My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 743

Jayden Elias Kyle turned around, quickly took the phone that York Tanner handed over and answered, “Dad.” “Hm.” The unique, mellow voice of Kevin Kyle came from the other side of the phone. He only uttered to show he was listening, just like how he was over the years. He still looked cold and unapproachable. “Dad, what can I do for you?” In front of his father, Jayden was always cautious. He was afraid that if he did something wrong, he would be hated by his father, who was very strict. “Are you at Coast City? Kevin answered. He still sounded cold, and no one knew what he wanted to express. “Yes.” Jayden nodded. In such a short time, he had thought of the many reasons his father had called him for. He hoped that he could read through his father. He constantly acted cautiously and wisely so that his father wouldn’t find any fault with him. He had been in the Kyle family for more than ten years now, and he was also the First Young Master of the Kyle family. His family treated him like their own child, but he had never forgotten that he was an adopted son. He had to remind himself this all the time, so that he could do better for his adopted family. “Jayden, you are the eldest son of the Kyle family.” Kevin said these words with a heavy tone, but he did not continue to elaborate. This confused Jayden again. “Dad, did I do something wrong?” Over the years, he had been careful and tried his best to do everything. He thought about his words carefully. The projects that he had been in charge of recently had been completed well, and he had not made any mistakes. What else was wrong? “You are the eldest son of the Kyle Family, you are also Karen Joy and Julien’s older brother. If the two of them did something wrong, what should you, as an older brother do?” Kevin’s voice came over the phone again, which was also one of the few times that he said so much at once. “Dad..” Jayden did not know how to reply for a moment. Perhaps his father was blaming him for not bringing his sister home after such a long time. Kevin emphasized again, “Jayden, you must remember that you are a child of the Kyle family.” “Dad, I know what to do.” Jayden closed his eyes, and he felt that his heart had become heavy. He had been in the Kyle family for fourteen years now. The people in the Kyle family gave him the best education, the best life, fulfilled his every need, and they also gave him love… From the day he entered the Kyle family, his mother told him that he would be their child and he would be Little Karen’s older brother… Thus, in the past fourteen years, he felt that he had been very competent in his role as an older brother. However… “You don’t understand.” He heard Kevin’s mellow voice again, this time, he sounded a little frustrated. It was obvious that he was a little unhappy. “Dad, I’m not sure what you want to say.” Jayden did not understand. Was that not what his father had told him to do? “Jayden, I want to let you know that you are our child, and you can do whatever you want. Don’t be so overcautious.” The person who spoke at the other end of the phone was Karen Daly instead. “Mom…” “Jayden, you are our good child, and we have seen all your efforts over the years. Karen Joy is your sister. As her brother, if she does something wrong, you should guide her. You can’t let her do whatever she wants.” Karen continued to say “Mom, I understand.” This time, he should really understand what they meant He always knew that in their eyes, they really regarded him as their own child, but occasionally he couldn’t help but to doubt their love It seemed that he was overthinking. “Good that you understand. It’s late. Go to bed early.” After wishing his mother good night too, he hung up the phone. At the other side of the world, after hanging up the phone, Karen turned her head and glared at the man sitting beside her with a sad gaze. “Mr. Kyle, let me deal with the children’s affairs. If you were to handle it, I’m afraid you would scare our children off.” Kevin, “I..” Karen interrupted him. “What 1? It was such an easy discussion, but you kept your child hanging. Don’t you think so?” Kevin didn’t say anything more. Anyway, his wife was always right. No matter how many years had passed, this had never changed Karen continued, “Kevin, the children have grown up. Let them deal with their own person problems. We don’t have much control over it.” Kevin’s face darkened. It was obvious that he did not agree with Karen’s words. Karen sat down beside him and leaned her head on his shoulder. “Kevin, you chose to marry me without the permission of your parents, didn’t you?” Kevin took the opportunity to put his arm around her and patted her on the back. “I’m not the same.” Karen looked up at him and said, “Tell me, what’s not the same?” Under her gaze, Kevin explained slowly, “Before I decided to marry you, I’ve already taken over Rovio for many years. Since young, I’ve always been the one in charge of my own matters, I know very well what I’m doing.” After listening to him, Karen was a little anxious. “Mr. Kyle, do you mean to say that our children don’t have their own thoughts? You think they don’t know what they are doing?” Kevin did not know how to respond. When did he say that? This woman was getting more and more capable of distorting his words these past few years. Karen also knew that she was a little rushed, so she rephrased her words, “Kevin, our children are so much more capable than what we think. We have to try to let them do what they want to do. Maybe one day, you will really see that our children have really grown up.” Kevin also knew that their children were competent and capable. Because he thought that his children were too good, he would think that no one was worthy of his daughter. However, Kevin had never mentioned this to anyone else before. Of course, Karen did not know about it too. Kevin didn’t say anything, but Karen understood what he was thinking. “Kevin, if you’re worried about our baby Karen, honestly, you don’t have to. Our Karen is much better at seeing through people than me. Don’t worry, the person she fancies will definitely be as capable as her.” Over the years, everyone in the world knew that Kevin doted on his daughter a lot. It was because this daughter was his and Karen’s first child. Of course, it was not easy for the child to survive, and throughout the years when his wife was not by his side, their child accompanied him. That was why he didn’t want his daughter to grow up so quickly, and to have another man in her heart so quickly. “I don’t agree.” After a long while, Kevin finally spoke up. “What do you mean you don’t agree?” Karen asked. Kevin picked up the documents at his side and flipped through them. After a long while, he finally responded, “Before you turned 20, you weren’t that wise, but after meeting me, you become wiser and smarted.” “Mr. Kyle, can you stop praising yourself that much?” Karen laughed as she responded. Karen was laughing at how self-righteous and proud this man was. “Did I say something wrong?” Kevin softened his tone slightly, but his expression turned serious again.

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