My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 742

“Do you want Jayden to help us take the girl away?” Dominic Cooper was confused with his suggestion. “It’s been so long, but we haven’t seen Jayden taking her back anyway.” “If that girl was easy to deal with, then the Young Master of the Kyle family wouldn’t be here. Everyone knows that she is the gem of her family, and everyone knows how much Kevin loves and spoils her. Who could force her to do something she doesn’t want to do?” Zuriel Perth spoke about Kevin Kyle like he knew him very well. Back then, he had secretly sneaked into Chatterton Town with Nathaniel Cooper. Both of them used fake identities. However, Kevin still knew everything about them. He didn’t even know how Kevin knew about it. Kevin could see through their intentions and antics well. Zuriel knew that this leader of Rovio Corporation Inc must be powerful Now that many years had passed, he still remembered Kevin very well. Especially in the past few years, as Rovio grew bigger and bigger, Kevin’s reputation became more and more famous. For a few consecutive years, he had been the richest man in the world. He was featured in many lists and grown to be one of the more powerful men in the world. This was an achievement that many people could only dream about. To describe Rovio as powerful and rich was an understatement. Rovio’s wealth and success were enough to feed an entire nation. Karen Joy Kyle was beautiful and smart, in addition to having such a strong and powerful support system. Who would dare do anything to her? Unless that person was seeking for death. “Mr. Perth, after you have said so much, I only understand one thing. As long as that girl is unwilling to do something, no one can force her. Then how could Jayden help us?” After thinking thoroughly, Dominic still did not understand what Zuriel’s intentions were. Zuriel filled another glass of wine, and drank slowly. He responded, “I’m not saying that Jayden can help us, but he can help himself…” “Help himself?” The more Dominic listened, the more confused he became. Zuriel had never talked like this before, so why was he acting like this now? “Let’s just wait patiently and watch the show. I believe that Jayden’s men should already know about it. That is his sister whom he had protected and cared for for more than ten years. Tonight, she stayed in another man’s house..” Zuriel suddenly let out a cynical laugh. “Master Dominic, I have a question for you.” “If you have something to say, just say it. Don’t keep me guessing.” Dominic also poured himself a glass of wine and sipped slowly. His alcohol tolerance was lower than Zuriel’s, so he drank slowly. “If you protect a little girl since she was young… you took care of her, cherished her like a treasure, grew up with her, and slowly tried to have a romantic relationship with her..” Zuriel suddenly changed his tone of speech and sounded serious, “But one day, the treasure you have taken care of for so long has been taken away by someone else, what will you do?” Dominic replied, “That depends on how much I like this treasure.” Zuriel answered, “It’s a previous treasure. You care so much for this treasure. Wherever she goes, you’ll follow.” Zuriel tried to make his point clear for Dominic. He thought for a while before answering, “If something like that happens.. If I can’t have it, I would rather destroy it.” Hearing his answer, Zuriel smiled with satisfaction, “Then, Jayden, the First Young Master of the Kyle family, as perfect as he is, what will he do when he encounters something like this?” “Master Perth, are you implying that he will do that to his sister…”Obviously, Dominic was surprised, yet delighted “But they are siblings. Does he still think he could have such a romance with his sister?” “Everyone knows that he is only an adopted son of the Kyle family. Even though he has the family name, there is no blood relationship between him and the rest of the Kyle family… If he can win the heart of that little girl, and if the little girl was also willing, Kevin probably will be happy too.” Speaking of this, Zuriel sighed. “Kevin’s Rovio has to be handed over to the next generation sooner or later. His son is still young. If his adopted, competent son can handle a lot of things and can become his son-in-law, this will be convenient for him.” Besides the both of them, many others in the public were watching over Jayden too. Everyone was curious to see if Kevin was willing to allow his adopted son to manage Rovio one day. They wanted to see if Kevin really acknowledged his adopted son as one real member of the family, just like he claimed. “Well, that’s not something impossible. It’s just that the little girl’s mind is all on Mr. President. How would she like her brother?” Dominic proposed another question. “As for this, let’s see how the First Young Master of the Kyle family will handle it. As outsiders, we can’t do anything. However, if that little girl moves into Donder, it would be harder for Jayden to find out information about her. In the future, let your men spread the beans to him.” After drinking some wine, he finally figured out things that have been troubling him for a few days. Zuriel picked up his glass happily and drank more. In fact, the little girl of the Kyle family had not offended or hurt him before, and the little girl was also quite likeable, Logically, he should not harm the little girl, but unfortunately, matters got complicated. Her existence affected all decisions of their President, so she had to leave. The night was as dark as ink. However, because of the lights of the city, this night was no longer a fearful night. Instead, it was colorful, gorgeous, and beautiful. The night scene looked extremely mesmerizing. The most famous place in Coast City was the Coast City Tower. The tower was six hundred and thirty meters high. Standing on the watchtower, it felt like a fairytale, as one could overlook the night view of the whole city. Of course, the famous Donder Street could also be seen. Jayden held his binoculars and looked at Donder Street for a long time. However, he could only see the lights in that area. He could not find the house he wanted to look for, nor the person he wanted to observe. In a few months, it would be fourteen years since he had been in the Kyle family. He had been by Karen Joy Kyle’s side for almost fourteen years. Time flew by really quickly. In a blink of an eye, both of them were adults now. The little baby princess that he had been protecting had grown up and turned into a beautiful, young lady. Was 14 years really not that long? Well, it was definitely long enough for some people to forget the faces of others, like how the little girl couldn’t remember what her Brother Lionel looked like. However, even though she had forgotten what that person looked like, she could not erase the memories she had of him in her heart. Not only did she not forget her Brother Lionel, she had also moved into his house… At the thought of that, he unconsciously held his binoculars tighter. “First Young Master, it’s from Director Kevin.” York Tanner’s voice brought Jayden back to his senses.

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