My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 745

“Dad..” Karen Joy Kyle raised her voice a little and reached out to take away the documents in Kevin Kyle’s hand. “If you’re going to ignore me, I’m going to leave.” She put her pink and tender face close to him and said proudly, “Dad, when I leave, you will actually miss me, won’t you?” “Try me, see if I will, Kevin finally replied her and his tone sounded a little softer. No matter how much he disagreed with her, when Kevin saw her that cute face of her, especially since she looked so much like Karen Daly, how could he speak to her with such harsh words? “Dad, you really don’t miss me?” Karen Joy threw herself into Kevin’s arms and rubbed against his chest like a child. “You won’t miss me, but i’ll miss you very much.” “Miss me?” His daughter had finally learned to comfort him just when she was 18 years old. If she really missed him so much, why didn’t she call him? If he didn’t take the initiative to come to her, she would probably never come back to him for the rest of her life. He felt depressed when he thought about it. “Dad, of course I miss you. I miss you so much that I can’t sleep well these days and couldn’t eat well too.” She got out of Kevin’s arms and grabbed his hand to touch her own face. “Dad, feel my face. I’ve lost weight, right?” Karen Joy just wanted to put on an act for her old man, but little did she know that Kevin actually touched her face and his expression changed. In the end, he concluded, “Nick, immediately get someone to whip up some nutritious soup for her.” “Dad, I’m just kidding. Look at me. I’m as healthy as a bull.” Karen Joy said in a hurry. Her father was too serious. She was just joking, but he took her words seriously and instructed others to cook for her immediately Wait… Did her father indeed asked someone to cook for her? It’s over! It’s over! It’s over! It seemed that her father would definitely take her back to New York this time. No, she couldn’t go back, at least not now. She had just made some progress in her relationship with Brother Lionel. She did not want to leave Brother Lie and return to New York at this time. “My daughter, I watched you grow day by day. Do you think 1 wouldn’t realized if you’ve lost some weight? When he touched his daughter’s face, it felt completely different, so she must have lost weight. “Dad, I still have something to do. I can’t go back to New York with you for the time being.” Karen Joy suddenly spoke sadly and pitifully. If her father forced her to return to New York, she would cry “Nick, let’s go!” Kevin looked at Karen Joy, who had her puppy dog eyes on display. This little girl cared so much about the man who didn’t even want to tell her his real identity Now the smart girl was turning into a fool. She had already made several mistakes in such a short time today. He didn’t say that he was bringing her back to New York, yet she was already so sad. “Dad, I said that I won’t be able to return to New York for the time being.” Karen Joy turned around and wanted to escape from the car, but Nick had already locked the car door. “Dad, I said I won’t go back yet, and you can’t force me to do something I don’t want to do.” Karen Joy was so anxious that she bit her lip. Tears were welling up in her eyes, but she was so stubborn that she tried hard to put up a strong front. In the past, her father often told her that she was the treasure of their family, and that everyone in the family loved her dearly. Whatever she wanted to do, they would support her anyway, and they would never force her to do something she didn’t want to do. But now, she wanted to find Brother Lionel, and her father stopped her from doing so she didn’t want to return to New York, but her father was forcing her to return to New York. Was he really the father who loved her unconditionally? Was that her father that never talked to her fiercely? She was doubting his love now! Just as she was getting anxious, Kevin spoke again, “You’re my daughter. If you don’t want to do something, of course, won’t force you.” This little girl had misunderstood him. He really wanted to punish her, but his heart ached when he saw how pitiful she looked, as if she was about to cry. “I said I don’t want to go back to New York, but you still want me to go back to New York. If this is not force, then what is it?” Karen Joy blinked hard, and her tears rolled out of her eyes. “Since when did I say that I’m taking you back to New York?” Kevin stretched out his hand and rubbed Karen Joy’s little head. He sighed and said, “When did you become so stupid? He couldn’t control her. He had raised his daughter for 18 years with great care and love. Now, there was another man in her heart, and she even abandoned her father for him. “If you’re not taking me back to New York, then where are you taking me? Why did Uncle Black lock the door? Karen Joy wiped her sad tears, but there was a little joy in her heart. No matter how many years had passed, no matter her age, as long as she pretended to be aggrieved and pitiful, her father would feel sorry for her and could not bear to scold her She always understood that among the three children, her father loved her the most, and even the little precious at home was far behind her. “The car is moving, if Uncle Black didn’t lock the car, were you going to jump out of the car?” Only when facing his wife and daughter, Kevin could be this patient. Kevin’s patience and gentleness had always been reserved for Karen Daly and Karen Joy only. As for the 8-year-old little precious in their family, he had completely inherited his father’s cold character. At such a young age, the little boy could put on a cold face that could intimidate others. He didn’t need his father’s love and care. Or perhaps they were too similar, they repelled each other. “Hehe.” Karen Joy smiled shyly and leaned into his father’s arms again, “Dad, actually, I am just joking. I know that you love me the most. You will definitely not force me to do something I don’t want to do.” “It’s good that you know that then.” In front of his daughter, Kevin always put on a slight smile on his face, and he always looked at her so tenderly. After all these years, his daughter, Karen Joy, had grown up. His son, Julian Glover Kyle, had also turns 8 years old. However, time was kind to him, as it didn’t leave much trace on him. Instead, he looked more charming instead. He was a successful and charming man, who often attracted the eyes of many young women when he went out. Because of his maturity and charm, he often encountered some weird advances by others through these years. When he dined outside, he would often receive many “gifts” from others. Not long ago, there was once a very bold company who did something out of boundaries. It was clear that Director Kevin lived a very self-disciplined and strict lifestyle. He never messed around with women, yet, this company actually sent women to Director Kevin’s bed. On that night, Kevin brought a group of his men out for a meal to talk about a project, and he returned to the hotel after dinner that night. When he opened the door of his hotel room, there were two women waiting for him inside. He had never met one of the women before. And the other woman was actually his wife, Karen Daly. Kevin opened the door and he was stunned. He noticed Karen first. When he saw Karen, he let out a sweet smile unknowingly. However, almost immediately, he saw the other woman sitting in the room too.

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