My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 741

For the rest of his life, he would keep her with him and never let her go. However, there would be a lot of obstacles in the future. No one knew what was going to happen. They only told themselves that no matter what happened, they should not give up easily. In Karen Joy Kyle’s memory, she couldn’t remember that she had a meal with Brother Lionel. When Brother Lionel sat beside her and ate with her, she did not bother about eating much. All she did was to look at him quietly She wanted to remember his actions and his appearance firmly in her mind. If she were separated with him again in the future, and no matter how long she would be separated from him, she could never forget him again. “Do you not like these food?” Perhaps her eyes were fixed on him for too long, it made him feel uncomfortable. Nathaniel Cooper raised his head slowly and asked her. “They’re good.” Karen Joy shook her head, and her smile looked so pretty, like a blooming flower. “When I’m with you, no matter what I eat, it will definitely be a good meal nonetheless.” “In that case, then eat more. Don’t lose weight after coming to Country A.” Nathaniel kept putting food onto her plate,” will try my best to spend more time with you in the future.” “Really?” Karen Joy’s expression changed. “Of course.” Looking at her happy face, he also smiled as he continued to put food onto her plate. “Don’t starve yourself anymore in the future. If you get sick, everyone will worry about you.” “Okay okay. I won’t do it again in the future.” Karen Joy nodded her head and leaned a little closer to Nathaniel. “Brother Lionel, with you by my side, no matter what obstacles I face, I will definitely try my best to conquer them and never give up.” She didn’t want to worry about his fiancee, as she only wanted to be with Brother Lionel. With him by her side, they could overcome anything. Karen Joy tried to persuade herself. As long as she was sure, she would not retreat or hesitate anymore. She would be strong and put up a fighting spirit as she attempted to break through all obstacles, and successfully stay by Brother Lionel’s side. She would accompany him until the end of time. Buzz! Buzz! Buzz! The phone on the side suddenly rang, and Karen Joy’s thoughts were disrupted. It was a familiar phone number, but after she ran away from home, this phone number no longer called her. After she ran away from home, her father had not contacted her. She knew that he was angry with her. Why did her father call her all of a sudden today? Was he unhappy knowing that she was staying in Brother Lionel’s house? If that was the case, she would be in big trouble! “Who is it?” Seeing that she was frowning, Nathaniel asked worriedly, “Don’t you want to take it?” “No.” Karen Joy shook her head and declined the phone call. Brother Lionel didn’t even know how “scary” her father was. If her father called to ask her to go back to New York, he would mean his words. If she didn’t go back, she would probably be taken out of bed and brought back to New York the next morning. Her father was really a respectable and admirable person, but he was also very scary. “Did your father call you?” The only person who could make this little girl so upset must be her father. “He wasn’t okay with you coming over to Country A to find me?” “Yes.” Karen Joy nodded honestly, and her voice sounded a little aggrieved. Her father would definitely not agree to this arrangement Sometimes, she wondered if her father was trying to marry her off to Jayden This was because Jayden was an adopted son that their father was very satisfied with. In terms of his personal life and work ethics, Jayden’s performance was extremely outstanding, and he had won their father’s favor. Jayden would be able to take up the heavy responsibilities at Rovio. However, his father was not keen of the idea of handing Rovio over to someone who’s not biologically related to him, hence it would be the best choice to have her marry Jayden, and they both could manage Rovio together. Thinking of this possibility, Karen Joy was very annoyed. She didn’t want to believe that she was not as important as Rovio to her father “Karen!” Just as she was worried, Brother Lionel pulled her into his arms and said, “Don’t worry, I’m here. No matter what obstacles, including your father, he can’t stop you from being by my side.” As early as many years ago, Nathaniel knew that Kevin Kyle had never wanted him being by Little Karen’s side for so long. Otherwise, the news that Nathaniel had not been killed in the terrifying incident would long be delivered to the Kyle family, and there would be news or evidence about Nathaniel being in Chatterton Town before. These showed that Kevin really did not like him being by his daughter’s side. So what? Nathaniel was locked onto his daughter, for sure! “Master Perth, according to the news we just received, Mr. President has already brought the girl to his residence.” After reading the message he had just gotten, Dominic Cooper looked at Zuriel Perth with concern. Zuriel drank the wine in his glass in one gulp. He drank too quickly and choked, and tears had trickled down his cheeks. He roared agitatedly, “We’ve all tried our best to help him, and after more than ten years of hard work, we’ve finally managed to get him this position. Is he planning to let that girl destroy everything by doing this?” “Then what should we do now?” Dominic gritted his teeth and made a throat-slitting gesture. “No matter how beautiful she is, we should exterminate any obstacle that comes our way.” “You want to get rid of her? Do you have the guts? Anyway, I don’t have the balls to touch her.” Zuriel filled up another glass of wine and took another sip. “That girl is not an ordinary person. If anything happens to her, both the President and the Kyle family will not let us go.” “Since Nathaniel won’t listen to us, and we can’t do anything to that girl… Are we just going to sit by idly?” Dominic raised his voice and asked. He admitted that he had a good impression of the girl, but the girl didn’t belong to him. Besides, she was causing a lot of trouble at this point and he wouldn’t mind to kill her off, but he forgot about her special status. The President acted carelessly and ruthlessly, and they couldn’t deal with this girl either. For some time, both of them were silent. Dominic looked at Zuriel worriedly, and Zuriel just kept sipping on his wine. After several glasses of wine, Zuriel said slowly, “There is another person who can help us.” Dominic asked, “Who?” Zuriel said, “He is in charge of some major parts in Rovio. People in the business industry think highly of him. He is also a very capable Young Master of the Kyle family.” “Jayden Kyle?” Dominic had heard of this adopted son of the Kyle family before, but he did not know much about him. He did not know if he had the ability to help them. Zuriel suddenly felt much more relaxed. He smiled and said, “As far as I know, when the Kyle family’s First Miss just arrived in Coast City for a few hours, the Young Master of the Kyle family already brought some of his men to follow her.” For a moment, Dominic didn’t understand much. He asked, “What does that have to do with our problem?” Zuriel smiled and said, “His purpose is very obvious. He wants to bring the little girl back home.”

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