My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 744

“Okay, okay. You’re right. Our Director Kevin is always right.” Karen Daly walked behind him and helped him massage his shoulders. “Mr. Kyle, you’ve been missing your daughter for so long that you can’t sleep, right?” Kevin Kyle said stubbornly, “I didn’t.” Karen added, “Your daughter is just as stubborn as you. If you ignore her, I doubt she would talk to you too.” Kevin’s face darkened again, and the blue veins on his forehead were protruding. Karen continued to say, “She’s our daughter. If you are happy with making her feel bad, then just ignore her.” Over the past few days, this man had been thinking too much about his daughter. As someone closest to him, how could Karen not know? She just didn’t expect that both the father and daughter were so stubborn that neither of them wanted to contact the other first. Kevin continued flipping through the documents, but he didn’t reply. “Kevin, when did you know about Jayden’s feelings for Karen?” Karen had always remembered that her husband’s EQ was extremely low. How could he see through Jayden’s feelings for Karen so quickly? “Because I am a man.” His EQ was not high, but his IQ was high. He understood how would a man act around a woman he fancied. Of course, the child who lived under his eyes could not escape from his eyes. “Forget it. Let them deal with their own affairs. We can only guide them a little.” Karen sighed as she thought about the phone call with Jayden earlier. That child was so smart and so sensible. He must have understood the good intention of his parents. A relationship between two parties must be of their own free will, and it was impossible to force love. The weather in Coast City was very good, it was a comfortable 20 degrees celsius. Because it was a city close to the sea, there was often sea breeze, so the air was also fresh. The early morning air was exceptionally refreshing.. Karen Joy Kyle turned over lazily, hid in the quilt and continued to snore. When he thought of how her Brother Lionel stayed by her side last night and slept with her, her lips curled up slightly when she fell asleep. After a few hours of sleep, she still had no intention of waking up, but she was awoken by her buzzing phone beside her. She scratched her head, and it took her a long time to reach for her phone. She picked it up and saw that it was Uncle Black calling. Nick Black was her father’s personal assistant. Wherever her father went, Nick would be there too. Karen Joy was very clear that while this phone call was from Nick’s phone, but in fact, it was probably from her father. Last night, her father called her, but she did not pick up. Instead, she hung up his phone. Presumably, his father must have been angrier with her, so he wouldn’t call her personally. She was the one who didn’t answer her father’s phone, but she seemed sad to know that her father wasn’t calling her again After thinking for a while, Karen Joy answered the call and said, “Uncle Black, how are you?” She tried to make her voice sound as pleasant as possible. If she talked to Uncle Black like when she was a child, it was possible that he would help her out. “Miss, Director Kevin wants to see you!” Nick’s voice echoed into Karen Joy’s ears. “Dad wants to see me?” Karen Joy guessed correctly. But when she suddenly heard that her father wanted to see her, she still felt a little worried. “But I’m in Country A now. It’s not convenient for me to go back.” Nick replied, “Miss, Director Kevin is right downstairs.” “What?” Hearing Nick’s words, Karen Joy jumped out of bed. She opened the curtains and saw a limited edition Bentley parked in front of their small courtyard. That kind of car was her father’s trademark car. For so many years, she had not seen her father driving other cars besides Bentley. This really showed how loyal he was He was loyal to the people around him, even towards the brands he frequented. Ah, ah, ah! Her father was always so fast. When he called her yesterday, he might be in New York, but he arrived in Country A in less than 24 hours. It seemed that this time, her father was really angry and he would definitely take her back. What should she do now? Karen Joy was so anxious that she really didn’t know what to do. “Miss, are you coming down to see Director Kevin, or do you want Director Kevin to go up and see you?” She heard Nick’s voice again through the phone. “I, I.. Uncle Black, how did you guys get in?” Yesterday, when the driver took her into this area, they went through plenty of security checks before entering. How did her father get in? “Miss, do you think that he really couldn’t go wherever he wanted?” Nick asked calmly. His tone made her feel like she really didn’t know her father well. “I.” Sure enough, she underestimated her father. If he could meet world leaders and famous people easily, coming to such a place must be a piece of cake for him. “Miss?” “I’ll go down now.” Karen Joy hung up the phone and hurried back to the house to see if there was any other way out except for the front door. She was very disappointed because she could not find any other exit to escape despite searching the house. She was forced to face her father and face the risk of being brought back home. The elegant Bentley was parked at the gate. It was only a short distance from the house to the front door, but Karen Joy walked so slowly to get to the car. Nick had already gotten off the car and waited for her. When he saw Karen Joy, he laughed and said, “Miss, you’re here.” “Good morning, Uncle Black!” Karen Joy said sweetly. “Morning?’ Nick raised his head to look at the sky and said, “The sun moved really fast today. The sun’s high up above us already.” Nick spoke really sarcastically. It was already noon, and Director Kevin had already dealt with many important matters since the morning. He probably made a million other dollars, and probably approved many projects already… “Uncle Black, you’re becoming more and more adorable.” How could Karen Joy not know what Nick meant? She got used to his way of speaking already. “Miss, Director Kevin is in the car.” Nick pointed to the back seat of the car and gave Karen Joy another look, indirectly telling her that her father might still be angry. Karen Joy nodded. She walked to the car, opened the door, and said, “Dad.” Kevin was wearing a white shirt and a pair of black suit pants. He sat in the back seat of the car and held a document in his hand. He was reading it with his head down. He did not respond to her. “Dad…” Karen Joy called him again, but her father still didn’t look up, as if he didn’t hear her at all. “Dad!” Karen Joy got into the car and sat beside Kevin. She leaned her little head against Kevin’s shoulder and acted sweetly, “Dad, are you going to ignore me for the rest of your life?” Kevin was still looking at the documents in his hand. He still ignored his daughter. “Dad, are you really going to ignore me?” Karen Joy knew that she had gone too far this time and made her father very angry, but she didn’t expect that he would ignore her like this. Kevin still did not respond to her. It was as if all he could see were the documents in his hand. He could not see his daughter at all.

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