My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 748

Looking at the backs of his wife and children as they walked in front of him, Kevin Kyle felt that his world was completed. He had a kind and loving wife, a beautiful and clever daughter, and a sensible son. Wasn’t this the definition of success for a man? “Dad, hurry up and keep up.” Karen Joy Kyle turned back and shouted at Kevin, fearing that her father would do something that would make her mother unhappy again. “Okay.” Kevin nodded and walked faster to catch up with them. He had a slight smile on his face. Karen Joy felt relieved when she saw that Kevin caught up with their speed, “Mom, you haven’t told me why did you guys come?” “Because I miss you very much, that’s why I came here.” Karen replied in a gentle voice. Actually, Kevin was the one who missed their daughter very much. He was afraid that their daughter would be mistreated here, so they decided to come to Coast City to visit their daughter. After Kevin arrived in Coast City, he brought Karen and Julian Glover Kyle to Moon Bay first. Before he could even catch a breather, he went to find Karen Joy. And now, he still hadn’t rest yet, and he said that he was going out to do some work, so how could Karen not be angry? “Mom, you love me the most. These days, Karen Joy did go through some hardships in Country A. She also thought about going back to her mother and father’s arms. She wanted to hide in their warm embrace but she never thought that her parents would come to see her instead. “So you think I don’t love you?” Kevin, who had been walking behind them without saying a word, suddenly interrupted their conversation. His voice sounded stern and he did not sound very happy. “Dad, I know that you love me very much too.” Karen Joy grabbed Kevin’s arms and said, “Both of you loved me, and of course, our little precious too.” Karen Joy was very clever. As they walked, she handed her mother’s hand to her father, and she walked behind them to hold her brother’s hand instead. “Karen..” Kevin called her name. His voice was deep and seductive, carrying an alluring tone. “Yes.” Karen took her hand away and crossed her hand instead. “I am not angry with you. I am just a little frustrated that I can’t help you share your burden.” Over the years, she worked hard through her own efforts Her studio gained quite a reputation in the design industry and she managed to earn quite a sum of money. Although the money she earned was much less than the money Kevin earned, the money she earned was enough to support the whole family too. If Kevin burnt out and did not want to work one day, she could proudly tell him that she could support their family. “Okay, I know.” They had been married for so many years. He knew what she was thinking. “Go home and eat something first, then have a rest for a few hours. If you have enough rest, you can continue working. I won’t stop you.” Karen looked at him and explained nicely. “Okay, I’ll listen to you.” When it came to work-related matters, Kevin had always been the one who was very dominant. Only in front of Karen, he would often compromise. “Little precious, slow down.” Karen Joy pulled her cold tempered brother who was walking extremely fast. “Why?” As expected, the little one didn’t understand why his sister wanted to hold his hand. “Little precious, can you not be aloof like how Dad is? Can you please be gentler?” Karen Joy pinched his little cute face again. She pinched it like she was pinching dough. Julien kept quiet What did she mean by “aloof”? He didn’t understand. He only knew that he shouldn’t talk as much as his sister and couldn’t be as sweet as his sister as he was a boy. Besides, he had the responsibility to protect his mother and sister. “Mom and Dad, you can head in first. Little precious said that he wants to buy something at the convenience store.” After that, Karen Joy held her confused little brother’s hand and ran away. Julien was indeed very confused. When did he say he wanted to buy things? After a little distance, Karen Joy pulled Julien to a corner and they peeped at their parents. They saw their father kissing their mother. Both of them were an old couple, and their children were already grown-ups. They couldn’t act lovey-dovey in front of them. “Little precious, you see, in the future, you have to be more sensible and give them their privacy.” Karen Joy began to teach her younger brother. “When?” Julien still didn’t understand why his sister wanted to go to convenience store using his name, and didn’t understand why his sister hid in a corner instead and watched their parents kiss. Moreover, he didn’t understand what his sister said about privacy “My silly little brother.” Karen Joy sometimes doubted why a smart girl like her could have such a silly little brother. Julien did not refute her comment… He didn’t want to argue with his sister, because he knew his priorities. “Little precious, you have to listen to me carefully. In the future, you have to give some privacy and time for Mom and Dad to work on their relationship.” Well, since his EQ was low, so she should just tell him directly. “Sister, do you mean the kissing between Mom and Dad? Julien asked calmly. “Little precious, you finally understand.” Karen Joy was so excited that she wanted to cry tears of happiness. “Isn’t it normal for them to kiss?” He recalled seeing his parents kiss quite often. Karen Joy was left speechless now. It turned out that she looked down on their little precious. He did understand some matters. “You look skinny” Back home, Karen Daly held her daughter’s hand and looked at her for a while. When she saw her daughter’s sullen looking face, she felt distressed and said, “Karen, please sit. Let me cook something for you.” “Mother, I’m slim, not skinny.” It was good to have her parents by her side, but if they spoiled her too much, she would only want to hide behind them if she encountered difficulties and setbacks in her life in the future. She would not be able face the obstacles alone. “You’re still refusing to admit that you’re so skinny. Do you think we can’t see through it? The young man beside her suddenly blurted out. “She doesn’t want to go back to New York, then let’s stay here with her for a while” Kevin Kyle spoke sternly “Dad, you don’t need to accompany me, I’m living a good life here. I eat and drink well every day. I have everything! need.” If they really stayed here with her, she would be restricted. “Oh?” Kevin raised his brows. Seeing the expression on their father’s face, little precious hurriedly pulled Karen Joy’s sleeve to hint that she should listen to their father’s words obediently, Besides their mother, it was very difficult for anyone else to change their father’s decision. In addition, this matter concerned his daughter who he cared about the most. Karen Joy certainly understood his father’s stubbornness, so she chose to keep quiet. Her mother came out from the kitchen with a bowl of hot soup, and said, “Karen, drink this first, and then have a look at your room. Your father designed your room according to how he thinks you’ll like it. Judge it for yourself.” “Mom, I’ll like it very much.” Even if it wasn’t designed to her preferences, she would also like it. Because she acknowledged her parent’s love for her. Seeing her parents and brother in Country A, Karen Joy felt that she was the happiest child in the world. Not only was she loved by her parents, she also had her Brother Lionel.

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