My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 749

“You haven’t seen it but you already like it?” Kevin Kyle raised his eyebrows and asked faintly. He arranged all of these for her. His purpose was to make his daughter happy, so that she could live in a foreign country as freely as she lived in her home. But his daughter didn’t even look at the room yet and already said that she liked it… This made him doubt whether his daughter really liked his arrangements or not. Karen Joy Kyle hugged his father and said sweetly, “Dad, as long as you’re the one who prepared it for me, I will definitely like it.” Her father had never let her down since she was a child. He knew her own preferences better than she did. This was her father… he was cold in the eyes of outsiders, but he was always gentle and considerate towards her. “Okay, if you don’t like it, I could get someone to change it.” Kevin gently rubbed his daughter’s head and looked at her with a loving gaze. “Dad, I love you!” Karen Joy grew up in New York and had grown up to be expressive. She was comfortable to express her love for her family. “Okay.” Kevin replied indifferently. He put on a poker face on the outside, but his heart was melting on the inside. “That’s all you have to say? Looking at Kevin’s cold response, Karen Daly teased him. Kevin was speechless. “Mom, it doesn’t matter if Dad doesn’t say that he loves me. I know that he does and that’s enough.” Karen Joy quickly spoke for her father. “Okay, it’s good that you know then.” Karen replied as she walked to the kitchen. She was cooking some meat dishes, and she was almost done. Smelling the aroma coming from the kitchen, Karen Joy was so hungry that she almost drooled. She touched her flat stomach and said, “Mom, I’m hungry. Can we eat yet?” Karen looked up at the clock on the wall and said, “Let’s wait a little longer. Your brother should be arriving soon. Let’s wait for him to eat together.” As she heard that Jayden Elias Kyle was also coming, Karen Joy’s face turned dark, and she muttered, “He’s coming too?” “Karen, he’s your brother, and he’s also Julien’s brother. You two should love him as much as you love your us,” Karen said. “I don’t want to love him.” She thought that everything Jayden does was to oppose her, which made her hate him. “Little precious, can you call your brother and ask him where he is?” As soon as Karen spoke, the doorbell rang. Julien immediately ran to the door and saw Jayden through the surveillance camera. He immediately opened the door and said, “Brother, everyone is waiting for you.” Julien was cold to others, but he was very respectful to his elder brother. At such a young age, he knew who treated him well and would treat them well too. “Hello, I haven’t seen you for a long time, Julien.” Jayden touched Julien’s head playfully, who was only as tall as his waist. He then greeted his parents as soon as he entered the house, “Dad, Mom…” After a while, he looked at Karen Joy and said, “Karen.” “Brother.” Karen Joy was very unwilling to call Jayden “Brother”, but she did not want to make things difficult for her parents, so she decided to just put on a show. “You’re right on time. Let’s eat.” Karen was almost done with preparing lunch. During these years, whenever the family got together, Karen always liked to cook by herself. She wanted her husband and children to eat the food she cooked, as this could strengthen family bond. “Mom, let me help you.” Since she did not want to see Jayden, Karen Joy hid in the kitchen to prepare food with her mother. “Karen, just wait outside. I don’t need your help.” Karen didn’t want her daughter smelling like oil and smoke. “Mom, I’m a grown-up now. I should learn how to cook.” After learning, she would be able to cook for Brother Lionel in the future. Thinking about it made her happy. “Mom, is there anything I can help you with?” Jayden also entered the kitchen, but his eyes were fixed on Karen Joy. She had spent the entire night alone with Nathaniel last night. Did anything happen between them? Jayden really wanted to know, but he could not ask Karen Joy directly. He could only try to find some clues from her. “Jayden, go spend some time with your father. Food will be ready soon.” Karen was busy cooking the last dish and she spoke without looking back. “Oh, okay.” Jayden replied, but he did not want to leave the kitchen. His eyes were still fixed on Karen Joy. Today, she was wearing her favorite pairing, which was a white T-shirt and denim jeans. Her hair was tied into a casual ponytail. Although she dressed simple, but she looked extremely fresh and clean. Perhaps it was the taste of youth and vigor that was unique to her at her age. “Mom told you to go out. Didn’t you hear that?” He was staring at her again. What was he looking at? Was there something to look at? For some unknown reason, Karen Joy did not like the way Jayden looked at her. Karen Joy thought that he looked at her like how a predator would look at its prey. It was as if he could attack her at anytime. “Okay.” Jayden took back his gaze, quietly hiding the unwillingness in his eyes. His eyes moved away from her, but his mind was still on her. It seemed that a movie was playing in his mind, and everything in his mind was about her. He knew that she was his sister and he should not have had any special feelings for her, but he just couldn’t control his heart. He did not just want to be her brother anymore. He wanted more as he watched her grow up and she became a tall and beautiful young lady. But he also knew that this girl, who was pampered and loved by the entire family, would never belong to him. She could never be his. Never But they were still young. No one knew what would happen in the future, and no one knew if their future were absolute. He had always believed that it was possible as long as he worked hard! “Jayden.” Kevin called for him. Jayden was immersed in his own thoughts and did not hear that he was being summoned. “Jayden, come along with me to meet someone tonight.” Kevin spoke quite sternly. Kevin saw how Jayden looked at Karen Joy earlier in the kitchen. It seemed that what he said the last time was not clear enough. He had to do something more, as he had to let him know that he was only Karen Joy’s brother. “Okay.” Jayden came back to his senses and nodded. Their father’s eyes were especially sharp. He didn’t want his thoughts to be exposed in front of his father’s eyes. “Alright, don’t just stand there, let’s eat.” Karen Joy and her mother served the dishes to the table. Although the dishes looked simple, but Karen Daly cooked them according to her family’s preferences, and these were their favourite dishes. It had been a long time since the family ate a meal together, so everyone was in a joyful mood. “Mom, have some more.” The adorable little Julien placed some food to his mother’s plate. He was a very sensible, little, precious boy “Thank you, my little precious.” Because her son was exactly the same as Kevin, when she looked at the little one, she would always think of Kevin. When Kevin was as young as he was, he probably acted like this too.

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