you, and how could I forget about you?” “I knew that you would never forget about me.” Karen Joy rolled continued to rest in his arms and she was as excited as a child. Nathaniel rubbed her head and chuckled, “Silly girl.” “I’m not silly.” Karen Joy took his hand and put her face on his palm, as if she was asking for her master’s care like a little pet. “Yes, my Karen is not silly. She is the smartest child in the world.” She was already a grown up, but he still couldn’t change the way he spoke to her lovingly like when she was a child. Perhaps, in his eyes, Karen Joy was a child who had not grown up yet. Or perhaps, even if she was an adult, he was still willing to pamper her like a child. “Brother Lionel… Actually, if you are busy, or if you don’t have time to accompany me, I can understand. As long as you are honest to me, don’t hide anything from me.” She tried to explain clearly and be honest, hoping that Brother Lionel would get the hint. Nathaniel Cooper kept quiet. Karen Joy looked up at him again and said in a soft voice, “Brother Lionel, don’t you have anything to say to me?” “Brother Lionel, just say it. Just tell me everything, if you just ask me to wait for you, I will wait for you until the end of time.” Karen Joy thought to herself. She really wanted to say these words to Brother Lionel, but she couldn’t. She didn’t want to force Brother Lionel to do anything he was unwilling to do. “Why didn’t you eat at night?” Nathaniel suddenly changed the topic. His voice sounded like he was reprimanding a child, but there was a hint of worry in his voice. The reason why he changed the subject was that he did not intend to publicly announce his identity yet. Karen Joy felt that her heart sank, but she still smiled and said, “Because I miss you, Brother Lionel. I want to see you, but I couldn’t. I didn’t have any appetite, so I can’t eat. “Silly girl, never starve yourself anymore.” He took her hand and went to the dining room. “I’ll eat with you. You should eat something at least.” “Brother Lionel, you don’t know how much I like you, do you?” She held his hand and smiled slightly. “I really like you so much. I like you so much that I know that I shouldn’t stay with you, but I still did.” “Karen, what nonsense are you spouting?” asked Nathaniel, his expression changed slightly. He couldn’t help but to grasp her hand tightly. He was worried that if he let go of her, she would leave him. “Brother Lionel, it’s the truth.” Karen Joy smiled. “Today, my father called me and asked me to go back to New York. If 1 didn’t listen to him, he would find me. I knew the weight of his words, but I still went against his will and came back with the driver to be with you.” In fact, her father never called her. This was just an excuse for why she suddenly bought a ticket to leave and a reason to convince Brother Lionel. “Karen…” Nathaniel raised his hand and caressed her cheek. “I will never let you go. Even if your father came here to drag you home personally, I still won’t let you go.” “Brother Lionel…” “Karen.” He lowered his head and kissed her head before hugging her, “Karen, why don’t you stay by my side and accompany me?” After asking this question, Nathaniel held his breath and waited for Karen Joy’s answer. He needed her to give him an affirmative answer. He was really lonely for too long. He hoped that this girl could stay with him, so that she could fill the void in his heart. “Brother Lionel, of course I am willing to accompany you.” Even if he did not reveal his true identity to her and did not want to tell her about his fiancee, when she heard his request, she was still willing to believe him and wait for him without any complaint or regret. “Okay, good girl!” As soon as she replied, Nathaniel held her face and bent down slightly to kiss her lips. He only wanted to kiss her lightly, however, as they kissed and he breathed in her scent, he became so attracted that he kissed her passionately instead. “Brother Lionel..” When he let go of her, she was still catching her breathe and she plunged into his embrace. “But I need you to promise me one thing.” “Which is?” The girl looked so delicious that he wanted to eat her whole. But this girl obviously didn’t know how delicious she was, and she even rested her body on him. She didn’t know how much self-control and discipline he needed to exert to control himself so that he wouldn’t think about doing more outrageous things to her. “Brother Lionel, you must promise me that you can only kiss me like this. You can’t kiss any other woman… even that woman whom you have a relationship with.” She gritted her teeth and said in a serious tone. She was always a possessive, selfish, and petty girl. She did not want her Brother Lionel to be nice to other girls besides her, and she did not want Brother Lionel to do things to other girls that he could only do to her. “You are like my favorite special chocolate, and the people you were talking about are like ordinary chocolate. Now that I have tasted you, how can I still taste other people?” He looked at her and responded seriously too. Karen Joy pouted and replied, “Brother Lionel, you can only say these sweet words to me and no one else.” He smiled and said, “Of course, I will only say it to you.” She was a little worried, “But Brother Lionel… If you can only do these things to me alone, will you grow tired of me?” He answered her with another question, “Will you grow tired of me?” Karen Joy did not even hesitate as she immediately shook her head. “No, I only wish that I could be with Brother Lionel all the time. How can I be tired of you?” “Me too.” He once again pressed her into his arms and hugged her. “I will never grow sick of you for the rest of my life. Not just a day or two, but the rest of my life!”

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